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Washington Senators / Minnesota Twins Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Rod Carew.3282
Paul Molitor.3087
Luis Polonia.3064
Tony Oliva.3055
Shane Mack.3049
Chuck Knoblauch.3043
Kirby Puckett.3037
Shannon Stewart.3008
Brian Harper.3002
Doug Mientkiewicz.2965
On-Base Percentage
Gene Woodling.4042
Rod Carew.3896
Chili Davis.3853
Harmon Killebrew.3849
Larry Doby.3819
Chuck Knoblauch.3810
Doug Mientkiewicz.3809
Steve Braun.3808
Al Smith.3803
Corey Koskie.3780
Slugging Percentage
Harmon Killebrew.5463
Marty Cordova.4991
Jimmie Hall.4895
Chili Davis.4887
Vic Wertz.4871
Corey Koskie.4843
Larry Doby.4835
Tony Oliva.4826
Bob Allison.4744
Jacque Jones.4718
On-Base + Slugging
Harmon Killebrew.9312
Chili Davis.8739
Larry Doby.8654
Marty Cordova.8653
Corey Koskie.8622
Gene Woodling.8554
Vic Wertz.8402
Shane Mack.8380
Tony Oliva.8326
Bob Allison.8236
Games Played
Rod Carew2629
Harmon Killebrew2018
Kent Hrbek1939
Kirby Puckett1909
Tony Oliva1566
Bob Allison1545
Gary Gaetti1412
Del Ennis1393
Larry Doby1199
Andre Thornton1143
At Bats
Rod Carew9896
Kirby Puckett7679
Harmon Killebrew6890
Kent Hrbek6461
Tony Oliva6164
Del Ennis5584
Bob Allison5261
Gary Gaetti5037
Larry Doby4395
Chuck Knoblauch4173
Runs Scored
Rod Carew1488
Harmon Killebrew1203
Kirby Puckett1124
Kent Hrbek965
Tony Oliva954
Bob Allison872
Chuck Knoblauch743
Del Ennis740
Larry Doby717
Gary Gaetti695
Rod Carew3248
Kirby Puckett2332
Tony Oliva1883
Harmon Killebrew1823
Kent Hrbek1731
Del Ennis1535
Gary Gaetti1326
Chuck Knoblauch1270
Bob Allison1259
Larry Doby1220
Total Bases
Rod Carew4233
Harmon Killebrew3764
Kirby Puckett3447
Tony Oliva2975
Kent Hrbek2941
Del Ennis2582
Bob Allison2496
Gary Gaetti2326
Larry Doby2125
Chuck Knoblauch1752
Rod Carew468
Kirby Puckett402
Tony Oliva318
Kent Hrbek304
Harmon Killebrew297
Gary Gaetti240
Del Ennis237
Chuck Knoblauch224
Bob Allison215
Torii Hunter205
Rod Carew113
Del Ennis66
Cristian Guzman63
Kirby Puckett58
Zoilo Versalles57
Tony Oliva54
Chuck Knoblauch51
Bob Allison46
Buddy Lewis43
Cesar Tovar43
Home Runs
Harmon Killebrew528
Bob Allison310
Kent Hrbek292
Gary Gaetti234
Del Ennis226
Tony Oliva222
Larry Doby214
Kirby Puckett199
Andre Thornton183
Torii Hunter159
Harmon Killebrew1389
Rod Carew1120
Kent Hrbek1066
Kirby Puckett1032
Del Ennis919
Tony Oliva919
Bob Allison869
Gary Gaetti746
Larry Doby739
Andre Thornton666
Harmon Killebrew1337
Rod Carew1018
Kent Hrbek876
Bob Allison867
Larry Doby738
Andre Thornton583
Chili Davis494
Del Ennis480
Chuck Knoblauch459
Pat Burrell451
Batters Strikeouts
Harmon Killebrew1439
Rod Carew1121
Bob Allison1101
Kirby Puckett1079
Kent Hrbek920
Gary Gaetti914
Larry Doby862
Pat Burrell852
Torii Hunter807
Chili Davis644
Stolen Bases
Rod Carew426
Chuck Knoblauch362
Luis Polonia239
Cesar Tovar232
George Case227
Rick Manning213
Kirby Puckett173
Torii Hunter153
Cristian Guzman147
Billy Hatcher146
Caught Stealing
Rod Carew187
Cesar Tovar103
Rick Manning85
Chuck Knoblauch81
Luis Polonia73
Kirby Puckett58
Greg Gagne51
Julio Franco48
George Case47
Torii Hunter47
Hit by Pitch
Chuck Knoblauch80
Kirby Puckett61
Tony Oliva60
Harmon Killebrew51
Matt Lawton50
Torii Hunter49
Pat Meares49
Cesar Tovar48
Bob Allison47
Corey Koskie47
Rod Carew207
Kirby Puckett203
Tony Oliva186
Del Ennis178
Kent Hrbek172
Harmon Killebrew171
Gary Gaetti139
Torii Hunter117
Bob Allison109
Zoilo Versalles107
Rod Carew319
Harmon Killebrew214
Zoilo Versalles202
Gary Gaetti180
Julio Franco164
John Sullivan144
Roy Smalley131
Pat Meares121
Greg Gagne113
Billy Cox106
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