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Florida Marlins Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
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Batting Average
Gary Sheffield.3047
Edgar Renteria.3019
Raul Mondesi.2852
Manny Ramirez.2843
Jeff Conine.2768
Cliff Floyd.2704
Chuck Carr.2674
Luis Castillo.2644
Derrek Lee.2581
On-Base Percentage
Gary Sheffield.4153
Manny Ramirez.3767
Edgar Renteria.3638
Luis Castillo.3476
Jeff Conine.3469
Cliff Floyd.3436
Derrek Lee.3327
Chuck Carr.3264
Raul Mondesi.3254
Slugging Percentage
Gary Sheffield.5888
Manny Ramirez.5364
Raul Mondesi.5059
Cliff Floyd.4754
Derrek Lee.4712
Jeff Conine.4673
Edgar Renteria.3890
Chuck Carr.3336
Luis Castillo.3295
On-Base + Slugging
Gary Sheffield1.0041
Manny Ramirez.9131
Raul Mondesi.8313
Cliff Floyd.8190
Jeff Conine.8142
Derrek Lee.8039
Edgar Renteria.7528
Luis Castillo.6771
Chuck Carr.6600
Games Played
Manny Ramirez1059
Jeff Conine765
Luis Castillo732
Cliff Floyd619
Alex Arias568
Gary Sheffield535
Derrek Lee484
Preston Wilson437
Edgar Renteria436
Kurt Abbott432
At Bats
Manny Ramirez3535
Jeff Conine2630
Luis Castillo2103
Cliff Floyd1908
Gary Sheffield1700
Raul Mondesi1613
Edgar Renteria1550
Derrek Lee1422
Chuck Carr1406
Alex Arias1365
Runs Scored
Manny Ramirez584
Jeff Conine379
Gary Sheffield379
Luis Castillo317
Cliff Floyd300
Raul Mondesi253
Preston Wilson233
Edgar Renteria227
Derrek Lee193
Devon White191
Manny Ramirez1005
Jeff Conine728
Luis Castillo556
Gary Sheffield518
Cliff Floyd516
Edgar Renteria468
Raul Mondesi460
Chuck Carr376
Alex Arias372
Derrek Lee367
Total Bases
Manny Ramirez1896
Jeff Conine1229
Gary Sheffield1001
Cliff Floyd907
Raul Mondesi816
Luis Castillo693
Derrek Lee670
Preston Wilson656
Edgar Renteria603
Mike Lowell600
Manny Ramirez225
Cliff Floyd155
Jeff Conine130
Raul Mondesi97
Gary Sheffield96
Derrek Lee88
Preston Wilson84
Mike Lowell80
Devon White71
Lance Berkman70
Jeff Conine25
Luis Castillo24
Raul Mondesi23
Kurt Abbott18
Manny Ramirez12
Edgar Renteria12
Benito Santiago12
Devon White12
Preston Wilson12
Quilvio Veras11
Home Runs
Manny Ramirez214
Gary Sheffield123
Jeff Conine107
Cliff Floyd74
Raul Mondesi71
Preston Wilson66
Derrek Lee65
Mike Lowell57
Tim Wallach48
Kurt Abbott44
Manny Ramirez699
Jeff Conine373
Gary Sheffield330
Cliff Floyd279
Raul Mondesi239
Derrek Lee218
Preston Wilson218
Mike Lowell209
Bobby Bonilla181
Devon White180
Manny Ramirez504
Gary Sheffield297
Jeff Conine281
Luis Castillo273
Cliff Floyd190
Lance Berkman164
Derrek Lee144
Charles Johnson140
Edgar Renteria140
Chuck Carr122
Batters Strikeouts
Manny Ramirez821
Jeff Conine585
Preston Wilson415
Kurt Abbott376
Luis Castillo375
Cliff Floyd372
Derrek Lee367
Raul Mondesi309
Charles Johnson288
Devon White280
Stolen Bases
Luis Castillo204
Chuck Carr134
Edgar Renteria81
Quilvio Veras64
Gary Sheffield62
Cliff Floyd58
Raul Mondesi58
Preston Wilson52
Devon White44
Manny Ramirez13
Caught Stealing
Luis Castillo70
Chuck Carr44
Edgar Renteria27
Raul Mondesi22
Cliff Floyd20
Quilvio Veras18
Devon White16
Preston Wilson14
Gary Sheffield10
Greg Colbrunn7
Hit by Pitch
Manny Ramirez36
Gary Sheffield33
Cliff Floyd31
Mike Lowell24
Bret Barberie23
Kurt Abbott22
Alex Arias22
Devon White21
Derrek Lee20
Mike Redmond20
Manny Ramirez104
Jeff Conine82
Gary Sheffield50
Derrek Lee44
Charles Johnson39
Mike Lowell38
Raul Mondesi37
Bobby Bonilla35
Preston Wilson34
Edgar Renteria32
Gary Sheffield64
Cliff Floyd54
Bobby Bonilla50
Kurt Abbott49
Luis Castillo46
Jeff Conine44
Manny Ramirez44
Alex Gonzalez41
Alex Arias34
Edgar Renteria33
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