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Boston / Milwaukee / Atlanta Braves Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Greg Maddux2.580
Mike Garcia3.200
Mike Remlinger3.278
Manny Salvo3.298
Kevin Millwood3.324
Ed Lopat3.327
Warren Spahn3.400
Lew Burdette3.405
Jim Tobin3.439
Al Javery3.443
Warren Spahn269
Phil Niekro262
Tom Glavine198
Greg Maddux182
Lew Burdette169
John Smoltz165
Joe Niekro131
Mike Garcia126
Chuck Finley102
Bob Buhl95
Phil Niekro248
Warren Spahn246
Tom Glavine187
Joe Niekro138
Lew Burdette134
John Smoltz131
Johnny Sain117
Bob Buhl109
Chuck Finley103
Mike Garcia99
Winning Percentage
Greg Maddux.7109
Denny Neagle.6418
Pete Richert.6346
Mike Remlinger.6038
Kevin Millwood.5984
Hoyt Wilhelm.5833
John Denny.5826
Mike Garcia.5600
Lew Burdette.5578
John Smoltz.5574
Games Pitched
Warren Spahn717
Phil Niekro667
John Smoltz540
Tom Glavine529
Joe Niekro429
Lew Burdette415
Charlie Hough403
Chuck Finley366
Rick Camp363
Mike Remlinger363
Games Started
Phil Niekro645
Warren Spahn641
Tom Glavine505
Lew Burdette360
John Smoltz354
Greg Maddux341
Joe Niekro333
Mike Garcia287
Chuck Finley282
Johnny Sain231
Complete Games
Warren Spahn229
Phil Niekro162
Lew Burdette93
Johnny Sain89
Greg Maddux87
Tom Glavine70
Joe Niekro59
John Smoltz53
Jim Tobin52
Bob Buhl48
Games Finished
Charlie Hough272
Cecil Upshaw242
Rick Camp217
Hoyt Wilhelm195
Ernie Johnson165
Mark Wohlers163
Greg McMichael160
Steve Bedrosian156
Jim Acker139
Mike Remlinger128
Cecil Upshaw125
Hoyt Wilhelm114
Steve Bedrosian98
Charlie Hough90
Rick Camp85
Greg McMichael64
Mark Wohlers60
John Smoltz57
Don Aase49
Joe Berry45
Warren Spahn46
Greg Maddux39
Phil Niekro33
Tom Glavine23
Joe Niekro20
Lew Burdette18
John Smoltz15
Mike Garcia12
Pat Jarvis11
Jim Tobin11
Innings Pitched
Warren Spahn4918.0
Phil Niekro4760.7
Tom Glavine3332.7
Lew Burdette2741.3
John Smoltz2594.7
Greg Maddux2497.7
Joe Niekro2464.0
Mike Garcia2022.0
Chuck Finley1902.3
Johnny Sain1850.0
Hits Allowed
Warren Spahn4703
Phil Niekro4433
Tom Glavine3266
Lew Burdette2758
Joe Niekro2320
John Smoltz2293
Greg Maddux2220
Mike Garcia2002
Johnny Sain1981
Chuck Finley1944
Home Runs Allowed
Warren Spahn423
Phil Niekro417
Tom Glavine328
John Smoltz249
Lew Burdette240
Joe Niekro201
Chuck Finley186
Bob Buhl175
Greg Maddux162
Rick Mahler153
Walks Allowed
Phil Niekro1534
Warren Spahn1482
Tom Glavine1109
Joe Niekro903
Bob Buhl808
John Smoltz808
Chuck Finley798
Mike Garcia669
Johnny Sain630
Lew Burdette555
Pitchers Strikeouts
Phil Niekro3035
Warren Spahn2608
John Smoltz2345
Tom Glavine2026
Greg Maddux1873
Chuck Finley1474
Joe Niekro1271
Mike Garcia1113
Lew Burdette999
Kevin Millwood917
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