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St. Louis Browns / Baltimore Orioles Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Eddie Watt2.626
Dick Hall2.966
Pat Dobson3.228
Sammy Stewart3.243
Red Barrett3.299
Nels Potter3.331
Wally Bunker3.350
Jim Palmer3.414
Connie Johnson3.516
Rudy May3.526
Jim Palmer273
Bob Feller202
Curt Schilling171
Dave McNally163
Mike Cuellar137
Scott McGregor124
Mike Mussina122
Mike Flanagan102
Charles Nagy99
Dennis Martinez92
Bob Feller214
Jim Palmer166
Dave McNally149
Scott McGregor114
Curt Schilling113
Vic Raschi110
Mike Cuellar108
Ed Lopat108
Larry Jansen107
Mike Flanagan103
Winning Percentage
Moe Drabowsky.6667
Jim Palmer.6219
Curt Schilling.6021
Paul Derringer.5906
Wally Bunker.5873
Mike Boddicker.5833
Pat Dobson.5821
Dennis Martinez.5714
Mike Mussina.5674
Sammy Stewart.5638
Games Pitched
Bob Feller605
Jim Palmer563
Dick Hall510
Curt Schilling439
Dave McNally424
Sammy Stewart371
Scott McGregor370
Eddie Watt357
Mike Cuellar332
Mike Flanagan310
Games Started
Jim Palmer542
Bob Feller428
Dave McNally404
Curt Schilling358
Mike Cuellar301
Scott McGregor290
Mike Mussina288
Mike Flanagan278
Charles Nagy259
Larry Jansen225
Complete Games
Bob Feller217
Jim Palmer177
Larry Jansen90
Mike Cuellar81
Paul Derringer77
Dave McNally75
Vic Raschi73
Ed Lopat56
Sal Maglie47
Mike Mussina47
Games Finished
Dick Hall321
Sammy Stewart221
Eddie Watt215
Gregg Olson175
Stu Miller146
Bob Feller141
Satchel Paige134
George Zuverink128
Moe Drabowsky126
Randy Myers126
Gregg Olson127
Dick Hall118
Eddie Watt88
Randy Myers76
Matt Mantei57
Dyar Miller50
Moe Drabowsky46
Jay Howell46
Satchel Paige46
Bob Feller45
Bob Feller32
Jim Palmer27
Mike Cuellar22
Larry Jansen14
Sal Maglie13
Dave McNally11
Vic Raschi11
Mike Mussina10
Paul Derringer9
Mike Flanagan8
Innings Pitched
Jim Palmer4060.0
Bob Feller3743.3
Dave McNally2760.7
Curt Schilling2515.7
Mike Cuellar2294.0
Mike Mussina1973.3
Scott McGregor1962.7
Mike Flanagan1858.3
Larry Jansen1759.7
Charles Nagy1691.0
Hits Allowed
Jim Palmer3591
Bob Feller3483
Dave McNally2817
Curt Schilling2259
Mike Cuellar2168
Scott McGregor2104
Mike Mussina2002
Mike Flanagan1946
Ed Lopat1922
Larry Jansen1909
Home Runs Allowed
Jim Palmer346
Bob Feller316
Curt Schilling312
Dave McNally308
Mike Mussina244
Charles Nagy213
Scott McGregor212
Mike Cuellar206
Mike Flanagan199
Larry Jansen191
Walks Allowed
Bob Feller1794
Jim Palmer1429
Dave McNally871
Mike Cuellar730
Steve Barber664
Vic Raschi656
Curt Schilling630
Mike Flanagan594
Charles Nagy534
Larry Jansen522
Pitchers Strikeouts
Bob Feller2788
Curt Schilling2459
Jim Palmer2276
Dave McNally1545
Mike Mussina1448
Mike Cuellar1186
Mike Flanagan1089
Charles Nagy1081
Vic Raschi1010
Larry Jansen951
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