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Washington Senators / Texas Rangers Career Leaderboard in Smiley (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Mike Hargrove.3141
Gary Ward.3118
Rusty Greer.3081
Ralph Garr.3051
Greg Gross.3050
Ivan Rodriguez.3017
Will Clark.2964
Albert Belle.2934
Rafael Palmeiro.2881
Juan Gonzalez.2875
On-Base Percentage
Mike Hargrove.4141
Will Clark.3897
Greg Gross.3869
Rusty Greer.3860
Rafael Palmeiro.3662
Gary Ward.3644
Albert Belle.3643
Toby Harrah.3532
Scott Fletcher.3521
Bob Watson.3498
Slugging Percentage
Albert Belle.5739
Juan Gonzalez.5627
Rafael Palmeiro.5027
Rusty Greer.4974
Frank Howard.4836
Ivan Rodriguez.4815
Dean Palmer.4756
Will Clark.4645
Gary Ward.4611
Pete O'Brien.4479
On-Base + Slugging
Albert Belle.9382
Juan Gonzalez.8953
Rusty Greer.8834
Rafael Palmeiro.8689
Will Clark.8542
Mike Hargrove.8507
Frank Howard.8277
Gary Ward.8256
Ivan Rodriguez.8162
Pete O'Brien.7914
Games Played
Jim Sundberg1456
Bob Watson1428
Ivan Rodriguez1374
Rafael Palmeiro1305
Juan Gonzalez1287
Toby Harrah1239
Rusty Greer1042
Ed Brinkman1012
Buddy Bell1008
Albert Belle964
At Bats
Bob Watson5026
Ivan Rodriguez5022
Rafael Palmeiro4981
Juan Gonzalez4942
Jim Sundberg4689
Toby Harrah4179
Buddy Bell3846
Rusty Greer3836
Albert Belle3647
Dean Palmer3545
Runs Scored
Juan Gonzalez779
Rafael Palmeiro769
Rusty Greer707
Ivan Rodriguez702
Toby Harrah669
Albert Belle646
Bob Watson621
Dean Palmer526
Jim Sundberg510
Lance Johnson491
Ivan Rodriguez1515
Rafael Palmeiro1435
Bob Watson1426
Juan Gonzalez1421
Rusty Greer1182
Jim Sundberg1160
Buddy Bell1083
Albert Belle1070
Toby Harrah1042
Lance Johnson970
Total Bases
Juan Gonzalez2781
Rafael Palmeiro2504
Ivan Rodriguez2418
Bob Watson2134
Albert Belle2093
Rusty Greer1908
Dean Palmer1686
Toby Harrah1605
Buddy Bell1584
Jim Sundberg1540
Ivan Rodriguez292
Rafael Palmeiro279
Rusty Greer271
Juan Gonzalez269
Bob Watson232
Jim Sundberg205
Albert Belle204
Buddy Bell173
Toby Harrah169
Dean Palmer154
Lance Johnson69
Mickey Rivers34
Jerry Mumphrey28
Ivan Rodriguez28
Bob Watson28
Buddy Bell26
Ed Brinkman25
Pete Incaviglia24
Jim Sundberg23
Rusty Greer22
Home Runs
Juan Gonzalez353
Albert Belle261
Rafael Palmeiro250
Dean Palmer209
Ivan Rodriguez185
Frank Howard152
Bob Watson140
Rusty Greer137
Toby Harrah120
Pete Incaviglia111
Juan Gonzalez997
Albert Belle803
Rafael Palmeiro790
Ivan Rodriguez786
Bob Watson759
Rusty Greer604
Dean Palmer581
Toby Harrah578
Buddy Bell492
Jim Sundberg468
Toby Harrah660
Rafael Palmeiro589
Jim Sundberg517
Bob Watson489
Rusty Greer487
Mike Hargrove421
Albert Belle386
Buddy Bell345
Will Clark331
Frank Howard320
Batters Strikeouts
Juan Gonzalez1014
Dean Palmer960
Pete Incaviglia709
Jim Sundberg706
Albert Belle673
Ivan Rodriguez660
Bob Watson643
Rafael Palmeiro631
Frank Howard561
Rusty Greer554
Stolen Bases
Lance Johnson218
Dave Nelson169
Bump Wills142
Oddibe McDowell112
Harold Reynolds90
Cecil Espy89
Mickey Rivers74
Toby Harrah70
Wayne Tolleson65
Albert Belle61
Caught Stealing
Lance Johnson51
Bump Wills50
Dave Nelson40
Oddibe McDowell35
Toby Harrah31
Harold Reynolds29
Mickey Rivers28
Jim Sundberg24
Jim Norris22
Rafael Palmeiro22
Hit by Pitch
Bob Watson50
Rafael Palmeiro48
Albert Belle44
Juan Gonzalez43
Dean Palmer39
Ivan Rodriguez39
Toby Harrah32
Will Clark30
Mike Hargrove30
Ed Brinkman28
Ivan Rodriguez204
Bob Watson160
Juan Gonzalez139
Rafael Palmeiro132
Jim Sundberg122
Albert Belle109
Buddy Bell108
Toby Harrah108
Pete O'Brien83
Rusty Greer82
Dean Palmer157
Toby Harrah152
Ed Brinkman124
Buddy Bell112
Dickie Thon80
Bob Watson74
Steve Buechele73
Bump Wills72
Rafael Palmeiro71
Curtis Wilkerson69
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