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Chicago White Sox Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Zeke Bonura.3197
Jim Eisenreich.3126
Dick Allen.3109
Gee Walker.3083
Ralph Hodgin.3081
Minnie Minoso.3068
Taffy Wright.3061
Wally Moses.3059
Floyd Robinson.3058
Luke Appling.3052
On-Base Percentage
Frank Thomas.4121
Elbie Fletcher.4110
Dick Allen.3978
Luke Appling.3969
Minnie Minoso.3901
Carlos May.3829
Jim Thome.3809
Alvin Davis.3804
Joe Morgan.3793
Zeke Bonura.3780
Slugging Percentage
Dick Allen.6093
Jim Thome.5922
Frank Thomas.5797
Eddie Mathews.5591
Magglio Ordonez.5460
Carlos Lee.5286
Paul Konerko.5094
Zeke Bonura.5021
Wes Covington.4895
Greg Walker.4886
On-Base + Slugging
Dick Allen1.0071
Frank Thomas.9918
Jim Thome.9731
Eddie Mathews.9261
Magglio Ordonez.8997
Zeke Bonura.8802
Carlos Lee.8727
Carlos May.8680
Minnie Minoso.8632
Paul Konerko.8620
Games Played
Brian Downing2072
Frank Thomas2040
Luke Appling1973
Greg Luzinski1808
Minnie Minoso1647
Tim Wallach1627
Nellie Fox1522
Bill Russell1479
Carlton Fisk1286
Paul Konerko1111
At Bats
Luke Appling7511
Brian Downing7257
Frank Thomas7252
Nellie Fox6355
Minnie Minoso6254
Greg Luzinski6250
Tim Wallach5949
Bill Russell4828
Carlton Fisk4427
Paul Konerko4211
Runs Scored
Frank Thomas1356
Luke Appling1258
Minnie Minoso1026
Brian Downing1013
Nellie Fox922
Greg Luzinski864
Tim Wallach747
Ray Durham660
Paul Konerko653
Magglio Ordonez642
Luke Appling2292
Frank Thomas2185
Minnie Minoso1919
Nellie Fox1907
Brian Downing1874
Greg Luzinski1655
Tim Wallach1551
Bill Russell1243
Paul Konerko1202
Magglio Ordonez1128
Total Bases
Frank Thomas4204
Minnie Minoso2959
Brian Downing2929
Greg Luzinski2916
Luke Appling2863
Tim Wallach2486
Nellie Fox2418
Paul Konerko2145
Magglio Ordonez2047
Carlton Fisk1895
Frank Thomas482
Tim Wallach327
Brian Downing321
Minnie Minoso320
Luke Appling309
Greg Luzinski263
Nellie Fox262
Magglio Ordonez224
Ray Durham213
Paul Konerko205
Minnie Minoso84
Nellie Fox81
Luke Appling65
Wally Moses59
Ray Durham52
Taffy Wright48
Elbie Fletcher47
Steve Finley43
Ralph Hodgin39
Rudy Law37
Home Runs
Frank Thomas501
Greg Luzinski316
Paul Konerko240
Brian Downing232
Magglio Ordonez219
Carlton Fisk193
Minnie Minoso184
Tim Wallach180
Robin Ventura165
Jim Thome142
Frank Thomas1561
Greg Luzinski1060
Brian Downing989
Minnie Minoso949
Tim Wallach748
Paul Konerko701
Carlton Fisk700
Magglio Ordonez681
Luke Appling635
Robin Ventura610
Frank Thomas1341
Luke Appling1149
Brian Downing1029
Greg Luzinski774
Minnie Minoso763
Elbie Fletcher635
Tim Raines505
Nellie Fox493
Robin Ventura462
Tim Wallach442
Batters Strikeouts
Greg Luzinski1499
Frank Thomas1292
Brian Downing1064
Tim Wallach915
Carlton Fisk770
Ray Durham714
Paul Konerko712
Minnie Minoso590
Larry Parrish572
Jose Valentin557
Stolen Bases
Luke Appling262
Tim Raines254
Minnie Minoso216
Steve Sax216
Rudy Law197
Steve Finley182
Delino Deshields148
Nellie Fox141
Ray Durham132
Thurman Tucker129
Caught Stealing
Luke Appling127
Nellie Fox82
Minnie Minoso74
Steve Sax74
Steve Finley65
Tim Raines64
Rudy Law58
Tim Wallach39
Don Buford36
Billy Werber36
Hit by Pitch
Minnie Minoso134
Brian Downing118
Greg Luzinski105
Frank Thomas81
Carlton Fisk78
Paul Konerko74
Aaron Rowand69
Tim Wallach65
Nellie Fox50
Pete Ward37
Minnie Minoso203
Frank Thomas183
Brian Downing178
Tim Wallach176
Luke Appling131
Greg Luzinski126
Bill Russell124
Paul Konerko121
Magglio Ordonez113
Carlton Fisk110
Luke Appling386
Bill Russell254
Tim Wallach174
Nellie Fox146
Larry Parrish142
Jose Offerman115
Ron Hansen107
Robin Ventura106
Ray Durham97
Minnie Minoso93
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