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Montreal Expos / Washington Nationals Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Batters)  Pitchers
1500 PA required for percentage categories.
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Batting Average
On-Base Percentage
Slugging Percentage
On-Base + Slugging
Games Played
Jeromy Burnitz153
Vladimir Guerrero129
Brian Schneider117
Royce Clayton114
Jose Vidro107
Jamey Carroll97
Ryan Church85
Miguel Cairo79
Doug Mientkiewicz75
Brad Wilkerson75
At Bats
Jeromy Burnitz597
Vladimir Guerrero506
Royce Clayton403
Brian Schneider345
Miguel Cairo299
Jose Vidro283
Brad Wilkerson273
Preston Wilson261
Jamey Carroll258
Ryan Church244
Runs Scored
Jeromy Burnitz88
Vladimir Guerrero59
Brad Wilkerson38
Preston Wilson38
Ryan Church36
Brian Schneider34
Jose Vidro33
Royce Clayton32
Troy Glaus31
Miguel Cairo30
Jeromy Burnitz159
Vladimir Guerrero123
Royce Clayton114
Jose Vidro84
Miguel Cairo81
Brian Schneider81
Brad Wilkerson68
Jamey Carroll64
Ryan Church61
Doug Mientkiewicz61
Total Bases
Jeromy Burnitz281
Vladimir Guerrero211
Royce Clayton150
Jose Vidro132
Brian Schneider128
Ryan Church117
Preston Wilson116
Doug Mientkiewicz107
Brad Wilkerson107
Miguel Cairo106
Jeromy Burnitz31
Vladimir Guerrero28
Miguel Cairo22
Royce Clayton21
Brad Wilkerson19
Jose Vidro16
Brian Schneider15
David Newhan11
Preston Wilson11
Jamey Carroll10
Ryan Church4
Brad Wilkerson4
Royce Clayton3
Russ Adams2
Jeromy Burnitz2
Troy Glaus2
Todd Hollandsworth1
Brian Schneider1
Jose Vidro1
Preston Wilson1
Home Runs
Jeromy Burnitz29
Vladimir Guerrero20
Preston Wilson15
Ryan Church13
Doug Mientkiewicz12
Brian Schneider10
Jose Vidro10
Troy Glaus8
Todd Pratt7
Austin Kearns6
Jeromy Burnitz94
Vladimir Guerrero62
Preston Wilson43
Royce Clayton40
Brian Schneider37
Jose Vidro34
Ryan Church32
Troy Glaus28
Doug Mientkiewicz27
Brad Wilkerson26
Jeromy Burnitz57
Brad Wilkerson41
Vladimir Guerrero37
Royce Clayton35
Preston Wilson32
Troy Glaus31
Brian Schneider30
Doug Mientkiewicz26
David Newhan24
Jamey Carroll20
Batters Strikeouts
Jeromy Burnitz119
Brad Wilkerson81
Preston Wilson74
Royce Clayton72
Ryan Church70
Vladimir Guerrero64
Troy Glaus58
Jamey Carroll47
David Newhan47
Austin Kearns45
Stolen Bases
Miguel Cairo6
Royce Clayton6
Ryan Church5
Russ Adams2
Vladimir Guerrero2
Todd Hollandsworth2
Brad Wilkerson2
Jeromy Burnitz1
Jamey Carroll1
David Newhan1
Caught Stealing
Todd Hollandsworth2
Russ Adams1
Troy Glaus1
Brad Wilkerson1
Preston Wilson1
Jeff Bagwell0
Pat Borders0
Jeromy Burnitz0
Miguel Cairo0
Jamey Carroll0
Hit by Pitch
Vladimir Guerrero10
Preston Wilson8
Miguel Cairo7
Ryan Church7
Brad Wilkerson6
Jeromy Burnitz5
Troy Glaus5
Jamey Carroll4
Brian Schneider4
Austin Kearns2
Vladimir Guerrero23
Jeromy Burnitz20
Jose Vidro14
Royce Clayton10
Doug Mientkiewicz10
Pat Borders6
David Newhan6
Brian Schneider6
Preston Wilson6
Jeff Bagwell5
David Newhan12
Royce Clayton10
Russ Adams9
Jamey Carroll8
Troy Glaus8
Ramon Martinez8
Jeromy Burnitz6
Miguel Cairo5
Brian Schneider5
Doug Mientkiewicz4
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