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Colorado Rockies Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Dave Mlicki5.096
Pedro Astacio5.402
Armando Reynoso5.712
Jason Jennings6.558
Armando Reynoso49
Pedro Astacio44
Dave Mlicki34
Brett Myers25
Bruce Ruffin25
Jim Abbott23
Brandon Webb23
Roger Bailey22
Curt Leskanic21
Shawn Chacon19
Jason Jennings57
Armando Reynoso55
Pedro Astacio47
Dave Mlicki40
Darryl Kile37
Brett Myers36
Brandon Webb31
Greg W. Harris29
Joe Kennedy27
Curt Leskanic25
Winning Percentage
Pedro Astacio.4835
Armando Reynoso.4712
Dave Mlicki.4595
Brandon Webb.4259
Brett Myers.4098
Darryl Kile.3273
Jason Jennings.2400
Games Pitched
Curt Leskanic286
Bruce Ruffin191
Steve Kline187
Darren Holmes176
Dave Mlicki172
Mike Myers156
Armando Reynoso153
Pedro Astacio136
Mike DeJean127
Peter Munro113
Games Started
Armando Reynoso137
Pedro Astacio113
Jason Jennings102
Dave Mlicki87
Brett Myers77
Darryl Kile75
Brandon Webb67
Greg W. Harris62
Jamey Wright58
Jim Abbott56
Complete Games
Pedro Astacio22
Darryl Kile16
Dave Mlicki14
Brandon Webb11
Armando Reynoso10
Jim Abbott9
Frank Castillo7
Chuck Finley7
Jason Jennings7
Joe Kennedy7
Games Finished
Curt Leskanic132
Bruce Ruffin119
Darren Holmes115
Steve Kline96
Dave Veres69
Brian Fuentes68
Mike DeJean62
Mike Myers56
Gabe White55
Peter Munro53
Bruce Ruffin60
Darren Holmes51
Steve Kline44
Gabe White29
Brian Fuentes28
Curt Leskanic27
Dave Veres21
Mike Myers11
Jay Powell11
Mike DeJean8
Jim Abbott3
Roger Bailey2
Scott Elarton2
Chuck Finley2
Jason Schmidt2
Brandon Webb2
Pedro Astacio1
Orel Hershiser1
Darryl Kile1
Dave Mlicki1
Innings Pitched
Armando Reynoso877.7
Pedro Astacio809.7
Dave Mlicki699.3
Jason Jennings621.7
Darryl Kile494.0
Brett Myers477.7
Curt Leskanic472.3
Brandon Webb444.3
Greg W. Harris408.3
Jamey Wright389.7
Hits Allowed
Armando Reynoso1041
Pedro Astacio962
Jason Jennings822
Dave Mlicki763
Darryl Kile605
Brett Myers573
Greg W. Harris510
Curt Leskanic503
Brandon Webb448
Jamey Wright446
Home Runs Allowed
Pedro Astacio154
Armando Reynoso150
Dave Mlicki124
Jason Jennings96
Curt Leskanic69
Brett Myers69
Greg W. Harris66
Shawn Chacon65
Darryl Kile65
Joe Kennedy58
Walks Allowed
Armando Reynoso315
Jason Jennings313
Pedro Astacio301
Curt Leskanic253
Darryl Kile241
Dave Mlicki239
Brett Myers188
Shawn Chacon171
Brandon Webb170
Jamey Wright170
Pitchers Strikeouts
Pedro Astacio716
Dave Mlicki535
Armando Reynoso464
Curt Leskanic438
Jason Jennings408
Brandon Webb392
Bruce Ruffin362
Darryl Kile360
Brett Myers346
Chuck Finley281
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