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Boston Red Sox Career Leaderboard in Pre-Smiley (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Active players are shown in bold.

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Earned Run Average
Tex Hughson3.199
Billy O'Dell3.211
Joe Dobson3.456
Jim Bagby, Jr.3.617
Dick Donovan3.631
Lefty Grove3.669
Mel Parnell3.705
Jack Sanford3.717
Dave Ferriss3.829
Jim Lonborg3.853
Joe Dobson119
Mel Parnell112
Tex Hughson94
Tom Brewer72
Jack Sanford67
Willard Nixon66
Mickey Harris64
Lefty Grove58
Harvey Haddix48
Dave Ferriss47
Tom Brewer99
Mel Parnell84
Joe Dobson70
Willard Nixon68
Ike Delock62
Lindy McDaniel62
Tex Hughson61
Jack Sanford60
Mickey Harris49
Harry Byrd46
Winning Percentage
Charlie Wagner.6731
Lefty Grove.6374
Joe Dobson.6296
Tex Hughson.6065
Harvey Haddix.5854
Blix Donnelly.5833
Mel Parnell.5714
Mickey Harris.5664
Jim Bagby, Jr..5625
Whitey Moore.5577
Games Pitched
Lindy McDaniel364
Ike Delock333
Mickey Harris327
Mel Parnell315
Willard Nixon297
Dick Radatz265
Tom Brewer258
Joe Dobson255
Tex Hughson229
Mike Ryba210
Games Started
Joe Dobson241
Mel Parnell241
Tom Brewer211
Tex Hughson172
Willard Nixon169
Jack Sanford164
Lefty Grove124
Dave Ferriss112
Al Hollingsworth105
Jim Bagby, Jr.103
Complete Games
Tex Hughson59
Mel Parnell46
Joe Dobson37
Lefty Grove36
Dave Ferriss27
Jim Bagby, Jr.25
Charlie Wagner19
Jack Sanford18
Jim Lonborg17
Al Hollingsworth16
Games Finished
Lindy McDaniel222
Dick Radatz206
Mickey Harris146
Mike Ryba139
Ike Delock121
John Wyatt105
Jake Mooty90
Arnold Earley89
Erv Palica83
Bob Lee79
Dick Radatz106
Lindy McDaniel75
John Wyatt59
Mickey Harris46
Mace Brown42
Ike Delock41
Erv Palica38
Jake Mooty37
Bob Klinger35
Don Gross33
Mel Parnell15
Tex Hughson10
Joe Dobson8
Gary Bell6
Jim Bagby, Jr.5
Dave Ferriss5
Denny Galehouse5
Lefty Grove5
Al Hollingsworth5
Tom Brewer4
Innings Pitched
Mel Parnell1773.3
Joe Dobson1711.0
Tom Brewer1437.3
Tex Hughson1404.0
Willard Nixon1271.3
Jack Sanford1128.3
Mickey Harris976.0
Ike Delock971.7
Lefty Grove907.7
Dave Ferriss827.3
Hits Allowed
Mel Parnell1808
Joe Dobson1596
Tom Brewer1513
Tex Hughson1356
Willard Nixon1336
Jack Sanford1075
Mickey Harris1052
Ike Delock1030
Lefty Grove975
Dave Ferriss956
Home Runs Allowed
Tom Brewer172
Joe Dobson126
Ike Delock125
Willard Nixon119
Jack Sanford119
Mel Parnell116
Tex Hughson99
Harvey Haddix96
Mickey Harris84
Barry Latman82
Walks Allowed
Mel Parnell727
Tom Brewer687
Joe Dobson630
Willard Nixon545
Ike Delock437
Mickey Harris426
Jack Sanford366
Tex Hughson359
Lefty Grove282
Bill McGee272
Pitchers Strikeouts
Joe Dobson872
Mel Parnell868
Tex Hughson835
Tom Brewer755
Willard Nixon720
Jack Sanford618
Mickey Harris598
Ike Delock548
Lefty Grove537
Jim Lonborg513
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