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Pittsburgh Pirates Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Matty Alou.3207
Bill Madlock.3198
Earl Averill.3198
Paul Waner.3045
Bobby Abreu.3041
Bruce Campbell.3008
Manny Mota.3004
Roberto Clemente.3004
Roy Hughes.2984
Dave Parker.2981
On-Base Percentage
Bobby Abreu.4097
Joe Cunningham.4034
Ralph Kiner.3985
Brian Giles.3920
Earl Averill.3877
Bruce Campbell.3859
Jason Bay.3823
Jason Kendall.3786
Bill Madlock.3721
Earl Torgeson.3696
Slugging Percentage
Brian Giles.5435
Ralph Kiner.5416
Willie Stargell.5340
Jason Bay.5317
Bobby Abreu.5281
Earl Averill.5187
Leon Wagner.5086
Bruce Campbell.5059
Joe Adcock.5055
Bill Robinson.5022
On-Base + Slugging
Ralph Kiner.9401
Bobby Abreu.9378
Brian Giles.9356
Jason Bay.9140
Earl Averill.9064
Willie Stargell.8935
Bruce Campbell.8918
Leon Wagner.8696
Barry Bonds.8622
Bill Madlock.8511
Games Played
Roberto Clemente2685
Willie Stargell2574
Bill Mazeroski2126
Red Schoendienst1621
Freddie Patek1507
Jason Kendall1362
Dave Parker1334
Al Oliver1317
Bill Virdon1273
Bobby Abreu1251
At Bats
Roberto Clemente10189
Willie Stargell8167
Bill Mazeroski7603
Red Schoendienst6738
Al Oliver4984
Dave Parker4727
Jason Kendall4632
Freddie Patek4615
Jay Bell4380
Bobby Abreu4374
Runs Scored
Roberto Clemente1321
Willie Stargell1253
Red Schoendienst905
Bobby Abreu821
Ralph Kiner770
Dave Parker747
Barry Bonds718
Al Oliver690
Bill Mazeroski663
Jason Kendall645
Roberto Clemente3061
Willie Stargell2341
Red Schoendienst1958
Bill Mazeroski1897
Al Oliver1472
Dave Parker1409
Jason Kendall1367
Bobby Abreu1330
Manny Sanguillen1192
Andy Van Slyke1172
Total Bases
Roberto Clemente4563
Willie Stargell4361
Bill Mazeroski2650
Red Schoendienst2620
Dave Parker2361
Ralph Kiner2329
Bobby Abreu2310
Al Oliver2236
Joe Adcock1879
Andy Van Slyke1861
Willie Stargell465
Roberto Clemente442
Bobby Abreu336
Al Oliver294
Red Schoendienst288
Bill Mazeroski284
Dave Parker281
Jason Kendall247
Jay Bell243
Johnny Ray232
Roberto Clemente170
Red Schoendienst67
Dave Parker64
Andy Van Slyke62
Omar Moreno61
Willie Stargell59
Bill Mazeroski56
Al Oliver55
Jay Bell54
Richie Hebner51
Home Runs
Willie Stargell479
Ralph Kiner315
Roberto Clemente240
Joe Adcock193
Bobby Abreu192
Frank Thomas189
Barry Bonds184
Dave Parker181
Brian Giles179
Richie Hebner123
Willie Stargell1460
Roberto Clemente1376
Ralph Kiner878
Bobby Abreu761
Bill Mazeroski758
Dave Parker729
Joe Adcock643
Frank Thomas620
Al Oliver612
Red Schoendienst611
Ralph Kiner939
Willie Stargell870
Bobby Abreu786
Barry Bonds590
Roberto Clemente547
Earl Torgeson534
Brian Giles516
Andy Van Slyke495
Red Schoendienst474
Jason Kendall455
Batters Strikeouts
Willie Stargell1938
Roberto Clemente1390
Bobby Abreu966
Jay Bell839
Dave Parker764
Bill Mazeroski762
Andy Van Slyke760
Ralph Kiner736
Freddie Patek704
Donn Clendenon689
Stolen Bases
Omar Moreno484
Freddie Patek320
Barry Bonds270
Tony Womack228
Bobby Abreu209
Frank Taveras194
Al Martin154
Jason Kendall131
Wally Moses118
Red Schoendienst117
Caught Stealing
Omar Moreno171
Freddie Patek108
Bobby Abreu74
Donn Clendenon72
Barry Bonds69
Jason Kendall67
Matty Alou66
Red Schoendienst57
Frank Taveras57
Tony Womack54
Hit by Pitch
Jason Kendall194
Willie Stargell94
Fernando Vina77
Richie Hebner58
Al Oliver54
Roberto Clemente53
Craig Wilson45
Dave Parker42
Red Schoendienst37
Kevin Young34
Roberto Clemente329
Bill Mazeroski154
Willie Stargell142
Red Schoendienst125
Frank Thomas121
Al Oliver112
Manny Sanguillen109
Joe Adcock106
Jason Kendall101
Frankie Gustine98
Red Schoendienst221
Freddie Patek204
Bill Mazeroski182
Frankie Gustine167
Richie Hebner148
Willie Stargell132
Donn Clendenon126
Roberto Clemente123
Jay Bell115
Jim Fregosi112
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