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To Reds: Aaron Harang
To A's: CIN#2

To Dodgers: Wilson Alvarez, BAA#3
To Orioles: George Lombard, LAN#2

Effective Week 4:
To Cubs: Michael Barrett
To Expos: Benito Santiago

Effective Week 10:
To Red Sox: Sidney Ponson
To Orioles: Ricky Stone

To Cubs: Barry Larkin, Terry Adams, Brandon Larson
To Reds: Endy Chavez, CHN#3

Effective Week 16:
To Dodgers: John Flaherty
To Cubs: LAN#3

Effective Week 17:
To Dodgers: Fred McGriff, Darryl Kile
To Cubs: Brian Jordan, Eric Karros

Effective Week 20:
To Yankees: Aaron Boone
To Reds: NYA#3

To White Sox: Tom Gordon
To Yankees: Antonio Osuna

To Rockies: Preston Wilson
To Marlins: Juan Pierre

To A's: Jose Guillen
To Marlins: OAA#3

To Rockies: Bobby Hill, LAN#3
To Cubs: Mark Grudzielanek

To Cubs: Aramis Ramirez
To Pirates: CHN#2

To Giants: Marquis Grissom
To Expos: SFN#2

To Padres: Brian Giles
To Pirates: SDN#2

To Braves: Russ Ortiz
To Giants: Ray Durham

To White Sox: Carlos Lee
To Brewers: Jim Thome

To Brewers: Doug Davis
To Rangers: MLA#3

To Mets: Carlos Beltran
To Royals: Al Leiter, NYN#2

To A's: Mark Kotsay
To Marlins: OAA#2

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