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Chicago White Sox Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Hoyt Wilhelm2.417
Ken Heintzelman2.662
Tom Bradley2.861
Wilbur Wood2.880
Gary Peters2.885
Bob Lemon3.160
Joel Horlen3.160
John Hiller3.229
Thornton Lee3.293
Jack Kralick3.363
Billy Pierce187
Bob Lemon179
Orel Hershiser104
Early Wynn103
Gary Peters102
Thornton Lee85
Joel Horlen83
Alex Fernandez80
Wilbur Wood78
Wilson Alvarez76
Billy Pierce152
Early Wynn117
Bob Lemon101
Joel Horlen81
Tommy John76
Thornton Lee66
Wilbur Wood66
Orval Grove62
Orel Hershiser62
Joe Nuxhall62
Winning Percentage
Ken Heintzelman.6667
Gary Peters.6581
Tom Bradley.6491
Jack Kralick.6452
Bob Lemon.6393
Jose Deleon.6364
Orel Hershiser.6265
Mark Gardner.6190
Harry Dorish.6154
Chad Ogea.6071
Games Pitched
John Hiller486
Billy Pierce474
Early Wynn387
Wilbur Wood382
Hoyt Wilhelm376
Bob Lemon369
Joe Haynes363
Keith Foulke298
Thornton Lee296
Bobby Thigpen272
Games Started
Billy Pierce433
Bob Lemon327
Early Wynn285
Joel Horlen237
Orel Hershiser214
Tommy John196
Gary Peters195
Alex Fernandez174
Thornton Lee170
Eddie Smith165
Complete Games
Bob Lemon105
Billy Pierce76
Wilbur Wood68
Gary Peters41
Early Wynn38
Orel Hershiser36
Joel Horlen36
Alex Fernandez35
LaMarr Hoyt34
Jim Kaat34
Games Finished
Hoyt Wilhelm322
John Hiller289
Keith Foulke214
Bobby Thigpen162
Wilbur Wood161
Turk Lown159
Joe Haynes150
Gordon Maltzberger125
Bob Locker120
Alejandro Pena120
Hoyt Wilhelm149
Keith Foulke101
John Hiller96
Bobby Thigpen77
Wilbur Wood72
Gordon Maltzberger64
Alejandro Pena63
Turk Lown57
Steve Reed54
Joe Haynes51
Bob Lemon33
Billy Pierce22
Gary Peters19
Joel Horlen14
Tommy John12
Wilbur Wood12
Thornton Lee11
Alex Fernandez10
Early Wynn10
Mark Buehrle9
Innings Pitched
Billy Pierce3084.3
Bob Lemon2520.3
Early Wynn2117.0
Joel Horlen1640.3
Orel Hershiser1451.0
Wilbur Wood1434.3
Gary Peters1413.0
Thornton Lee1391.0
Tommy John1259.0
Alex Fernandez1203.0
Hits Allowed
Billy Pierce2844
Early Wynn2195
Bob Lemon2175
Orel Hershiser1512
Joel Horlen1474
Thornton Lee1336
Wilbur Wood1317
Tommy John1285
Alex Fernandez1226
Brian Anderson1175
Home Runs Allowed
Billy Pierce283
Bob Lemon205
Brian Anderson191
Early Wynn180
Alex Fernandez148
Orel Hershiser142
James Baldwin139
Joel Horlen134
Turk Farrell122
Wilson Alvarez118
Walks Allowed
Billy Pierce1051
Bob Lemon1005
Early Wynn879
Eddie Smith523
Wilson Alvarez499
Orel Hershiser474
Gary Peters468
Bill Stoneman462
Alex Fernandez459
Thornton Lee447
Pitchers Strikeouts
Billy Pierce2035
Bob Lemon1271
Early Wynn1149
Gary Peters985
Orel Hershiser899
Joel Horlen880
Alex Fernandez841
Wilson Alvarez822
Tommy John771
Bill Stoneman732
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