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Chicago Cubs Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Cecil Travis.3286
Ralph Garr.3282
Bill Madlock.3195
George Case.3178
Adam Kennedy.3072
Mark Grace.3068
Eddie Waitkus.3067
Phil Cavarretta.3006
Stan Hack.2993
Mickey Witek.2969
On-Base Percentage
Darrell Evans.3869
Stan Hack.3869
Dom Dallessandro.3816
Phil Cavarretta.3812
Cecil Travis.3764
Mark Grace.3755
Bill Nicholson.3670
Augie Galan.3657
Bill Madlock.3651
Billy Herman.3607
Slugging Percentage
Aramis Ramirez.5584
Sammy Sosa.5453
Larry Hisle.5124
Bill Nicholson.5025
Ernie Banks.5014
Andre Dawson.4981
Hank Sauer.4956
Billy Williams.4954
Vada Pinson.4810
Ron Santo.4782
On-Base + Slugging
Aramis Ramirez.9001
Sammy Sosa.8832
Bill Nicholson.8695
Larry Hisle.8618
Darrell Evans.8464
Ron Santo.8385
Hank Sauer.8372
Billy Williams.8354
Ernie Banks.8310
Vada Pinson.8265
Games Played
Ernie Banks2222
Ryne Sandberg2206
Sammy Sosa2080
Phil Cavarretta2010
Mark Grace1921
Stan Hack1690
Marty Marion1559
Ron Santo1390
Billy Williams1378
Bill Nicholson1368
At Bats
Ernie Banks8470
Ryne Sandberg8346
Sammy Sosa7565
Mark Grace7139
Phil Cavarretta6383
Stan Hack6255
Marty Marion5509
Billy Williams5228
Ron Santo5159
Bill Nicholson4557
Runs Scored
Ryne Sandberg1338
Sammy Sosa1266
Ernie Banks1233
Mark Grace1020
Stan Hack1000
Phil Cavarretta988
Ron Santo785
Billy Williams765
Bill Nicholson746
Vada Pinson593
Ryne Sandberg2372
Ernie Banks2319
Mark Grace2190
Sammy Sosa2045
Phil Cavarretta1919
Stan Hack1872
Billy Williams1474
Marty Marion1466
Ron Santo1418
Bill Nicholson1266
Total Bases
Ernie Banks4247
Sammy Sosa4125
Ryne Sandberg3899
Mark Grace3175
Phil Cavarretta2799
Billy Williams2590
Stan Hack2556
Ron Santo2467
Bill Nicholson2290
Andre Dawson2127
Mark Grace446
Ryne Sandberg390
Ernie Banks366
Sammy Sosa335
Phil Cavarretta334
Stan Hack316
Ron Santo248
Marty Marion243
Billy Williams236
Shawon Dunston234
Phil Cavarretta105
Ernie Banks88
Ryne Sandberg84
Stan Hack64
Billy Herman60
Vada Pinson59
Billy Williams53
Mark Grace52
Ron Santo51
Shawon Dunston48
Home Runs
Sammy Sosa557
Ernie Banks462
Ryne Sandberg323
Billy Williams258
Bill Nicholson239
Andre Dawson237
Ron Santo233
Hank Sauer169
Andy Pafko160
Mark Grace145
Sammy Sosa1475
Ernie Banks1439
Ryne Sandberg1082
Mark Grace889
Billy Williams843
Bill Nicholson833
Phil Cavarretta824
Stan Hack763
Ron Santo760
Andre Dawson742
Stan Hack917
Phil Cavarretta822
Ryne Sandberg808
Mark Grace796
Sammy Sosa759
Ron Santo684
Ernie Banks680
Bill Nicholson646
Marty Marion455
Billy Williams454
Batters Strikeouts
Sammy Sosa1856
Ryne Sandberg1247
Ernie Banks1152
Bill Nicholson778
Ron Santo777
Shawon Dunston741
Phil Cavarretta695
Leon Durham682
Jody Davis680
Andre Dawson651
Stolen Bases
Ryne Sandberg262
Stan Hack202
Tom Goodwin169
George Case148
Sammy Sosa133
Shawon Dunston112
Lou Brock106
Vada Pinson105
Leon Durham98
Phil Cavarretta96
Caught Stealing
Ryne Sandberg90
Stan Hack74
Phil Cavarretta51
Ernie Banks50
Tom Goodwin48
George Case47
Sammy Sosa43
Leon Durham41
Ralph Garr37
Don Kessinger37
Hit by Pitch
Ernie Banks56
Scott Servais46
Phil Cavarretta43
Sammy Sosa42
Andy Pafko39
Ken Reitz35
Ryne Sandberg35
Adam Kennedy33
Adolfo Phillips31
Andre Dawson30
Ernie Banks227
Sammy Sosa227
Mark Grace186
Phil Cavarretta141
Ryne Sandberg141
Marty Marion139
Ron Santo133
Stan Hack125
Andre Dawson124
Billy Williams115
Marty Marion231
Ernie Banks214
Stan Hack202
Ron Santo201
Shawon Dunston176
Cecil Travis166
Phil Cavarretta136
Glenn Beckert134
Billy Herman128
Ryne Sandberg115
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