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Montreal Expos Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Carlos Baerga.3107
Vladimir Guerrero.3104
Tim Raines.2996
Jeff Bagwell.2944
Jose Vidro.2931
Moises Alou.2915
Mark Grudzielanek.2886
Rondell White.2886
Harold Baines.2866
Ken Singleton.2824
On-Base Percentage
Jeff Bagwell.4010
Ken Singleton.3991
Rusty Staub.3921
Tim Raines.3790
Ron Fairly.3738
Mike Schmidt.3738
Vladimir Guerrero.3659
Carlos Baerga.3510
Moises Alou.3498
Mike Jorgensen.3470
Slugging Percentage
Vladimir Guerrero.5640
Mike Schmidt.5310
Jeff Bagwell.5207
Moises Alou.4973
Harold Baines.4740
Rondell White.4653
Ellis Valentine.4653
Andre Dawson.4630
Carlos Baerga.4625
Larry Walker.4601
On-Base + Slugging
Vladimir Guerrero.9299
Jeff Bagwell.9216
Mike Schmidt.9048
Rusty Staub.8503
Moises Alou.8471
Ken Singleton.8342
Ron Fairly.8176
Carlos Baerga.8135
Rondell White.8116
Tim Raines.8109
Games Played
Mike Schmidt2516
Jeff Bagwell1669
Gary Carter1406
Andre Dawson1286
Tim Raines1245
Harold Baines1195
Spike Owen1189
Bob Bailey1013
Ron Karkovice979
Mike Jorgensen891
At Bats
Mike Schmidt8985
Jeff Bagwell6077
Andre Dawson4903
Gary Carter4842
Tim Raines4783
Harold Baines4312
Spike Owen3649
Carlos Baerga3267
Marquis Grissom3224
Bob Bailey3185
Runs Scored
Mike Schmidt1691
Jeff Bagwell1144
Tim Raines861
Andre Dawson727
Gary Carter645
Harold Baines557
Marquis Grissom479
Carlos Baerga442
Bob Bailey424
Larry Walker423
Mike Schmidt2423
Jeff Bagwell1789
Tim Raines1433
Andre Dawson1342
Gary Carter1249
Harold Baines1236
Carlos Baerga1015
Spike Owen847
Marquis Grissom828
Bob Bailey784
Total Bases
Mike Schmidt4771
Jeff Bagwell3164
Andre Dawson2270
Gary Carter2085
Tim Raines2066
Harold Baines2044
Carlos Baerga1511
Vladimir Guerrero1361
Bob Bailey1305
Spike Owen1254
Mike Schmidt426
Jeff Bagwell397
Andre Dawson253
Tim Raines243
Gary Carter238
Harold Baines237
Carlos Baerga176
Larry Walker161
Spike Owen156
Mike Lansing150
Tim Raines69
Mike Schmidt61
Andre Dawson51
Spike Owen46
Ivan DeJesus37
Harold Baines35
Jeff Bagwell27
Vladimir Guerrero27
Duane Kuiper24
Manny Trillo21
Home Runs
Mike Schmidt600
Jeff Bagwell308
Andre Dawson191
Gary Carter186
Harold Baines167
Vladimir Guerrero139
Bob Bailey123
Ellis Valentine106
Carlos Baerga96
Larry Walker96
Mike Schmidt1773
Jeff Bagwell1035
Gary Carter763
Andre Dawson742
Harold Baines639
Bob Bailey482
Carlos Baerga477
Vladimir Guerrero471
Tim Raines451
Larry Walker409
Mike Schmidt1449
Jeff Bagwell1007
Tim Raines604
Gary Carter481
Bob Bailey468
Ken Singleton354
Spike Owen349
Mike Jorgensen337
Ivan DeJesus336
Ron Fairly327
Batters Strikeouts
Mike Schmidt2016
Jeff Bagwell1154
Andre Dawson802
Bob Bailey703
Gary Carter675
Ron Karkovice665
Andres Galarraga651
Harold Baines646
Tim Raines525
Larry Walker509
Stolen Bases
Tim Raines394
Marquis Grissom184
Andre Dawson125
Ivan DeJesus104
Jeff Bagwell82
Delino Deshields77
Roger Cedeno71
Larry Walker66
Mike Schmidt63
Gary Pettis62
Caught Stealing
Tim Raines63
Marquis Grissom34
Delino Deshields29
Andre Dawson25
Mike Schmidt19
Gary Pettis16
Ivan DeJesus15
Vladimir Guerrero15
Darren Lewis14
Larry Lintz12
Hit by Pitch
Jeff Bagwell111
Mike Schmidt97
F. P. Santangelo64
Andre Dawson51
Gary Carter45
Andres Galarraga43
Larry Walker38
Vladimir Guerrero34
Mack Jones34
Mike Lansing34
Jeff Bagwell183
Mike Schmidt172
Harold Baines121
Gary Carter117
Andre Dawson108
Bob Bailey95
Carlos Baerga85
Ellis Valentine83
Spike Owen68
Frank Duffy64
Mike Schmidt288
Ivan DeJesus131
Carlos Baerga126
Jeff Bagwell103
Spike Owen102
Bob Bailey80
Duane Kuiper64
Mark Grudzielanek63
Frank Duffy62
Mike Lansing59
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