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Washington Senators / Texas Rangers Career Leaderboard in Pre-Smiley (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Vic Davalillo.2770
Johnny Callison.2744
Frank Howard.2736
Woodie Held.2425
Ken McMullen.2382
Ed Brinkman.1979
On-Base Percentage
Frank Howard.3575
Woodie Held.3386
Johnny Callison.3366
Vic Davalillo.3097
Ken McMullen.2923
Ed Brinkman.2410
Slugging Percentage
Johnny Callison.5012
Frank Howard.4882
Woodie Held.4516
Ken McMullen.3797
Vic Davalillo.3716
Ed Brinkman.2787
On-Base + Slugging
Frank Howard.8457
Johnny Callison.8377
Woodie Held.7902
Vic Davalillo.6813
Ken McMullen.6720
Ed Brinkman.5197
Games Played
Johnny Callison972
Ed Brinkman789
Vic Davalillo655
Woodie Held551
Jim King539
Frank Howard461
Ken McMullen453
Don Zimmer316
Al Weis303
Paul Casanova288
At Bats
Johnny Callison3841
Ed Brinkman2415
Vic Davalillo2123
Woodie Held1703
Ken McMullen1633
Frank Howard1608
Paul Casanova1039
Jim King995
Don Zimmer921
Fred Valentine912
Runs Scored
Johnny Callison575
Vic Davalillo275
Woodie Held248
Frank Howard219
Ed Brinkman169
Fred Valentine162
Jim King135
Ken McMullen131
George Altman107
Don Zimmer89
Johnny Callison1054
Vic Davalillo588
Ed Brinkman478
Frank Howard440
Woodie Held413
Ken McMullen389
Fred Valentine266
Jim King247
Paul Casanova237
Don Zimmer219
Total Bases
Johnny Callison1925
Vic Davalillo789
Frank Howard785
Woodie Held769
Ed Brinkman673
Ken McMullen620
Jim King427
Fred Valentine411
Don Zimmer379
Paul Casanova322
Johnny Callison196
Vic Davalillo100
Ed Brinkman83
Ken McMullen73
Woodie Held65
Frank Howard58
Jim King48
Fred Valentine45
Don Zimmer35
Mike Brumley33
Johnny Callison72
Vic Davalillo19
Ed Brinkman17
Ken McMullen16
Gino Cimoli14
Willie Smith12
Frank Howard10
Fred Valentine8
Dick Nen7
Mike Epstein6
Home Runs
Johnny Callison177
Woodie Held93
Frank Howard89
Ken McMullen42
Jim King40
Don Zimmer39
George Altman29
Fred Valentine28
Ed Brinkman26
Roman Mejias22
Johnny Callison570
Frank Howard288
Woodie Held220
Ken McMullen192
Ed Brinkman174
Jim King144
Vic Davalillo142
Don Zimmer109
George Altman97
Roman Mejias86
Johnny Callison340
Woodie Held227
Frank Howard215
Ed Brinkman130
Ken McMullen125
Jim King112
Fred Valentine107
Vic Davalillo104
Don Zimmer69
Joe Cunningham58
Batters Strikeouts
Johnny Callison626
Ed Brinkman471
Frank Howard431
Woodie Held386
Ken McMullen262
Don Zimmer248
Vic Davalillo236
Paul Casanova145
Jim King144
Ken Harrelson135
Stolen Bases
Vic Davalillo44
Al Weis25
Fred Valentine21
George Altman17
Johnny Callison16
Roman Mejias11
Chuck Cottier9
Willie Smith8
Ed Brinkman5
Ken Harrelson5
Caught Stealing
Vic Davalillo14
Chuck Cottier7
Johnny Callison5
Roman Mejias5
Don Zimmer4
Fred Valentine3
Al Weis3
Ed Brinkman2
Tom Brown2
Paul Casanova2
Hit by Pitch
Johnny Callison33
Fred Valentine32
Woodie Held24
Ron Brand11
Vern Fuller11
Ed Brinkman10
George Altman7
Charlie Dees7
Mike Epstein7
Al Weis7
Johnny Callison65
Ed Brinkman62
Frank Howard48
Ken McMullen46
Paul Casanova33
Woodie Held33
Ron Brand28
Mike Brumley25
Vic Davalillo24
Jim King24
Ed Brinkman109
Woodie Held54
Ken McMullen50
Don Zimmer45
Tim Cullen36
Johnny Callison28
Frank Howard25
John Kennedy22
Ken Retzer21
Bob Saverine21
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