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To Dodgers: Mark Grudzielanek
To Cubs: Kazuhisa Ishii

To Dodgers: Adam Everett
To Marlins: Damion Easley, LAN#2

Effective Week 3:
To Expos: Randy Wolf, Scott Williamson
To Reds: MON#2

Effective Week 8:
To Cubs: Nomar Garciaparra
To Red Sox: Ellis Burks, CHN#2

Effective Week 10:
To Cubs: Damian Miller
To Rockies: Todd Greene

To Dodgers: Jose Hernandez
To Red Sox: David Roberts, Fred McGriff

To Dodgers: Tim Redding, Jayson Werth, TOA#3
To Blue Jays: Kevin Brown, David Ross

Effective Week 11:
To Cubs: Brian Roberts, Jeremi Gonzalez, BAA#2
To Orioles: Mark Prior, Adam Kennedy

Effective Week 12:
To Royals: Craig Biggio, B.J. Ryan
To Orioles: Billy Wagner, Aaron Guiel

Effective Week 17:
To Dodgers: Jesse Foppert, SFN#3
To Giants: Hideo Nomo

Effective Week 18:
To Dodgers: Billy Traber, NYA#3
To Yankees: Paul Quantrill

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