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Colorado Rockies Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Andres Galarraga.3358
Dante Bichette.3278
Larry Walker.3201
Todd Helton.3138
Ellis Burks.3093
Jim Edmonds.3010
Eric Young.2973
Mark Grudzielanek.2936
Vinny Castilla.2935
Walt Weiss.2578
On-Base Percentage
Larry Walker.4066
Andres Galarraga.3856
Ellis Burks.3826
Todd Helton.3824
Eric Young.3748
Dante Bichette.3716
Walt Weiss.3635
Jim Edmonds.3620
Mark Grudzielanek.3528
Vinny Castilla.3361
Slugging Percentage
Andres Galarraga.6109
Larry Walker.6079
Ellis Burks.5966
Todd Helton.5779
Dante Bichette.5756
Jim Edmonds.5394
Vinny Castilla.5274
Mark Grudzielanek.4111
Eric Young.4081
Walt Weiss.3458
On-Base + Slugging
Larry Walker1.0145
Andres Galarraga.9965
Ellis Burks.9792
Todd Helton.9603
Dante Bichette.9472
Jim Edmonds.9015
Vinny Castilla.8635
Eric Young.7830
Mark Grudzielanek.7639
Walt Weiss.7092
Games Played
Dante Bichette922
Vinny Castilla910
Larry Walker841
Jim Edmonds742
Andres Galarraga706
Todd Helton621
Walt Weiss557
Mark Grudzielanek470
Eric Young448
Ellis Burks396
At Bats
Vinny Castilla3540
Dante Bichette3511
Larry Walker3071
Andres Galarraga2755
Jim Edmonds2688
Todd Helton2336
Walt Weiss2114
Mark Grudzielanek1795
Eric Young1426
Ellis Burks1413
Runs Scored
Larry Walker679
Dante Bichette557
Vinny Castilla540
Andres Galarraga505
Jim Edmonds459
Todd Helton422
Walt Weiss352
Ellis Burks289
Mark Grudzielanek269
Eric Young256
Dante Bichette1151
Vinny Castilla1039
Larry Walker983
Andres Galarraga925
Jim Edmonds809
Todd Helton733
Walt Weiss545
Mark Grudzielanek527
Ellis Burks437
Eric Young424
Total Bases
Dante Bichette2021
Vinny Castilla1867
Larry Walker1867
Andres Galarraga1683
Jim Edmonds1450
Todd Helton1350
Ellis Burks843
Mark Grudzielanek738
Walt Weiss731
Jeff Cirillo594
Dante Bichette256
Larry Walker216
Vinny Castilla181
Jim Edmonds174
Todd Helton170
Andres Galarraga166
Mark Grudzielanek90
Walt Weiss89
Ellis Burks80
Jeff Cirillo79
Vinny Castilla25
Larry Walker22
Damian Jackson20
Jim Edmonds19
Mark Grudzielanek17
Walt Weiss17
Dante Bichette16
Ellis Burks16
Todd Helton15
Andres Galarraga14
Home Runs
Larry Walker208
Vinny Castilla199
Dante Bichette194
Andres Galarraga188
Jim Edmonds143
Todd Helton139
Ellis Burks98
Jeff Cirillo42
Greg Vaughn42
Jeff Reed41
Dante Bichette689
Larry Walker630
Vinny Castilla606
Andres Galarraga580
Todd Helton512
Jim Edmonds435
Ellis Burks295
Jeff Cirillo214
Mark Grudzielanek187
Walt Weiss178
Larry Walker397
Walt Weiss337
Todd Helton261
Jim Edmonds248
Dante Bichette223
Vinny Castilla206
Ellis Burks169
Andres Galarraga166
Eric Young152
Damian Jackson137
Batters Strikeouts
Andres Galarraga592
Dante Bichette553
Vinny Castilla549
Jim Edmonds537
Larry Walker504
Walt Weiss335
Todd Helton310
Ellis Burks278
Damian Jackson266
Mark Grudzielanek239
Stolen Bases
Eric Young79
Juan Pierre52
Damian Jackson40
Dante Bichette36
Larry Walker32
Andres Galarraga23
Mark Grudzielanek19
Terry Shumpert18
Alex Ochoa16
Alex Cole15
Caught Stealing
Eric Young19
Juan Pierre13
Vinny Castilla10
Andres Galarraga10
Walt Weiss10
Dante Bichette9
Jim Edmonds7
Todd Helton6
Larry Walker6
Joe Girardi5
Hit by Pitch
Andres Galarraga75
Larry Walker69
Mark Grudzielanek39
Dante Bichette35
Vinny Castilla35
Eric Young32
Jim Leyritz24
Jim Edmonds20
Todd Helton19
Walt Weiss19
Dante Bichette128
Vinny Castilla103
Andres Galarraga77
Todd Helton71
Jim Edmonds70
Larry Walker66
Ellis Burks65
Mark Grudzielanek41
Carlos Baerga39
Jeff Cirillo38
Vinny Castilla118
Andres Galarraga65
Walt Weiss58
Dante Bichette55
Mark Grudzielanek45
Charlie Hayes40
Eric Young36
Damian Jackson34
Jim Edmonds26
Todd Helton26
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