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New York Mets Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Mike Piazza.3215
Rusty Staub.2987
Keith Hernandez.2960
Wally Backman.2947
Jose Vizcaino.2908
Lenny Dykstra.2868
Reggie Smith.2842
Jeff Kent.2826
Dave Magadan.2822
Gregg Jefferies.2816
On-Base Percentage
Dave Magadan.3880
Keith Hernandez.3797
Mike Piazza.3787
Rusty Staub.3786
Lenny Dykstra.3682
Toby Harrah.3657
Lee Mazzilli.3636
Reggie Smith.3624
Bobby Bonilla.3621
Pat Kelly.3610
Slugging Percentage
Mike Piazza.5676
Reggie Smith.5425
Fred McGriff.5172
Bobby Bonilla.5124
Darryl Strawberry.5045
Robin Ventura.4926
Johnny Bench.4756
Jeff Kent.4659
Rusty Staub.4540
Howard Johnson.4483
On-Base + Slugging
Mike Piazza.9463
Reggie Smith.9049
Bobby Bonilla.8746
Fred McGriff.8717
Darryl Strawberry.8556
Robin Ventura.8474
Rusty Staub.8327
Keith Hernandez.8190
Johnny Bench.8101
Jeff Kent.7965
Games Played
Keith Hernandez2237
Johnny Bench1930
Bud Harrelson1323
Lenny Dykstra1322
Darryl Strawberry1315
Howard Johnson1276
Cleon Jones1274
Dick Schofield1215
Mookie Wilson1141
Edgardo Alfonzo960
At Bats
Keith Hernandez7742
Johnny Bench6871
Lenny Dykstra4588
Darryl Strawberry4539
Howard Johnson4069
Cleon Jones4016
Bud Harrelson4005
Mookie Wilson3991
Dick Schofield3722
Edgardo Alfonzo3330
Runs Scored
Keith Hernandez1169
Johnny Bench978
Lenny Dykstra781
Darryl Strawberry750
Howard Johnson610
Mookie Wilson590
Cleon Jones553
Toby Harrah535
Mike Piazza516
Lee Mazzilli493
Keith Hernandez2292
Johnny Bench1797
Lenny Dykstra1316
Darryl Strawberry1192
Mookie Wilson1116
Cleon Jones1114
Howard Johnson983
Mike Piazza977
Bud Harrelson931
Edgardo Alfonzo921
Total Bases
Keith Hernandez3401
Johnny Bench3268
Darryl Strawberry2290
Lenny Dykstra1895
Howard Johnson1824
Mike Piazza1725
Cleon Jones1668
Mookie Wilson1660
Fred McGriff1536
Edgardo Alfonzo1390
Keith Hernandez432
Johnny Bench343
Lenny Dykstra271
Darryl Strawberry229
Howard Johnson209
Cleon Jones181
Edgardo Alfonzo180
Mookie Wilson165
Fred McGriff164
Mike Piazza158
Mookie Wilson71
Keith Hernandez52
Dick Schofield40
Bud Harrelson34
Phil Garner33
Lenny Dykstra31
Darryl Strawberry28
Toby Harrah23
Cleon Jones23
Howard Johnson22
Home Runs
Johnny Bench362
Darryl Strawberry271
Howard Johnson196
Mike Piazza196
Keith Hernandez191
Fred McGriff175
Kevin McReynolds110
Cleon Jones109
Gary Carter108
Don Lock107
Johnny Bench1232
Keith Hernandez1062
Darryl Strawberry815
Howard Johnson622
Mike Piazza600
Fred McGriff561
Cleon Jones518
Kevin McReynolds444
Mookie Wilson426
Edgardo Alfonzo424
Keith Hernandez1038
Johnny Bench773
Darryl Strawberry619
Lenny Dykstra573
Bud Harrelson552
Howard Johnson508
Lee Mazzilli434
Toby Harrah429
Mark McLemore386
Dick Schofield370
Batters Strikeouts
Johnny Bench1177
Darryl Strawberry1102
Keith Hernandez1067
Howard Johnson840
Mookie Wilson663
Don Lock643
Cleon Jones629
Fred McGriff621
Dick Schofield591
Tommie Agee536
Stolen Bases
Mookie Wilson246
Lenny Dykstra244
Howard Johnson144
Lee Mazzilli132
Darryl Strawberry124
Mark McLemore116
Rickey Henderson112
Wally Backman107
Sonny Jackson103
Pat Kelly99
Caught Stealing
Lenny Dykstra65
Mookie Wilson58
Darryl Strawberry43
Howard Johnson41
Lee Mazzilli41
Pat Kelly38
Cleon Jones36
Wally Backman34
Keith Hernandez33
Sonny Jackson33
Hit by Pitch
Cleon Jones54
Dick Schofield49
Keith Hernandez46
Toby Harrah44
Jeff Kent33
Dave Hollins32
Lenny Dykstra31
Gary Carter29
Rusty Staub25
Darryl Strawberry23
Keith Hernandez248
Johnny Bench199
Cleon Jones130
Mike Piazza118
Fred McGriff100
Rusty Staub98
Chris Speier84
Darryl Strawberry83
Gary Carter82
Kevin McReynolds82
Howard Johnson161
Bud Harrelson159
Chris Speier125
Keith Hernandez124
Dick Schofield115
Johnny Bench97
Toby Harrah83
Phil Garner79
Eddie Bressoud73
Sonny Jackson73
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