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Kansas City Royals Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
George Brett.3077
Carlos Beltran.2992
Chone Figgins.2956
Raul Ibanez.2953
Joe Randa.2903
Wally Joyner.2889
Hal McRae.2881
Keith Moreland.2879
Jermaine Dye.2844
Mike Sweeney.2841
On-Base Percentage
John Mayberry.3935
Ed Kirkpatrick.3678
Darrell Porter.3655
Paul Schaal.3637
Chone Figgins.3631
George Brett.3620
Danny Tartabull.3610
Mike Sweeney.3590
Willie Aikens.3561
Raul Ibanez.3558
Slugging Percentage
Deron Johnson.5262
Danny Tartabull.5117
George Brett.4964
Carlos Beltran.4928
John Mayberry.4898
Jermaine Dye.4831
Mike Sweeney.4713
Raul Ibanez.4615
Willie Aikens.4604
Jim Hickman.4594
On-Base + Slugging
John Mayberry.8833
Deron Johnson.8800
Danny Tartabull.8727
George Brett.8584
Carlos Beltran.8432
Mike Sweeney.8303
Jermaine Dye.8209
Raul Ibanez.8174
Willie Aikens.8165
Jim Hickman.8145
Games Played
George Brett2699
Frank White2053
Amos Otis1998
Hal McRae1891
Larry Bowa1795
Willie Wilson1722
Mike Sweeney1151
Joe Randa1074
Cookie Rojas948
Mike Macfarlane824
At Bats
George Brett10341
Amos Otis7590
Frank White7312
Willie Wilson7115
Larry Bowa7014
Hal McRae6950
Mike Sweeney4140
Joe Randa3910
Cookie Rojas3307
Kevin Seitzer2879
Runs Scored
George Brett1549
Amos Otis1179
Willie Wilson1042
Larry Bowa932
Hal McRae918
Frank White885
Mike Sweeney597
Joe Randa489
John Mayberry456
Danny Tartabull429
George Brett3182
Amos Otis2079
Hal McRae2002
Willie Wilson2002
Larry Bowa1896
Frank White1838
Mike Sweeney1176
Joe Randa1135
Cookie Rojas855
Danny Tartabull809
Total Bases
George Brett5133
Amos Otis3302
Hal McRae3163
Frank White2776
Willie Wilson2696
Larry Bowa2360
Mike Sweeney1951
Joe Randa1693
Danny Tartabull1463
John Mayberry1343
George Brett643
Hal McRae439
Amos Otis365
Frank White357
Mike Sweeney258
Willie Wilson247
Joe Randa213
Larry Bowa207
Mike Macfarlane179
Wally Joyner161
Willie Wilson138
George Brett135
Larry Bowa106
Amos Otis69
Hal McRae52
Frank White49
Johnny Damon33
Brian McRae33
Chone Figgins30
Joe Randa30
Home Runs
George Brett346
Amos Otis240
Hal McRae206
Mike Sweeney169
Frank White161
Danny Tartabull154
John Mayberry144
Deron Johnson126
Mike Macfarlane112
Willie Aikens99
George Brett1612
Amos Otis1142
Hal McRae1057
Frank White875
Mike Sweeney706
Willie Wilson640
Larry Bowa573
John Mayberry534
Joe Randa517
Danny Tartabull486
George Brett911
Amos Otis740
Hal McRae522
John Mayberry488
Mike Sweeney447
Darrell Porter369
Willie Wilson364
Danny Tartabull352
Kevin Seitzer347
Larry Bowa340
Batters Strikeouts
Amos Otis1104
Willie Wilson1076
Frank White995
George Brett932
Hal McRae827
Danny Tartabull767
Mike Macfarlane596
Joe Randa505
Jim Presley491
Mike Sweeney481
Stolen Bases
Willie Wilson509
Larry Bowa490
Amos Otis378
George Brett211
Otis Nixon173
Frank White158
Chone Figgins157
Pat Kelly134
Tom Goodwin102
Hal McRae98
Caught Stealing
Willie Wilson139
Larry Bowa119
Amos Otis99
George Brett84
Frank White69
Hal McRae60
Chone Figgins49
Pat Kelly49
Brian McRae45
Otis Nixon43
Hit by Pitch
Hal McRae92
Mike Macfarlane91
Mike Sweeney63
Willie Wilson61
Joe Randa53
Angel Berroa46
Ellie Rodriguez46
Alex Cora41
Amos Otis41
Al Cowens38
George Brett228
Frank White170
Hal McRae157
Amos Otis150
Mike Sweeney131
Joe Randa114
Larry Bowa86
Willie Wilson83
Keith Moreland77
Mike Macfarlane73
George Brett415
Frank White168
Larry Bowa124
Paul Schaal107
Kevin Seitzer106
Joe Randa100
Jim Presley92
U L Washington90
Angel Berroa81
Hal McRae81
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