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Boston Red Sox Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Ted Williams.3359
Nomar Garciaparra.3342
Wade Boggs.3302
Barney McCosky.3274
Pete Runnels.3131
Johnny Pesky.3112
Tony Eusebio.3047
Lou Boudreau.3047
Joe Cronin.3037
Jim Rice.3030
On-Base Percentage
Ted Williams.4692
Wade Boggs.4158
Johnny Pesky.3989
Pete Runnels.3941
Barney McCosky.3889
Joe Cronin.3862
Bernie Carbo.3858
Nomar Garciaparra.3833
Lou Boudreau.3815
Mo Vaughn.3801
Slugging Percentage
Ted Williams.6102
Nomar Garciaparra.5760
Mo Vaughn.5266
Jim Rice.5131
Tony Armas.5115
Fred Lynn.5097
Dick Stuart.5077
Joe Cronin.4961
Jackie Jensen.4921
Reggie Smith.4801
On-Base + Slugging
Ted Williams1.0794
Nomar Garciaparra.9593
Mo Vaughn.9067
Joe Cronin.8823
Fred Lynn.8802
Jim Rice.8756
Jackie Jensen.8698
Wade Boggs.8674
Barney McCosky.8524
Bobby Doerr.8392
Games Played
Carl Yastrzemski3394
Dwight Evans2444
Ted Williams2244
Jim Rice2036
Rico Petrocelli1676
Bobby Doerr1645
Lou Boudreau1518
Dom Dimaggio1483
Fred Lynn1398
Don Baylor1337
At Bats
Carl Yastrzemski12344
Dwight Evans8540
Jim Rice7955
Ted Williams7589
Bobby Doerr6275
Dom Dimaggio5925
Rico Petrocelli5725
Lou Boudreau5455
Wade Boggs5042
Fred Lynn4936
Runs Scored
Carl Yastrzemski1919
Ted Williams1772
Dwight Evans1413
Jim Rice1261
Dom Dimaggio1024
Bobby Doerr988
Lou Boudreau870
Fred Lynn830
Wade Boggs827
Don Baylor826
Carl Yastrzemski3566
Ted Williams2549
Jim Rice2410
Dwight Evans2335
Bobby Doerr1824
Dom Dimaggio1727
Wade Boggs1665
Lou Boudreau1662
Rico Petrocelli1479
Fred Lynn1448
Total Bases
Carl Yastrzemski5743
Ted Williams4631
Jim Rice4082
Dwight Evans3969
Bobby Doerr3002
Fred Lynn2516
Rico Petrocelli2471
Dom Dimaggio2453
Lou Boudreau2362
Don Baylor2289
Carl Yastrzemski686
Ted Williams442
Dwight Evans438
Lou Boudreau366
Jim Rice353
Fred Lynn344
Wade Boggs327
Bobby Doerr325
Dom Dimaggio265
John Valentin257
Carl Yastrzemski78
Dwight Evans76
Ted Williams76
Bobby Doerr71
Dom Dimaggio64
Lou Boudreau59
Jim Rice58
Tony Gonzalez53
Wade Boggs45
Reggie Smith43
Home Runs
Ted Williams496
Carl Yastrzemski445
Jim Rice401
Dwight Evans348
Don Baylor242
Rico Petrocelli239
Bobby Doerr237
Mo Vaughn230
Fred Lynn216
Carlton Fisk170
Carl Yastrzemski1886
Ted Williams1669
Jim Rice1494
Dwight Evans1384
Bobby Doerr1174
Rico Petrocelli933
Fred Lynn842
Don Baylor798
Mike Greenwell757
Dom Dimaggio752
Ted Williams1938
Carl Yastrzemski1682
Dwight Evans1334
Wade Boggs750
Jim Rice715
Bobby Doerr713
Lou Boudreau676
Dom Dimaggio676
Rico Petrocelli610
Fred Lynn605
Batters Strikeouts
Dwight Evans1566
Carl Yastrzemski1548
Jim Rice1344
Mo Vaughn1053
Rico Petrocelli966
Ted Williams858
Dom Dimaggio702
Fred Lynn689
Bobby Doerr617
Don Baylor610
Stolen Bases
Carl Yastrzemski109
Don Baylor103
Jim Piersall87
Jackie Jensen77
Mike Greenwell69
Ellis Burks68
Bake McBride64
Dom Dimaggio62
James Mouton56
Jerry Remy53
Caught Stealing
Carl Yastrzemski54
Jim Piersall38
Tony Gonzalez29
Dwight Evans28
Dom Dimaggio24
Reggie Smith23
Jackie Jensen22
Billy Goodman21
Fred Lynn21
Don Baylor20
Hit by Pitch
Ron Hunt152
Don Baylor145
Mo Vaughn81
Jim Rice71
Tony Gonzalez67
John Valentin54
Carlton Fisk52
Dwight Evans51
Mike Greenwell48
Ted Williams48
Carl Yastrzemski376
Jim Rice259
Dwight Evans240
Ted Williams228
Bobby Doerr196
Mike Greenwell167
Rico Petrocelli158
Dom Dimaggio154
Don Baylor143
Fred Lynn139
Lou Boudreau177
Bobby Doerr177
Carl Yastrzemski170
Rico Petrocelli168
Wade Boggs155
Roy McMillan151
Rick Burleson141
Johnny Pesky127
Billy Goodman114
Ron Hunt108
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