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St. Louis Cardinals Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Stan Musial.3398
Richie Ashburn.3231
Gregg Jefferies.3082
Enos Slaughter.3066
Ted Simmons.3045
George Hendrick.3020
Pedro Guerrero.3014
Willie McGee.3002
Barney McCosky.3002
Whitey Kurowski.2990
On-Base Percentage
Stan Musial.4219
Jim Edmonds.4104
Mark McGwire.4079
Richie Ashburn.4035
Enos Slaughter.3854
Tim Salmon.3807
Barney McCosky.3791
Reggie Smith.3720
Lonnie Smith.3702
Bernard Gilkey.3675
Slugging Percentage
Mark McGwire.7004
Stan Musial.5701
Jim Edmonds.5478
Jeromy Burnitz.5257
Reggie Smith.4989
Orlando Cepeda.4929
Tim Salmon.4909
Willie Kirkland.4898
Ray Lankford.4873
Bill White.4836
On-Base + Slugging
Mark McGwire1.1083
Stan Musial.9921
Jim Edmonds.9582
Jeromy Burnitz.8880
Tim Salmon.8716
Reggie Smith.8709
Ray Lankford.8523
Enos Slaughter.8511
Orlando Cepeda.8483
Bill White.8448
Games Played
Stan Musial3025
Ozzie Smith2498
Lou Brock1933
Richie Ashburn1811
Curt Flood1687
Enos Slaughter1662
Ray Lankford1502
Ted Simmons1487
Willie McGee1455
Tim Salmon1395
At Bats
Stan Musial11055
Ozzie Smith8737
Lou Brock8005
Richie Ashburn7319
Curt Flood6412
Enos Slaughter5927
Ted Simmons5694
Willie McGee5137
Ray Lankford4898
Tim Salmon4681
Runs Scored
Stan Musial2105
Lou Brock1298
Richie Ashburn1278
Ozzie Smith1014
Ray Lankford884
Enos Slaughter883
Curt Flood838
Tim Salmon816
Ted Simmons717
Bill White640
Stan Musial3757
Lou Brock2369
Richie Ashburn2365
Ozzie Smith2327
Curt Flood1888
Enos Slaughter1817
Ted Simmons1734
Willie McGee1542
Ray Lankford1335
George Hendrick1303
Total Bases
Stan Musial6303
Lou Brock3328
Richie Ashburn2984
Ozzie Smith2868
Enos Slaughter2760
Ted Simmons2665
Curt Flood2541
Ray Lankford2387
Tim Salmon2298
Willie McGee2109
Stan Musial670
Lou Brock398
Ted Simmons358
Ozzie Smith336
Ray Lankford306
Enos Slaughter269
Richie Ashburn268
Tim Salmon267
Curt Flood254
George Hendrick233
Stan Musial164
Enos Slaughter121
Lou Brock108
Richie Ashburn93
Willie McGee78
Mickey Vernon65
Ozzie Smith59
Ken Keltner54
Garry Templeton54
Johnny Hopp52
Home Runs
Stan Musial516
Ray Lankford228
Tim Salmon227
Mark McGwire192
Ted Simmons165
George Hendrick164
Bill White163
Jeromy Burnitz153
Enos Slaughter144
Whitey Kurowski120
Stan Musial2075
Enos Slaughter972
Ted Simmons877
Ozzie Smith829
Tim Salmon772
Lou Brock733
Ray Lankford711
George Hendrick674
Curt Flood662
Willie McGee603
Stan Musial1571
Richie Ashburn961
Ozzie Smith884
Enos Slaughter769
Tim Salmon727
Ray Lankford706
Lou Brock592
Ted Simmons539
Tom Herr444
Curt Flood412
Batters Strikeouts
Ray Lankford1265
Lou Brock1259
Tim Salmon1126
Stan Musial786
Willie McGee754
Curt Flood642
Bill White642
Julian Javier624
George Hendrick618
Ozzie Smith618
Stolen Bases
Lou Brock802
Vince Coleman635
Ozzie Smith474
Richie Ashburn264
Ray Lankford214
Willie McGee210
Delino Deshields167
Tom Herr161
Lonnie Smith158
Stan Musial117
Caught Stealing
Lou Brock233
Vince Coleman154
Ozzie Smith136
Richie Ashburn126
Curt Flood79
Willie McGee70
Stan Musial69
Ray Lankford59
Enos Slaughter59
Tom Herr58
Hit by Pitch
Stan Musial78
Tim Salmon67
Curt Flood60
Richie Ashburn47
Joe Torre46
Lonnie Smith38
Jeromy Burnitz33
Enos Slaughter32
Lou Brock31
Brian Jordan29
Stan Musial319
Ted Simmons178
Enos Slaughter144
Curt Flood120
George Hendrick120
Ozzie Smith113
Joe Torre111
Bill White110
Willie McGee105
Ken Keltner102
Ozzie Smith277
Julian Javier173
Lou Brock143
Stan Musial136
Whitey Kurowski126
Garry Templeton117
Frank Malzone115
Johnny Lipon109
Tony Taylor104
Richie Ashburn103
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