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Cincinnati Reds Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Sean Casey.3167
Wally Moon.3079
John Kruk.3075
Hal Morris.3070
Dmitri Young.3070
Ken Griffey.3045
Pete Rose.3020
Barry Larkin.3008
Ted Kluszewski.3008
Bobby Tolan.2974
On-Base Percentage
Joe Morgan.4034
John Kruk.3904
Wally Moon.3859
Sean Casey.3828
Barry Larkin.3772
Lonny Frey.3768
Frank Robinson.3764
Ken Griffey.3719
Snuffy Stirnweiss.3700
Duke Snider.3690
Slugging Percentage
Frank Robinson.5542
Duke Snider.5369
Ted Kluszewski.5221
Wally Moon.5179
Dmitri Young.5125
George Foster.5025
Eric Davis.4929
Charlie Maxwell.4925
Ed Bailey.4900
John Kruk.4848
On-Base + Slugging
Frank Robinson.9307
Duke Snider.9058
Wally Moon.9038
John Kruk.8752
Ted Kluszewski.8734
Dmitri Young.8724
Joe Morgan.8585
Sean Casey.8532
Ed Bailey.8519
Eric Davis.8513
Games Played
Pete Rose2684
Barry Larkin2125
Dave Concepcion2004
Duke Snider1848
Tony Perez1787
Ken Boyer1640
Joe Morgan1628
Frank Robinson1398
Ted Kluszewski1396
Dan Driessen1389
At Bats
Pete Rose10790
Dave Concepcion7186
Barry Larkin6947
Tony Perez6574
Duke Snider6551
Ken Boyer6064
Joe Morgan5604
Frank Robinson5413
Ted Kluszewski5139
Johnny Temple4791
Runs Scored
Pete Rose1729
Barry Larkin1163
Duke Snider1135
Joe Morgan1060
Frank Robinson1041
Ken Boyer905
Tony Perez864
Dave Concepcion844
Ted Kluszewski771
Von Hayes701
Pete Rose3259
Barry Larkin2090
Dave Concepcion1934
Duke Snider1901
Tony Perez1761
Ken Boyer1735
Frank Robinson1605
Joe Morgan1590
Ted Kluszewski1546
Johnny Temple1354
Total Bases
Pete Rose4530
Duke Snider3517
Barry Larkin3257
Frank Robinson3000
Tony Perez2955
Ken Boyer2888
Ted Kluszewski2683
Dave Concepcion2618
Joe Morgan2550
George Foster2153
Pete Rose578
Barry Larkin394
Dave Concepcion321
Tony Perez320
Duke Snider317
Frank Robinson293
Joe Morgan288
Ted Kluszewski267
Ken Boyer243
Von Hayes238
Pete Rose96
Duke Snider90
Barry Larkin79
Snuffy Stirnweiss70
Ken Boyer59
Ken Griffey52
Dave Concepcion48
Joe Morgan42
Tony Perez41
Frank Robinson41
Home Runs
Duke Snider373
Frank Robinson340
Ted Kluszewski274
Ken Boyer264
Tony Perez264
George Foster227
Barry Larkin205
Joe Morgan196
Eric Davis175
Pete Rose167
Duke Snider1178
Tony Perez1081
Pete Rose1038
Ted Kluszewski938
Ken Boyer936
Frank Robinson932
Barry Larkin922
Joe Morgan863
Dave Concepcion825
George Foster805
Joe Morgan1144
Pete Rose1086
Barry Larkin836
Duke Snider823
Frank Robinson623
Dan Driessen598
Ken Boyer572
Von Hayes551
Tony Perez551
Dave Concepcion542
Batters Strikeouts
Tony Perez1351
Duke Snider1239
Dave Concepcion979
Pete Rose939
Ken Boyer911
George Foster897
Eric Davis875
Frank Robinson817
Reggie Sanders817
Leo Cardenas798
Stolen Bases
Joe Morgan349
Barry Larkin236
Dave Concepcion213
Von Hayes184
Eric Davis163
Frank Robinson153
Johnny Temple139
Reggie Sanders136
Bill Doran132
Snuffy Stirnweiss121
Caught Stealing
Joe Morgan73
Pete Rose67
Dave Concepcion56
Barry Larkin54
Frank Robinson50
Johnny Temple47
Von Hayes46
Eric Davis41
Eddie Milner39
Dan Driessen37
Hit by Pitch
Frank Robinson92
Pete Rose84
Barry Larkin56
George Foster39
Duke Snider36
Bobby Tolan33
Bret Boone31
Charlie O'Brien31
Sean Casey30
Joe Morgan28
Duke Snider190
Dave Concepcion184
Tony Perez165
Barry Larkin151
Ted Kluszewski148
Ken Boyer145
Pete Rose141
Frank Robinson126
George Foster117
Leo Cardenas115
Ken Boyer243
Dave Concepcion240
Barry Larkin226
Leo Cardenas173
Tony Perez164
Johnny Temple164
Pete Rose142
Joe Morgan130
Grady Hatton126
Eddie Miller102
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