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To Marlins: Andy Pettitte
To Mariners: Byung-Hyun Kim, FLN#1

To Dodgers: Richie Sexson
To Mariners: Dioner Navarro, LAN#2

Effective Week 5:
To Dodgers: Victor Diaz
To Mets: Julio Franco

Effective Week 9:
To Dodgers: Victor Santos, NYN#3
To Mets: Duaner Sanchez

To Braves: Edgar Renteria, Willy Aybar
To Dodgers: Rafael Furcal, Wilson Betemit
To Red Sox: Adam Everett, Olmedo Saenz

Effective Week 10:
To Cubs: Andy Pettitte
To Marlins: Paul Byrd, CHN#1

To Braves: Matt Diaz
To Royals: ATN#2

To Cubs: Jacque Jones
To Twins: Jason Dubois, Jody Gerut, CHN#2

Effective Week 11:
To White Sox: Alex Cintron
To Blue Jays: CHA#3

Effective Week 12:
To Marlins: Rondell White
To Mariners: Jeremy Hermida

Effective Week 13:
To Yankees: Kyle Farnsworth, Ryan Shealy
To Rockies: Geoff Geary, NYA#3

To Blue Jays: Troy Glaus
To Nationals: Russ Adams, TOA#3

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