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New York Yankees Career Leaderboard in Smiley (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Lou Piniella.3193
Mickey Rivers.3153
Wade Boggs.3118
Paul O'Neill.3098
Derek Jeter.3055
Steve Sax.2973
Don Mattingly.2970
Tino Martinez.2964
Pete Rose.2936
Dave Winfield.2882
On-Base Percentage
Paul O'Neill.3874
Wade Boggs.3855
Roy White.3775
Oscar Gamble.3764
Derek Jeter.3737
Rickey Henderson.3715
Bernie Williams.3647
Reggie Jackson.3636
Tino Martinez.3636
Mike Stanley.3632
Slugging Percentage
Mike Stanley.5233
Tino Martinez.5159
Paul O'Neill.5151
Reggie Jackson.5070
Dave Winfield.4935
Oscar Gamble.4857
Danny Tartabull.4766
Bernie Williams.4685
Mike Pagliarulo.4615
Bobby Murcer.4548
On-Base + Slugging
Paul O'Neill.9025
Mike Stanley.8865
Tino Martinez.8795
Reggie Jackson.8706
Oscar Gamble.8621
Dave Winfield.8470
Danny Tartabull.8371
Bernie Williams.8332
Roy White.8207
Derek Jeter.8190
Games Played
Willie Randolph1897
Don Mattingly1894
Roy White1567
Thurman Munson1514
Dave Winfield1403
Bernie Williams1359
Chris Chambliss1313
Bobby Murcer1237
Graig Nettles1227
Paul O'Neill1143
At Bats
Don Mattingly7279
Willie Randolph6733
Roy White5926
Thurman Munson5506
Dave Winfield5347
Chris Chambliss4854
Bernie Williams4758
Bobby Murcer4615
Graig Nettles4579
Paul O'Neill4242
Runs Scored
Willie Randolph1040
Roy White1014
Don Mattingly963
Dave Winfield865
Bernie Williams775
Paul O'Neill714
Bobby Murcer698
Graig Nettles634
Thurman Munson621
Wade Boggs596
Don Mattingly2162
Willie Randolph1757
Roy White1700
Thurman Munson1547
Dave Winfield1541
Bernie Williams1371
Chris Chambliss1354
Paul O'Neill1314
Bobby Murcer1303
Wade Boggs1200
Total Bases
Don Mattingly3255
Dave Winfield2639
Roy White2626
Willie Randolph2278
Bernie Williams2229
Paul O'Neill2185
Thurman Munson2166
Bobby Murcer2099
Graig Nettles2003
Chris Chambliss1998
Don Mattingly450
Roy White296
Paul O'Neill287
Dave Winfield276
Willie Randolph263
Bernie Williams260
Chris Chambliss257
Thurman Munson223
Wade Boggs220
Bobby Murcer202
Willie Randolph63
Bernie Williams59
Dave Winfield51
Roy White45
Bobby Murcer33
Derek Jeter32
Thurman Munson30
Jim Fregosi28
Chris Chambliss27
Wade Boggs23
Home Runs
Dave Winfield240
Graig Nettles204
Don Mattingly201
Paul O'Neill188
Roy White180
Bobby Murcer176
Bernie Williams160
Reggie Jackson152
Tino Martinez136
Thurman Munson112
Don Mattingly1111
Dave Winfield955
Paul O'Neill816
Bernie Williams782
Bobby Murcer769
Roy White749
Graig Nettles729
Thurman Munson726
Chris Chambliss612
Willie Randolph587
Willie Randolph953
Roy White845
Bernie Williams579
Paul O'Neill555
Dave Winfield554
Don Mattingly518
Bobby Murcer499
Wade Boggs478
Graig Nettles474
Thurman Munson412
Batters Strikeouts
Bernie Williams806
Dave Winfield794
Roy White657
Paul O'Neill653
Reggie Jackson633
Graig Nettles618
Thurman Munson596
Willie Randolph589
Bobby Murcer583
Chris Chambliss564
Stolen Bases
Rickey Henderson266
Willie Randolph225
Roy White195
Roberto Kelly169
Steve Sax153
Horace Clarke139
Bernie Williams124
Derek Jeter93
Jerry Kenney88
Chuck Knoblauch77
Caught Stealing
Roy White96
Willie Randolph72
Rickey Henderson60
Horace Clarke57
Jerry Kenney51
Thurman Munson45
Bobby Murcer44
Bernie Williams38
Roberto Kelly35
Steve Sax32
Hit by Pitch
Don Baylor57
Chuck Knoblauch52
Thurman Munson47
Derek Jeter42
Roy White37
Graig Nettles36
Willie Randolph36
Jim Leyritz35
Scott Brosius25
Bernie Williams24
Don Mattingly227
Thurman Munson180
Dave Winfield159
Bernie Williams144
Chris Chambliss136
Willie Randolph127
Roy White125
Paul O'Neill119
Bobby Murcer111
Graig Nettles98
Willie Randolph192
Graig Nettles141
Thurman Munson106
Horace Clarke102
Wade Boggs95
Bucky Dent75
Gene Michael75
Jim Fregosi74
Mike Gallego71
Derek Jeter68
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