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Chicago Cubs Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Tiny Bonham2.910
Bert Blyleven3.113
Dick Donovan3.145
Larry Jackson3.178
Mike Morgan3.257
Sonny Siebert3.315
Claude Passeau3.372
Jesse Flores3.374
Don Elston3.406
Pete Harnisch3.408
Camilo Pascual132
Bob Rush129
Rick Reuschel102
Bert Blyleven87
Dick Ellsworth82
Darryl Kile74
Dick Donovan73
Claude Passeau70
Fergie Jenkins67
Bill Bonham66
Rick Reuschel157
Mike Witt109
Bill Bonham107
Camilo Pascual106
Bob Rush106
Bert Blyleven85
Darryl Kile85
Ellis Kinder81
Ted Gray76
Paul Minner75
Winning Percentage
Tiny Bonham.6495
Pete Harnisch.6237
Don Elston.6167
Jesse Flores.6154
Dick Donovan.6134
Greg Swindell.5851
Cal McLish.5811
Bob Buhl.5738
Claude Passeau.5691
Paul Erickson.5690
Games Pitched
Tippy Martinez439
Rick Reuschel393
Ellis Kinder385
Don Elston383
Camilo Pascual374
Bob Rush358
Paul Assenmacher320
Bill Bonham318
Don McMahon298
Bruce Sutter260
Games Started
Rick Reuschel319
Bob Rush319
Camilo Pascual286
Bert Blyleven216
Mike Witt216
Darryl Kile209
Bill Bonham203
Dick Ellsworth189
Paul Minner170
Ted Gray165
Complete Games
Camilo Pascual71
Bob Rush53
Bert Blyleven50
Rick Reuschel50
Fergie Jenkins49
Larry Jackson41
Mike Witt36
Claude Passeau35
Jesse Flores32
Tiny Bonham31
Games Finished
Tippy Martinez259
Bruce Sutter195
Don Elston187
Ellis Kinder186
Don McMahon159
Lee Smith157
Paul Assenmacher139
Frank DiPino135
Phil Regan119
Willie Hernandez105
Bruce Sutter113
Tippy Martinez86
Lee Smith67
Ellis Kinder65
Paul Assenmacher62
Phil Regan56
Jim Umbricht53
Don Elston50
Don McMahon49
Tom Niedenfuer42
Camilo Pascual22
Bert Blyleven10
Mike Morgan10
Tiny Bonham9
Dick Ellsworth9
Rick Reuschel9
Hank Wyse9
Pete Harnisch8
Larry Jackson8
Bob Buhl7
Innings Pitched
Bob Rush2269.7
Rick Reuschel2256.3
Camilo Pascual2127.7
Bert Blyleven1596.0
Bill Bonham1450.0
Mike Witt1437.0
Dick Ellsworth1350.7
Darryl Kile1337.7
Fergie Jenkins1204.7
Dick Donovan1176.0
Hits Allowed
Rick Reuschel2346
Bob Rush2156
Camilo Pascual1965
Bill Bonham1611
Mike Witt1464
Bert Blyleven1440
Dick Ellsworth1425
Darryl Kile1287
Paul Minner1286
Claude Passeau1192
Home Runs Allowed
Camilo Pascual221
Bob Rush183
Dick Ellsworth157
Rick Reuschel152
Fergie Jenkins151
Ellis Kinder136
Bert Blyleven135
Ted Gray135
Dick Donovan129
Darryl Kile126
Walks Allowed
Bob Rush715
Camilo Pascual699
Rick Reuschel668
Bill Bonham652
Darryl Kile637
Ted Gray546
Mike Witt508
Johnny Schmitz464
Bert Blyleven440
Dick Ellsworth416
Pitchers Strikeouts
Camilo Pascual1667
Rick Reuschel1395
Bert Blyleven1370
Bob Rush1229
Darryl Kile1121
Mike Witt1011
Bill Bonham1004
Fergie Jenkins942
Ted Gray845
Dick Ellsworth759
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