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Boston Red Sox Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
J.R. Richard2.465
Pedro Martinez2.655
Roger Clemens3.195
Tex Hughson3.199
Billy O'Dell3.211
Ross Grimsley3.431
Joe Dobson3.456
Ray Culp3.469
Bob Stanley3.497
Dennis Eckersley3.561
Roger Clemens203
Luis Tiant163
Dennis Eckersley139
Tim Wakefield125
Joe Dobson119
Mel Parnell112
J.R. Richard112
Pedro Martinez108
Tex Hughson94
Lefty Grove93
Tim Wakefield111
Roger Clemens107
Tom Brewer99
Luis Tiant89
Dennis Eckersley87
Mel Parnell84
Lindy McDaniel77
Joe Dobson70
Willard Nixon68
Wes Ferrell64
Winning Percentage
Pedro Martinez.7397
J.R. Richard.7368
Ross Grimsley.7000
Charlie Wagner.6731
Mike Boddicker.6582
Roger Clemens.6548
Luis Tiant.6468
Joe Dobson.6296
Lefty Grove.6200
Dennis Eckersley.6150
Games Pitched
Bob Stanley657
Lindy McDaniel589
Roger Clemens386
Tim Wakefield369
Ike Delock333
Luis Tiant328
Mickey Harris327
Mel Parnell315
Willard Nixon297
Dennis Eckersley268
Games Started
Roger Clemens386
Luis Tiant310
Tim Wakefield306
Dennis Eckersley268
Joe Dobson241
Mel Parnell241
Tom Brewer211
Lefty Grove198
Pedro Martinez190
Bruce Hurst189
Complete Games
Luis Tiant74
J.R. Richard66
Roger Clemens65
Lefty Grove60
Dennis Eckersley59
Tex Hughson59
Mel Parnell46
Jim Colborn37
Joe Dobson37
Wes Ferrell34
Games Finished
Bob Stanley422
Lindy McDaniel365
Dick Radatz206
Kent Tekulve156
Mickey Harris146
Tom Burgmeier143
Mike Ryba139
Bill Campbell134
Derek Lowe124
Ike Delock121
Bob Stanley197
Lindy McDaniel137
Dick Radatz106
Paul Lindblad68
Mike Jackson65
Ugueth Urbina65
Tom Burgmeier60
John Wyatt59
Derek Lowe58
Kent Tekulve55
Mel Parnell15
Dennis Eckersley13
J.R. Richard12
Tex Hughson10
Luis Tiant9
Ray Culp8
Joe Dobson8
Roger Clemens7
Lefty Grove7
Gary Bell6
Innings Pitched
Roger Clemens2836.7
Luis Tiant2260.0
Tim Wakefield2108.7
Dennis Eckersley1964.0
Mel Parnell1773.3
Joe Dobson1711.0
Lefty Grove1449.0
Bob Stanley1449.0
Tom Brewer1437.3
J.R. Richard1409.3
Hits Allowed
Roger Clemens2502
Luis Tiant2111
Tim Wakefield2041
Mel Parnell1808
Dennis Eckersley1789
Joe Dobson1596
Bob Stanley1588
Lefty Grove1587
Tom Brewer1513
Tex Hughson1356
Home Runs Allowed
Tim Wakefield301
Luis Tiant243
Roger Clemens235
Dennis Eckersley229
Tom Brewer172
Bruce Hurst146
Sonny Siebert131
Oil Can Boyd126
Joe Dobson126
Ike Delock125
Walks Allowed
Roger Clemens888
Tim Wakefield771
Luis Tiant745
Mel Parnell727
Tom Brewer687
Joe Dobson630
J.R. Richard577
Willard Nixon545
Dennis Eckersley506
Ike Delock437
Pitchers Strikeouts
Roger Clemens2639
Pedro Martinez1683
Tim Wakefield1491
Luis Tiant1416
Dennis Eckersley1278
J.R. Richard1184
Bruce Hurst989
Joe Dobson872
Mel Parnell868
Lefty Grove855
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