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Kansas City / Oakland A's Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Al Oliver.3293
Manny Mota.3117
Bob Johnson.3113
Arky Vaughan.3058
Jason Giambi.3050
Dick Allen.3032
Jeff Heath.3015
Buddy Lewis.2954
Vic Power.2932
Elmer Valo.2915
On-Base Percentage
Bob Johnson.4071
Ferris Fain.4060
Jason Giambi.4016
Elmer Valo.3984
Arky Vaughan.3898
Rickey Henderson.3851
Dick Allen.3816
Reggie Jackson.3769
Norm Siebern.3726
Jeff Heath.3712
Slugging Percentage
Bob Johnson.5513
Jason Giambi.5499
Reggie Jackson.5448
Dick Allen.5442
Mark McGwire.5289
Jeff Heath.5270
Eric Chavez.5239
Jose Canseco.5183
Bob Cerv.5164
Richard Hidalgo.5146
On-Base + Slugging
Bob Johnson.9584
Jason Giambi.9515
Dick Allen.9258
Reggie Jackson.9216
Jeff Heath.8982
Mark McGwire.8915
Jose Canseco.8739
Bob Cerv.8677
Eric Chavez.8667
Richard Hidalgo.8665
Games Played
Bert Campaneris1962
Elmer Valo1648
Rickey Henderson1597
Mark McGwire1484
Sal Bando1469
Pete Suder1436
Sam Chapman1402
Dwayne Murphy1317
Carney Lansford1312
Reggie Jackson1276
At Bats
Bert Campaneris7442
Rickey Henderson5492
Sal Bando5361
Sam Chapman5177
Willie Jones4790
Pete Suder4718
Mark McGwire4714
Carney Lansford4656
Elmer Valo4618
Reggie Jackson4468
Runs Scored
Rickey Henderson1003
Bert Campaneris992
Mark McGwire837
Reggie Jackson808
Sal Bando794
Sam Chapman746
Dwayne Murphy739
Elmer Valo715
Willie Jones710
Ferris Fain704
Bert Campaneris1906
Rickey Henderson1451
Sam Chapman1431
Elmer Valo1346
Carney Lansford1335
Sal Bando1283
Willie Jones1279
Reggie Jackson1270
Ferris Fain1178
Mark McGwire1157
Total Bases
Bert Campaneris2562
Mark McGwire2493
Reggie Jackson2434
Sam Chapman2412
Roger Maris2123
Rickey Henderson2107
Willie Jones2063
Sal Bando2027
Jason Giambi1911
Carney Lansford1904
Bert Campaneris258
Reggie Jackson245
Rickey Henderson244
Sam Chapman235
Jason Giambi232
Ferris Fain220
Mark McGwire212
Elmer Valo212
Terry Steinbach210
Carney Lansford208
Jeff Heath88
Elmer Valo82
Bert Campaneris70
Sam Chapman67
Bob Johnson55
Arky Vaughan47
Dick Allen44
Pete Suder39
Rickey Henderson38
Willie Jones37
Home Runs
Mark McGwire372
Reggie Jackson287
Roger Maris262
Jose Canseco212
Sam Chapman204
Jason Giambi199
Troy Glaus183
Bob Johnson176
Sal Bando172
Dwayne Murphy171
Mark McGwire977
Sam Chapman875
Reggie Jackson869
Roger Maris771
Sal Bando720
Bob Johnson713
Bert Campaneris646
Jeff Heath635
Jose Canseco630
Willie Jones628
Rickey Henderson1055
Mark McGwire843
Elmer Valo825
Ferris Fain817
Eddie Joost768
Dwayne Murphy724
Sal Bando713
Reggie Jackson624
Willie Jones621
Sam Chapman593
Batters Strikeouts
Reggie Jackson1158
Mark McGwire1153
Bert Campaneris1003
Dwayne Murphy994
Jose Canseco879
Sal Bando831
Troy Glaus821
Rickey Henderson803
Sam Chapman768
Eddie Joost742
Stolen Bases
Bert Campaneris583
Rickey Henderson478
Billy North115
Vince Coleman82
Reggie Jackson81
Stan Javier77
Buddy Lewis77
Arky Vaughan62
Elmer Valo61
Carney Lansford60
Caught Stealing
Bert Campaneris176
Rickey Henderson85
Billy North28
Rick Monday25
Dick Siebert25
Reggie Jackson24
Sam Chapman21
Bob Johnson20
Arky Vaughan20
Don Blasingame19
Hit by Pitch
Gene Tenace79
Sal Bando76
Reggie Jackson66
Bert Campaneris60
Jason Giambi53
Rickey Henderson52
Mark McGwire52
Miguel Tejada47
Carney Lansford46
Richard Hidalgo45
Sam Chapman170
Willie Jones163
Terry Steinbach157
Sal Bando150
Elmer Valo138
Carney Lansford122
Mark McGwire121
Pete Suder118
Jason Giambi116
Dwayne Murphy115
Bert Campaneris334
Sal Bando164
Pete Suder157
Dick Allen144
Arky Vaughan141
Eddie Joost139
Ferris Fain133
Willie Jones123
Miguel Tejada123
Buddy Lewis118
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