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Detroit Tigers Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
John Olerud.3241
George Kell.3138
Harvey Kuenn.3114
Luis Gonzalez.3091
Dick Wakefield.3055
Derek Bell.3020
Vic Wertz.2988
Dick Groat.2979
Doc Cramer.2939
Red Wilson.2924
On-Base Percentage
Roy Cullenbine.4396
John Olerud.4115
Dick Wakefield.4025
Tony Phillips.3884
Vic Wertz.3866
Eddie Mathews.3807
Luis Gonzalez.3805
Steve Kemp.3795
George Kell.3753
Norm Cash.3741
Slugging Percentage
Luis Gonzalez.5437
Eddie Mathews.5385
Stan Lopata.5373
Jim Lemon.5154
Tony Clark.5122
Vic Wertz.5104
Norm Cash.5034
Bobby Higginson.5019
Pat Mullin.4976
John Olerud.4960
On-Base + Slugging
Luis Gonzalez.9242
Eddie Mathews.9191
Roy Cullenbine.9159
Stan Lopata.9095
John Olerud.9074
Vic Wertz.8971
Dick Wakefield.8814
Norm Cash.8775
Bobby Higginson.8650
Pat Mullin.8650
Games Played
Al Kaline2879
Lou Whitaker2588
Alan Trammell2562
Norm Cash2081
Eddie Mathews1917
Bill Freehan1895
Travis Fryman1701
Dick McAuliffe1641
Willie Horton1534
Lance Parrish1249
At Bats
Al Kaline10318
Lou Whitaker9147
Alan Trammell8987
Eddie Mathews6786
Norm Cash6671
Bill Freehan6318
Travis Fryman6141
Dick McAuliffe5661
Willie Horton5333
George Kell4596
Runs Scored
Al Kaline1680
Lou Whitaker1402
Eddie Mathews1309
Alan Trammell1257
Norm Cash1084
Travis Fryman869
Dick McAuliffe866
Willie Horton711
Bill Freehan683
George Kell652
Al Kaline2960
Alan Trammell2505
Lou Whitaker2432
Eddie Mathews1880
Norm Cash1839
Travis Fryman1613
Bill Freehan1593
George Kell1442
Willie Horton1417
Dick McAuliffe1397
Total Bases
Al Kaline4840
Lou Whitaker3719
Alan Trammell3676
Eddie Mathews3654
Norm Cash3358
Travis Fryman2682
Willie Horton2518
Bill Freehan2507
Dick McAuliffe2376
George Kell1955
Al Kaline517
Alan Trammell440
Lou Whitaker414
Travis Fryman333
Eddie Mathews280
Norm Cash268
Harvey Kuenn265
George Kell246
Chet Lemon240
Bill Freehan224
Lou Whitaker84
Al Kaline74
Eddie Mathews66
Dick McAuliffe56
Alan Trammell55
George Kell51
Pete Runnels45
Jim Lemon43
Bill Freehan42
Hoot Evers41
Home Runs
Eddie Mathews454
Al Kaline405
Norm Cash397
Willie Horton280
Cecil Fielder240
Lou Whitaker235
Dick McAuliffe224
Travis Fryman222
Alan Trammell207
Bill Freehan202
Al Kaline1545
Eddie Mathews1322
Norm Cash1224
Lou Whitaker1106
Alan Trammell1084
Willie Horton882
Travis Fryman868
Bill Freehan799
Lance Parrish727
Dick McAuliffe653
Lou Whitaker1230
Al Kaline1149
Eddie Mathews1148
Norm Cash987
Alan Trammell864
Dick McAuliffe762
Travis Fryman564
Tony Phillips554
Bill Freehan545
Chet Lemon491
Batters Strikeouts
Travis Fryman1313
Eddie Mathews1272
Lou Whitaker1234
Norm Cash1141
Al Kaline1135
Willie Horton1041
Cecil Fielder974
Alan Trammell962
Lance Parrish928
Dick McAuliffe886
Stolen Bases
Ron Leflore348
Alan Trammell311
Kirk Gibson231
Lou Whitaker190
Brian L. Hunter140
Tom Brookens99
Al Kaline95
Milt Cuyler87
Brett Butler84
Tony Phillips84
Caught Stealing
Ron Leflore139
Alan Trammell125
Lou Whitaker102
Kirk Gibson68
Tom Brookens45
Al Kaline42
Don Kessinger38
Dick McAuliffe38
Brian L. Hunter34
Tony Phillips31
Hit by Pitch
Bill Freehan114
Chet Lemon111
Norm Cash94
Damion Easley77
Al Kaline57
Kirk Gibson47
Willie Horton47
Travis Fryman44
Bill Melton43
Alan Trammell43
Al Kaline292
Bill Freehan193
Alan Trammell188
Eddie Mathews161
Norm Cash157
Travis Fryman155
Willie Horton151
Lou Whitaker143
George Kell124
Lance Parrish123
Alan Trammell266
Eddie Mathews222
Dick McAuliffe203
Lou Whitaker203
Don Kessinger171
Dick Groat156
Don Kolloway153
Bill Melton142
Tom Brookens139
Travis Fryman134
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