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Player Status

Please check your team's list for accuracy, and report any errors or omissions!

"Restricted": players on your 2001 roster, who were on your 2000 roster.

Restricted players shown with an asterisk have been traded once (or claimed), and cannot be traded again.
Players with (UC) after their name are uncarded in 2001, but are carded in the future.

"Unrestricted": players you have the option to keep for 2001, but are not required to keep.

"New": your 2001 rookie crop. Rookies who are eligible to be released are shown in BOLD. A team can release at most two eligible rookies.

"Lost": players who are Free Agents (FA) or Done (DN).

"Lost-Retainable": Players who are Free Agents but who are eligble to be resigned under Prop 75-2.

"Claim": players you are eligible to claim before the 2001 draft; you may claim at most one player, at the cost of your #1 draft pick.

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