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Seattle Pilots / Milwaukee Brewers Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Jeff Cirillo.3052
Jose Cruz.2995
Paul Molitor.2955
Cecil Cooper.2951
Steve Ontiveros.2923
Garret Anderson.2891
Darryl Hamilton.2890
Jim Thome.2885
Mark Loretta.2859
Gregg Jefferies.2853
On-Base Percentage
Jim Thome.4095
Jeff Cirillo.3814
Steve Ontiveros.3747
Johnny Briggs.3627
Scott Rolen.3618
John Jaha.3617
Jose Cruz.3585
Paul Molitor.3574
Fernando Vina.3555
Mark Loretta.3552
Slugging Percentage
Jim Thome.5687
Richie Sexson.5420
Carlos Lee.5072
Scott Rolen.4890
John Jaha.4878
Rob Deer.4859
Gorman Thomas.4825
Jeff Cirillo.4703
Geoff Jenkins.4696
Johnny Briggs.4677
On-Base + Slugging
Jim Thome.9783
Richie Sexson.8826
Jeff Cirillo.8517
Scott Rolen.8509
John Jaha.8495
Carlos Lee.8419
Johnny Briggs.8304
Rob Deer.8255
Geoff Jenkins.8065
Gorman Thomas.8052
Games Played
Robin Yount2877
Paul Molitor2000
Jim Gantner1756
Jose Cruz1585
Ben Oglivie1448
Garret Anderson1413
Cecil Cooper1382
Cesar Cedeno1317
Jim Thome1246
B.J. Surhoff1042
At Bats
Robin Yount10984
Paul Molitor7710
Jim Gantner6166
Jose Cruz6014
Garret Anderson5631
Cecil Cooper5449
Ben Oglivie5112
Cesar Cedeno4987
Jim Thome4211
George Scott3703
Runs Scored
Robin Yount1508
Paul Molitor1255
Jose Cruz915
Jim Thome835
Cesar Cedeno747
Garret Anderson724
Cecil Cooper724
Ben Oglivie692
Jim Gantner682
Jimmy Rollins522
Robin Yount3067
Paul Molitor2278
Jose Cruz1801
Jim Gantner1647
Garret Anderson1628
Cecil Cooper1608
Ben Oglivie1400
Cesar Cedeno1382
Jim Thome1215
Jimmy Rollins981
Total Bases
Robin Yount4625
Paul Molitor3371
Jose Cruz2616
Garret Anderson2613
Cecil Cooper2502
Jim Thome2395
Ben Oglivie2301
Cesar Cedeno2143
Jim Gantner2089
Geoff Jenkins1617
Robin Yount546
Paul Molitor434
Garret Anderson362
Cecil Cooper303
Jose Cruz297
Cesar Cedeno275
Jim Thome239
Jim Gantner238
Geoff Jenkins221
Ben Oglivie212
Robin Yount119
Paul Molitor73
Jose Cruz67
Jimmy Rollins47
Cesar Cedeno36
Jim Gantner36
Mickey Morandini34
Cecil Cooper33
Garret Anderson31
Ben Oglivie31
Home Runs
Jim Thome301
Robin Yount258
Ben Oglivie209
Gorman Thomas208
Garret Anderson187
Cecil Cooper175
Richie Sexson175
Paul Molitor171
Greg Vaughn159
Rob Deer158
Robin Yount1402
Jim Thome849
Cecil Cooper842
Paul Molitor829
Garret Anderson813
Ben Oglivie745
Jose Cruz734
Gorman Thomas554
Cesar Cedeno548
Jim Gantner542
Robin Yount872
Jim Thome846
Paul Molitor739
Jose Cruz573
Ben Oglivie480
Gorman Thomas422
Cesar Cedeno400
Greg Vaughn360
Rob Deer347
Cecil Cooper344
Batters Strikeouts
Robin Yount1391
Jim Thome1213
Gorman Thomas972
Paul Molitor949
Geoff Jenkins863
Garret Anderson759
Rob Deer753
Jose Cruz733
George Scott716
Greg Vaughn705
Stolen Bases
Paul Molitor407
Cesar Cedeno369
Robin Yount251
Jose Cruz215
Jimmy Rollins150
Pat Listach140
Tommy Harper139
Jim Gantner131
Darryl Hamilton129
Dan Gladden89
Caught Stealing
Paul Molitor158
Cesar Cedeno103
Robin Yount94
Jose Cruz81
Tommy Harper69
Jim Gantner57
B.J. Surhoff47
Pat Listach43
Jimmy Rollins40
Darryl Hamilton38
Hit by Pitch
Geoff Jenkins94
Fernando Vina86
Robin Yount52
Scott Rolen50
Jim Gantner41
Richie Sexson41
Brady Clark40
Jim Thome39
Cesar Cedeno37
Ben Oglivie35
Robin Yount215
Garret Anderson163
Cecil Cooper161
Ben Oglivie144
Paul Molitor127
Jim Gantner113
George Scott109
Jose Cruz106
Cesar Cedeno96
Geoff Jenkins88
Robin Yount316
Paul Molitor236
Jim Gantner158
Cecil Cooper92
Jose Cruz90
Manny Trillo87
Ted Simmons86
Don Money83
George Scott75
Pat Listach72
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