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Cincinnati Reds Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Tom Seaver2.763
Joe Nuxhall2.950
Joe Beggs2.961
Gary Nolan3.026
Ewell Blackwell3.034
Johnny Vander Meer3.081
Clay Carroll3.175
Don Wilson3.195
Ray Starr3.223
Bruce Berenyi3.233
Tom Seaver232
Jose Rijo110
Gary Nolan109
Don Wilson107
Jim Maloney106
Frank Sullivan106
Tom Browning96
Johnny Vander Meer93
Dave Goltz86
Harvey Haddix85
Tom Seaver110
Jim Maloney90
Ken Raffensberger86
Milt Wilcox86
Bucky Walters79
Johnny Vander Meer76
Gary Nolan75
Ewell Blackwell69
Jose Rijo69
Jim O'Toole67
Winning Percentage
John Farrell.6863
Tom Hume.6806
Tom Seaver.6784
Dave Goltz.6615
Don Wilson.6407
Sammy Ellis.6316
Frank Sullivan.6272
Tom Browning.6234
Jose Rijo.6145
Harvey Haddix.6115
Games Pitched
Tom Seaver434
Clay Carroll390
Tom Hume361
Jim Maloney355
Bob Miller354
Scott Sullivan328
Joe Sambito326
John Franco298
Johnny Vander Meer291
Hector Carrasco287
Games Started
Tom Seaver434
Jose Rijo240
Frank Sullivan231
Jim Maloney230
Gary Nolan229
Tom Browning225
Johnny Vander Meer220
Don Wilson218
Ken Raffensberger216
Milt Wilcox215
Complete Games
Tom Seaver145
Don Wilson57
Bucky Walters47
Jose Rijo43
Gary Nolan42
Mario Soto40
Johnny Vander Meer37
Dave Goltz35
Jim Maloney35
Bob Purkey32
Games Finished
Clay Carroll219
Joe Sambito206
Bob Miller185
John Franco180
Harry Gumbert178
Scott Sullivan176
Rob Dibble162
Scott Williamson149
Tom Hume145
Jeff Brantley143
Joe Sambito96
Scott Williamson79
Rob Dibble76
John Franco72
Bob Miller70
Clay Carroll68
Jeff Brantley66
Harry Gumbert66
Ted Abernathy57
Joe Beggs54
Tom Seaver45
Gary Nolan18
Jose Rijo15
Jim Maloney14
Johnny Vander Meer14
Don Wilson13
Mario Soto12
Dave Goltz11
Milt Wilcox11
Jim O'Toole9
Innings Pitched
Tom Seaver3280.7
Jim Maloney1731.0
Jose Rijo1674.0
Gary Nolan1659.7
Johnny Vander Meer1609.7
Don Wilson1597.0
Ken Raffensberger1559.3
Frank Sullivan1553.7
Tom Browning1543.7
Bucky Walters1541.3
Hits Allowed
Tom Seaver2525
Ken Raffensberger1688
Frank Sullivan1579
Jose Rijo1533
Tom Browning1490
Gary Nolan1477
Bucky Walters1460
Jim Maloney1427
Milt Wilcox1422
Bob Purkey1402
Home Runs Allowed
Tom Seaver261
Jim Maloney172
Tom Browning162
Ken Raffensberger155
Frank Sullivan152
Bob Purkey150
Dave Burba149
Milt Wilcox145
Aaron Harang140
Bronson Arroyo137
Walks Allowed
Tom Seaver965
Johnny Vander Meer830
Jim Maloney775
Don Wilson571
Jose Rijo569
Frank Sullivan547
Ewell Blackwell533
Bucky Walters520
Jim O'Toole484
Mario Soto480
Pitchers Strikeouts
Tom Seaver2637
Jim Maloney1558
Jose Rijo1517
Mario Soto1248
Don Wilson1112
Johnny Vander Meer1101
Gary Nolan1040
Ewell Blackwell963
Milt Wilcox919
Harvey Haddix908
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