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St. Louis Browns / Baltimore Orioles Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Johnny Mize.3355
Rip Radcliff.3237
Lloyd Waner.3066
Joe Kuhel.3062
Merv Rettenmund.3006
Roberto Alomar.2963
Doc Cramer.2962
Rafael Palmeiro.2903
Craig Biggio.2901
Ken Singleton.2888
On-Base Percentage
Johnny Mize.4136
Randy Milligan.3997
Ken Singleton.3873
Don Buford.3826
Merv Rettenmund.3814
Frank Robinson.3776
Craig Biggio.3765
Joe Kuhel.3752
Jim Gentile.3748
Roberto Alomar.3735
Slugging Percentage
Johnny Mize.6273
Rafael Palmeiro.5460
Jim Gentile.5026
Eddie Murray.4996
Frank Robinson.4952
Joe Gordon.4939
Chris Hoiles.4894
Matt Williams.4881
Boog Powell.4824
Roy Sievers.4781
On-Base + Slugging
Johnny Mize1.0410
Rafael Palmeiro.9132
Jim Gentile.8774
Frank Robinson.8728
Ken Singleton.8545
Eddie Murray.8531
Joe Gordon.8491
Chris Hoiles.8488
Boog Powell.8463
Merv Rettenmund.8420
Games Played
Brooks Robinson2882
Cal Ripken2876
Craig Biggio2144
Bobby Grich2079
Vern Stephens1789
Boog Powell1762
Brady Anderson1753
Eddie Murray1677
Doug DeCinces1644
Luis Aparicio1627
At Bats
Cal Ripken11167
Brooks Robinson10894
Craig Biggio8018
Bobby Grich7225
Vern Stephens6776
Luis Aparicio6668
Eddie Murray6517
Brady Anderson6253
Boog Powell6196
Doug DeCinces5860
Runs Scored
Cal Ripken1516
Craig Biggio1343
Brooks Robinson1184
Brady Anderson1108
Bobby Grich1070
Eddie Murray1018
Harlond Clift957
Vern Stephens917
Boog Powell910
Luis Aparicio825
Cal Ripken2980
Brooks Robinson2831
Craig Biggio2326
Vern Stephens1909
Bobby Grich1902
Eddie Murray1857
Boog Powell1737
Luis Aparicio1698
Brady Anderson1626
Harlond Clift1533
Total Bases
Cal Ripken4884
Brooks Robinson4289
Craig Biggio3483
Eddie Murray3256
Vern Stephens3029
Boog Powell2989
Bobby Grich2954
Brady Anderson2703
Doug DeCinces2609
Harlond Clift2443
Cal Ripken567
Craig Biggio487
Brooks Robinson452
Eddie Murray326
Brady Anderson325
Bobby Grich324
Vern Stephens300
Boog Powell298
Doug DeCinces290
Harlond Clift270
Luis Aparicio76
Brooks Robinson74
Brady Anderson67
Harlond Clift59
Johnny Mize57
Al Bumbry49
Lloyd Waner49
Vern Stephens44
Joe Kuhel42
Cal Ripken40
Home Runs
Cal Ripken419
Eddie Murray335
Boog Powell310
Brooks Robinson286
Doug DeCinces252
Vern Stephens244
Roy Sievers228
Bobby Grich218
Johnny Mize211
Brady Anderson206
Cal Ripken1595
Brooks Robinson1361
Eddie Murray1132
Craig Biggio1064
Vern Stephens1051
Boog Powell995
Bobby Grich904
Doug DeCinces879
Harlond Clift797
Brady Anderson790
Bobby Grich1060
Cal Ripken985
Craig Biggio921
Harlond Clift919
Brady Anderson825
Boog Powell814
Ken Singleton751
Brooks Robinson745
Vern Stephens715
Eddie Murray697
Batters Strikeouts
Bobby Grich1390
Cal Ripken1341
Craig Biggio1228
Boog Powell1159
Brooks Robinson1147
Brady Anderson1095
Doug DeCinces956
Eddie Murray940
Vern Stephens864
Harlond Clift820
Stolen Bases
Luis Aparicio482
Craig Biggio349
Brady Anderson334
Al Bumbry229
Paul Blair134
Roberto Alomar126
Mark Belanger97
Don Baylor90
Bobby Grich90
Mike Devereaux87
Caught Stealing
Luis Aparicio145
Craig Biggio113
Brady Anderson101
Al Bumbry77
Bobby Grich57
Mark Belanger50
Paul Blair46
Don Baylor39
Chuck Hinton37
Mike Devereaux35
Hit by Pitch
Craig Biggio233
Brady Anderson185
Bobby Grich117
Melvin Mora77
Cal Ripken67
Frank Robinson65
Don Baylor51
Jim Gentile48
Luis Matos38
Carlos May35
Cal Ripken350
Brooks Robinson286
Vern Stephens222
Doug DeCinces179
Eddie Murray169
Harlond Clift161
Bobby Grich156
Boog Powell145
Craig Biggio125
Roy Sievers117
Vern Stephens338
Cal Ripken278
Harlond Clift264
Brooks Robinson250
Luis Aparicio226
Doug DeCinces194
Bobby Grich160
Johnny Berardino155
Mark Belanger132
Boog Powell117
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