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Seattle Mariners Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Julio Franco.3213
Kenny Lofton.3140
Edgar Martinez.3054
Ken Griffey, Jr..3031
Phil Bradley.3016
Alex Rodriguez.3000
Tom Paciorek.2989
Mike Hargrove.2981
Bruce Bochte.2914
Alvin Davis.2828
On-Base Percentage
Edgar Martinez.4082
Mike Hargrove.3999
Julio Franco.3890
Phil Bradley.3874
Kenny Lofton.3787
Alvin Davis.3748
Ken Griffey, Jr..3732
Bruce Bochte.3671
Otto Velez.3601
Alex Rodriguez.3589
Slugging Percentage
Ken Griffey, Jr..5903
Alex Rodriguez.5584
Bo Jackson.5249
Edgar Martinez.5054
Jay Buhner.5003
Glenn Davis.4837
Paul Sorrento.4718
Tom Paciorek.4660
Julio Franco.4641
Ken Phelps.4585
On-Base + Slugging
Ken Griffey, Jr..9636
Alex Rodriguez.9173
Edgar Martinez.9136
Jay Buhner.8540
Julio Franco.8531
Bo Jackson.8376
Alvin Davis.8319
Phil Bradley.8291
Kenny Lofton.8182
Tom Paciorek.8170
Games Played
Ken Griffey, Jr.1554
Edgar Martinez1508
Jay Buhner1443
Craig Reynolds1196
Ernie Whitt936
Julio Cruz877
Alex Rodriguez784
Paul Sorrento773
Kenny Lofton743
Richie Zisk689
At Bats
Ken Griffey, Jr.6012
Edgar Martinez5459
Jay Buhner4943
Craig Reynolds4104
Alex Rodriguez3080
Kenny Lofton3076
Ernie Whitt3008
Julio Cruz2967
Paul Sorrento2768
Joey Cora2569
Runs Scored
Ken Griffey, Jr.1159
Edgar Martinez982
Jay Buhner841
Kenny Lofton600
Alex Rodriguez578
Craig Reynolds441
Paul Sorrento409
Phil Bradley398
Joey Cora388
Julio Cruz377
Ken Griffey, Jr.1822
Edgar Martinez1667
Jay Buhner1255
Craig Reynolds1029
Kenny Lofton966
Alex Rodriguez924
Joey Cora724
Paul Sorrento722
Julio Cruz688
Ernie Whitt686
Total Bases
Ken Griffey, Jr.3549
Edgar Martinez2759
Jay Buhner2473
Alex Rodriguez1720
Craig Reynolds1421
Kenny Lofton1352
Paul Sorrento1306
Ernie Whitt1144
Richie Zisk1100
Kevin Bass1033
Edgar Martinez407
Ken Griffey, Jr.347
Jay Buhner248
Alex Rodriguez188
Kenny Lofton155
Paul Sorrento154
Joey Cora143
Kevin Bass129
Ernie Whitt124
Warren Cromartie118
Craig Reynolds60
Kenny Lofton39
Ken Griffey, Jr.30
Phil Bradley23
Jay Buhner23
Joey Cora22
Kevin Bass20
Ernie Whitt20
Alex Rodriguez19
Jack Perconte18
Home Runs
Ken Griffey, Jr.440
Jay Buhner308
Edgar Martinez217
Alex Rodriguez190
Paul Sorrento140
Bo Jackson137
Richie Zisk106
Ernie Whitt98
Ken Phelps95
Glenn Davis91
Ken Griffey, Jr.1289
Jay Buhner909
Edgar Martinez885
Alex Rodriguez492
Paul Sorrento474
Craig Reynolds418
Richie Zisk390
Ernie Whitt364
Alvin Davis326
Dan Wilson324
Edgar Martinez914
Jay Buhner724
Ken Griffey, Jr.659
Julio Cruz382
Paul Sorrento331
Ernie Whitt327
Kenny Lofton324
Alvin Davis322
Mike Hargrove304
Phil Bradley279
Batters Strikeouts
Jay Buhner1415
Ken Griffey, Jr.1084
Edgar Martinez920
Paul Sorrento671
Alex Rodriguez647
Bo Jackson644
Richie Zisk454
Phil Bradley452
Craig Reynolds404
Ernie Whitt404
Stolen Bases
Kenny Lofton392
Julio Cruz218
Ken Griffey, Jr.127
Phil Bradley112
Gary Pettis111
Alex Rodriguez95
Bo Jackson77
Julio Franco70
Lonnie Smith64
Jack Perconte46
Caught Stealing
Kenny Lofton99
Julio Cruz73
Ken Griffey, Jr.54
Gary Pettis33
Phil Bradley32
Alex Rodriguez30
Julio Franco20
Joey Cora19
Jack Perconte19
Lonnie Smith16
Hit by Pitch
Edgar Martinez75
Jay Buhner68
Ken Griffey, Jr.50
Ken Phelps32
Sandy Alomar31
Alex Rodriguez31
Phil Bradley29
Glenn Davis28
Kevin Bass27
Mike Hargrove27
Ken Griffey, Jr.163
Edgar Martinez112
Richie Zisk94
Jay Buhner93
Ernie Whitt82
Alex Rodriguez77
Paul Sorrento74
Bruce Bochte72
Kevin Bass70
Craig Reynolds63
Craig Reynolds193
Edgar Martinez128
Garth Iorg91
Alex Rodriguez89
Joey Cora78
Julio Cruz73
Rey Quinones72
Russ Davis62
Bill Stein55
Luis Alicea45
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