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Toronto Blue Jays Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
Roberto Alomar.3201
Paul Molitor.3061
Moises Alou.3057
George Bell.2901
Shannon Stewart.2883
Damaso Garcia.2865
Rance Mulliniks.2846
Tony Fernandez.2807
Reed Johnson.2796
Willie Upshaw.2784
On-Base Percentage
Roberto Alomar.3874
Fred McGriff.3856
Paul Molitor.3722
John Olerud.3705
Moises Alou.3704
Carlos Delgado.3694
Rance Mulliniks.3653
Shannon Stewart.3541
Reed Johnson.3523
Dave Winfield.3482
Slugging Percentage
Carlos Delgado.5360
Fred McGriff.5145
Moises Alou.5078
George Bell.4947
Vernon Wells.4801
Dave Winfield.4693
Jose Cruz, Jr..4688
Joe Carter.4671
Kelly Gruber.4664
Roberto Alomar.4650
On-Base + Slugging
Carlos Delgado.9054
Fred McGriff.9001
Moises Alou.8782
Roberto Alomar.8525
Paul Molitor.8347
George Bell.8233
Dave Winfield.8175
Vernon Wells.8074
John Olerud.8066
Rance Mulliniks.8061
Games Played
Carlos Delgado1299
Lloyd Moseby1287
Joe Carter1264
George Bell1108
Tony Fernandez1029
Damaso Garcia937
Jesse Barfield922
John Olerud919
Ron Hassey887
Alfredo Griffin822
At Bats
Joe Carter4907
Lloyd Moseby4760
Carlos Delgado4571
George Bell4340
Tony Fernandez3969
Damaso Garcia3487
Jesse Barfield3333
John Olerud3141
Vernon Wells3112
Roberto Alomar2987
Runs Scored
Carlos Delgado759
Lloyd Moseby725
Joe Carter663
George Bell601
Tony Fernandez533
Roberto Alomar497
Vernon Wells479
Jesse Barfield470
Damaso Garcia456
John Olerud456
George Bell1259
Joe Carter1247
Carlos Delgado1220
Lloyd Moseby1204
Tony Fernandez1114
Damaso Garcia999
Roberto Alomar956
John Olerud871
Jesse Barfield868
Vernon Wells864
Total Bases
Carlos Delgado2450
Joe Carter2292
George Bell2147
Lloyd Moseby1914
Jesse Barfield1525
Tony Fernandez1511
Vernon Wells1494
Roberto Alomar1389
John Olerud1370
Damaso Garcia1327
Carlos Delgado305
Joe Carter271
George Bell238
John Olerud217
Lloyd Moseby194
Vernon Wells191
Damaso Garcia183
Rance Mulliniks181
Tony Fernandez172
Roberto Alomar159
Lloyd Moseby66
Tony Fernandez54
Willie Upshaw37
Roberto Alomar35
Alfredo Griffin33
George Bell31
Joe Carter30
Shannon Stewart27
Jesse Barfield26
Larry Herndon26
Home Runs
Carlos Delgado297
Joe Carter238
George Bell196
Jesse Barfield152
Vernon Wells135
Lloyd Moseby128
John Mayberry126
Jose Cruz, Jr.120
Fred McGriff108
Kelly Gruber102
Joe Carter822
Carlos Delgado802
George Bell706
Lloyd Moseby559
Jesse Barfield531
Vernon Wells499
John Olerud437
John Mayberry393
Tony Fernandez392
Jose Cruz, Jr.358
Carlos Delgado656
Lloyd Moseby491
John Olerud440
Jesse Barfield351
Fred McGriff350
Roberto Alomar327
Rance Mulliniks311
John Mayberry294
Joe Carter287
Ron Hassey275
Batters Strikeouts
Carlos Delgado1191
Lloyd Moseby929
Jesse Barfield842
Joe Carter819
Jose Cruz, Jr.624
Alex S. Gonzalez610
Devon White549
George Bell546
Ed Sprague541
Fred McGriff483
Stolen Bases
Lloyd Moseby226
Roberto Alomar194
Damaso Garcia184
Tony Fernandez134
Shannon Stewart112
Miguel Dilone107
Otis Nixon106
Devon White98
Joe Carter78
Alfredo Griffin63
Caught Stealing
Damaso Garcia57
Lloyd Moseby57
Alfredo Griffin56
Roberto Alomar37
Tony Fernandez36
Shannon Stewart32
Miguel Dilone29
Alex S. Gonzalez27
Otis Nixon26
Willie Upshaw25
Hit by Pitch
Carlos Delgado111
Reed Johnson85
Ed Sprague65
Joe Carter57
Shannon Stewart46
Lloyd Moseby39
John Olerud39
Devon White33
Jesse Barfield32
Kelly Gruber30
Joe Carter136
George Bell122
Vernon Wells104
Carlos Delgado93
John Olerud85
Lloyd Moseby79
Ron Hassey76
Moises Alou69
Kelly Gruber68
Damaso Garcia66
Alfredo Griffin162
Tony Fernandez93
Carlos Delgado81
Roy Howell80
Damaso Garcia79
Alex S. Gonzalez74
Ed Sprague73
Kelly Gruber72
Rance Mulliniks71
Sal Bando58
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