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Boston / Milwaukee / Atlanta Braves Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Chipper Jones.3117
Rico Carty.3093
Ryan Klesko.3065
Willie Montanez.3034
Billy Williams.2964
Tommy Holmes.2964
Hank Aaron.2946
Eddie Murray.2942
Orlando Cepeda.2926
Dave Cash.2910
On-Base Percentage
Chipper Jones.4017
David Justice.3880
Ryan Klesko.3821
Ray Boone.3743
Sid Gordon.3718
Lonnie Smith.3696
Rico Carty.3677
Jeff Burroughs.3676
Solly Hemus.3671
Billy Williams.3655
Slugging Percentage
Ryan Klesko.5753
Hank Aaron.5526
Chipper Jones.5452
Glenn Davis.5370
David Justice.5305
Orlando Cepeda.5161
Bob Horner.5084
Billy Williams.5000
Eddie Murray.4992
Sid Gordon.4959
On-Base + Slugging
Ryan Klesko.9573
Chipper Jones.9468
David Justice.9185
Hank Aaron.9123
Glenn Davis.8697
Sid Gordon.8677
Billy Williams.8655
Orlando Cepeda.8602
Rico Carty.8468
Bob Horner.8467
Games Played
Hank Aaron3193
Gil Hodges1927
Dale Murphy1910
Bob Elliott1749
Orlando Cepeda1577
Ozzie Guillen1486
Del Crandall1434
Johnny Logan1390
Tommy Holmes1297
David Justice1255
At Bats
Hank Aaron12306
Dale Murphy7033
Gil Hodges6986
Bob Elliott6473
Orlando Cepeda5939
Johnny Logan5192
Tommy Holmes4960
Del Crandall4855
Bill Bruton4684
Chipper Jones4569
Runs Scored
Hank Aaron2120
Dale Murphy1057
Gil Hodges1049
Bob Elliott901
Orlando Cepeda876
Chipper Jones828
David Justice743
Tommy Holmes674
Bill Bruton602
Jeff Blauser593
Hank Aaron3625
Dale Murphy1884
Gil Hodges1771
Bob Elliott1741
Orlando Cepeda1738
Tommy Holmes1470
Chipper Jones1424
Johnny Logan1367
Bill Bruton1265
Ozzie Guillen1219
Total Bases
Hank Aaron6800
Dale Murphy3375
Orlando Cepeda3065
Gil Hodges3065
Bob Elliott2713
Chipper Jones2491
David Justice2221
Tommy Holmes2081
Del Crandall1986
Bob Horner1962
Hank Aaron611
Bob Elliott313
Dale Murphy308
Orlando Cepeda284
Tommy Holmes282
Gil Hodges268
Chipper Jones262
Ozzie Guillen221
Johnny Logan197
David Justice195
Hank Aaron100
Bob Elliott94
Bill Bruton81
Ozzie Guillen54
Johnny Logan48
Jeff Blauser45
Ron Gant44
Tommy Holmes40
Gil Hodges39
Dale Murphy35
Home Runs
Hank Aaron788
Dale Murphy371
Orlando Cepeda333
Gil Hodges316
David Justice261
Chipper Jones253
Bob Horner241
Del Crandall195
Andruw Jones166
Javy Lopez164
Hank Aaron2107
Dale Murphy1146
Gil Hodges1090
Orlando Cepeda1048
Chipper Jones866
David Justice786
Bob Elliott766
Bob Horner712
Del Crandall669
Javy Lopez569
Hank Aaron1261
Gil Hodges943
Bob Elliott902
Dale Murphy773
Chipper Jones700
David Justice689
Gary Matthews458
Tommy Holmes448
Jeff Blauser447
Johnny Logan436
Batters Strikeouts
Dale Murphy1600
Hank Aaron1498
Gil Hodges1283
Orlando Cepeda931
David Justice774
Jeff Blauser738
Andruw Jones712
Bill Bruton695
Chipper Jones688
Javy Lopez679
Stolen Bases
Hank Aaron196
Bill Bruton166
Jerry Royster153
Otis Nixon125
Ron Gant115
Rafael Furcal112
Mickey Rivers110
Deion Sanders108
Lonnie Smith98
Orlando Cepeda94
Caught Stealing
Hank Aaron75
Jerry Royster72
Bob Elliott58
Bill Bruton57
Mickey Rivers53
Felipe Alou52
Felix Millan51
Ron Gant50
Tommy Holmes50
Orlando Cepeda44
Hit by Pitch
Orlando Cepeda79
Jeff Blauser78
Andres Galarraga62
Javy Lopez54
Johnny Logan45
Hank Aaron40
Lonnie Smith40
Felipe Alou39
Solly Hemus36
Andruw Jones34
Hank Aaron369
Gil Hodges214
Orlando Cepeda176
Bob Elliott171
Del Crandall153
Chipper Jones145
Dale Murphy136
Johnny Logan133
Bob Horner118
Javy Lopez114
Johnny Logan216
Bob Elliott215
Gil Hodges159
Hank Aaron146
Solly Hemus142
Chipper Jones142
Marty Perez134
Jerry Royster129
Jeff Blauser122
Ozzie Guillen120
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