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New York / San Francisco Giants Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Johnny Mize.3233
Dave Rader.3175
Tommy Davis.3145
Dale Mitchell.3111
Willie McGee.3068
Bama Rowell.3066
Gabby Hartnett.3053
Jo-Jo Moore.3025
Hank Leiber.3016
Bill Buckner.3002
On-Base Percentage
Barry Bonds.4406
Mel Ott.4143
Johnny Mize.4048
Buddy Myer.3920
Dick Dietz.3919
Bob Nieman.3836
Monte Irvin.3824
Hank Thompson.3811
Willie McCovey.3807
Gabby Hartnett.3793
Slugging Percentage
Barry Bonds.6402
Johnny Mize.5785
Willie McCovey.5757
Willie Mays.5581
Jeff Kent.5457
Matt Williams.5327
Gus Zernial.5324
Kevin Mitchell.5305
Rudy York.5236
Dick Stuart.5202
On-Base + Slugging
Barry Bonds1.0807
Johnny Mize.9833
Willie McCovey.9564
Willie Mays.9324
Mel Ott.9275
Jeff Kent.9103
Rudy York.8819
Gus Zernial.8780
Hank Thompson.8753
Kevin Mitchell.8643
Games Played
Willie Mays2970
Willie McCovey2149
Barry Bonds1989
Eddie Yost1612
Mel Ott1583
Robby Thompson1388
J. T. Snow1311
Matt Williams1303
Bobby Thomson1297
Chris Speier1256
At Bats
Willie Mays11208
Willie McCovey6790
Barry Bonds6503
Mel Ott5890
Eddie Yost5472
Bobby Thomson4962
Will Clark4452
Chris Speier4204
Darrell Evans4156
Matt Williams4124
Runs Scored
Willie Mays2077
Barry Bonds1584
Mel Ott1166
Willie McCovey1131
Eddie Yost889
Bobby Bonds714
Bobby Thomson678
Rudy York663
Will Clark644
Jack Clark618
Willie Mays3300
Willie McCovey1977
Barry Bonds1946
Mel Ott1768
Eddie Yost1399
Bobby Thomson1359
Will Clark1279
Alvin Dark1176
Matt Williams1110
Jo-Jo Moore1089
Total Bases
Willie Mays6255
Barry Bonds4163
Willie McCovey3909
Mel Ott3023
Bobby Thomson2252
Matt Williams2197
Will Clark2148
Eddie Yost2080
Rudy York2029
Bobby Bonds1875
Willie Mays530
Barry Bonds371
Willie McCovey318
Mel Ott286
Will Clark255
Jeff Kent244
J. T. Snow238
Eddie Yost232
Robby Thompson222
Bobby Thomson205
Willie Mays146
Bobby Thomson65
Juan Samuel61
Barry Bonds47
Matt Williams46
Willie McCovey42
Jack Clark40
Jeffrey Leonard40
Jose Uribe40
Bobby Bonds39
Home Runs
Willie Mays711
Barry Bonds584
Willie McCovey510
Mel Ott299
Matt Williams277
Rudy York244
Bobby Bonds195
Bobby Thomson186
Will Clark184
Jeff Kent182
Willie Mays2020
Barry Bonds1433
Willie McCovey1407
Mel Ott1045
Bobby Thomson791
Rudy York773
Matt Williams771
Will Clark671
Jeff Kent671
Bobby Bonds601
Barry Bonds1596
Willie Mays1426
Mel Ott1147
Eddie Yost1045
Willie McCovey940
Darrell Evans662
Darren Daulton542
J. T. Snow505
Jack Clark499
Chris Speier491
Batters Strikeouts
Willie Mays1629
Willie McCovey1240
Bobby Bonds1048
Barry Bonds954
Robby Thompson862
Matt Williams856
Mel Ott804
Will Clark758
J. T. Snow758
Juan Samuel736
Stolen Bases
Willie Mays270
Bobby Bonds218
Juan Samuel195
Brett Butler166
Barry Bonds150
Billy North145
Dan Gladden97
Jeffrey Leonard94
Devon White90
Marvin Benard84
Caught Stealing
Juan Samuel66
Willie Mays65
Chili Davis53
Brett Butler50
Billy North49
Bobby Bonds47
Eddie Yost46
Jack Clark43
Jeffrey Leonard36
Dale Mitchell35
Hit by Pitch
Barry Bonds87
Willie McCovey76
Robby Thompson66
Jeff Kent58
J. T. Snow57
Ron Hunt56
Willie Mays55
Mel Ott46
Bobby Bonds44
Will Clark44
Willie Mays349
Mel Ott181
Willie McCovey163
Barry Bonds161
Bobby Thomson154
Eddie Yost143
Rich Aurilia108
Matt Williams108
Rudy York106
Alvin Dark95
Eddie Yost202
Alvin Dark194
Dick Bartell184
Darrell Evans180
Chris Speier179
Jim Ray Hart168
Willie McCovey165
Daryl Spencer156
Jose Uribe144
Mel Ott122
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