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San Diego Padres Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Tony Gwynn.3364
Gene Richards.2955
Bip Roberts.2945
Ken Caminiti.2923
Darin Erstad.2880
Dave Winfield.2879
Tim Flannery.2813
Johnny Grubb.2787
Chad Curtis.2774
Terry Kennedy.2719
On-Base Percentage
Gene Tenace.4005
Tony Gwynn.3786
Ryan Klesko.3754
Ken Caminiti.3704
Gene Richards.3590
Wally Joyner.3570
Tim Flannery.3544
Quilvio Veras.3544
Johnny Grubb.3532
Bip Roberts.3523
Slugging Percentage
Ken Caminiti.5360
Ryan Klesko.4940
Nate Colbert.4857
Dave Winfield.4768
Phil Nevin.4712
Darrell Evans.4662
Tony Gwynn.4624
Steve Finley.4490
Graig Nettles.4485
Ruppert Jones.4479
On-Base + Slugging
Ken Caminiti.9065
Ryan Klesko.8694
Tony Gwynn.8410
Dave Winfield.8256
Darrell Evans.8147
Nate Colbert.8119
Gene Tenace.8023
Phil Nevin.8002
Graig Nettles.7925
Ruppert Jones.7871
Games Played
Tony Gwynn2636
Garry Templeton1533
Steve Finley1253
Darin Erstad995
Gene Richards964
Dave Winfield952
Benito Santiago936
Ken Caminiti919
Terry Kennedy917
Mike Lieberthal862
At Bats
Tony Gwynn9842
Garry Templeton5393
Steve Finley4699
Dave Winfield3532
Gene Richards3482
Terry Kennedy3318
Ken Caminiti3315
Darin Erstad3260
Benito Santiago3232
Nate Colbert2895
Runs Scored
Tony Gwynn1380
Steve Finley677
Garry Templeton558
Dave Winfield550
Ken Caminiti527
Gene Richards502
Darin Erstad439
Nate Colbert431
Bip Roberts361
Terry Kennedy355
Tony Gwynn3311
Garry Templeton1378
Steve Finley1224
Gene Richards1029
Dave Winfield1017
Ken Caminiti969
Darin Erstad939
Terry Kennedy902
Benito Santiago835
Nate Colbert747
Total Bases
Tony Gwynn4551
Steve Finley2110
Garry Templeton1926
Ken Caminiti1777
Dave Winfield1684
Nate Colbert1406
Gene Richards1401
Darin Erstad1384
Terry Kennedy1367
Benito Santiago1324
Tony Gwynn565
Steve Finley249
Garry Templeton235
Ken Caminiti219
Terry Kennedy181
Darin Erstad159
Gene Richards156
Dave Winfield141
Mike Lieberthal139
Benito Santiago122
Tony Gwynn93
Gene Richards66
Garry Templeton62
Steve Finley50
Dave Winfield41
Dave Martinez32
Bip Roberts31
Darin Erstad29
Nate Colbert26
Larry Herndon22
Home Runs
Ken Caminiti195
Steve Finley179
Tony Gwynn163
Nate Colbert162
Dave Winfield148
Darrell Evans131
Graig Nettles123
Benito Santiago109
Phil Nevin102
Terry Kennedy90
Tony Gwynn1292
Steve Finley651
Ken Caminiti635
Dave Winfield580
Garry Templeton520
Nate Colbert484
Terry Kennedy469
Graig Nettles437
Benito Santiago423
Darin Erstad401
Tony Gwynn699
Gene Tenace426
Ken Caminiti423
Steve Finley414
Darrell Evans363
Gene Richards335
Graig Nettles331
Dave Winfield330
Carmelo Martinez285
Nate Colbert284
Batters Strikeouts
Garry Templeton813
Steve Finley723
Nate Colbert709
Ken Caminiti684
Benito Santiago589
Dave Winfield554
Terry Kennedy552
Tony Gwynn546
Phil Nevin505
Darin Erstad470
Stolen Bases
Tony Gwynn221
Gene Richards218
Bip Roberts149
Rodney Scott110
Dave Winfield100
Chad Curtis97
Enzo Hernandez95
Garry Templeton94
Quilvio Veras79
Steve Finley78
Caught Stealing
Tony Gwynn53
Gene Richards50
Garry Templeton34
Rodney Scott25
Harold Reynolds23
Dave Winfield21
Enzo Hernandez20
Quilvio Veras20
Darin Erstad19
Steve Finley19
Hit by Pitch
Mike Lieberthal46
Gene Tenace45
Felix Millan31
Dave Chalk29
Ellie Rodriguez26
Nate Colbert24
Gene Richards22
Derek Bell21
Darin Erstad21
Tim Flannery21
Tony Gwynn284
Garry Templeton127
Steve Finley96
Terry Kennedy92
Ken Caminiti88
Dave Winfield84
Benito Santiago76
Graig Nettles75
Mike Lieberthal74
Nate Colbert73
Garry Templeton222
Ken Caminiti130
Enzo Hernandez93
Benito Santiago87
Dave Chalk79
Derrel Thomas77
Phil Nevin76
Tony Gwynn74
Terry Kennedy74
Graig Nettles73
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