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Detroit Tigers Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Mike Henneman2.899
Denny McLain3.292
Earl Wilson3.298
Hal Newhouser3.496
Steve Gromek3.654
Frank Lary3.690
Fred Hutchinson3.701
Eric Plunk3.709
Larry Sherry3.713
Jim Bunning3.759
Bob Friend227
Jack Morris191
Hal Newhouser189
Mickey Lolich175
Dizzy Trout150
Jim Bunning138
Tommy Bridges130
Virgil Trucks127
Frank Lary125
Ken Forsch110
Mickey Lolich170
Jack Morris167
Bob Friend151
Hal Newhouser145
Dizzy Trout144
Ken Forsch141
Virgil Trucks126
Frank Tanana112
Tommy Bridges91
Fernando Valenzuela89
Winning Percentage
Larry Sherry.6452
Jim Bunning.6216
Bob Friend.6005
Earl Wilson.5978
Schoolboy Rowe.5954
Frank Lary.5952
Tommy Bridges.5882
Elden Auker.5778
Mike Henneman.5747
Steve Gromek.5714
Games Pitched
Ken Forsch585
Bob Friend546
Mickey Lolich519
Hal Newhouser493
Jack Morris488
Mike Henneman444
Johnny Murphy434
Dizzy Trout434
Larry Sherry409
Eric Plunk397
Games Started
Bob Friend457
Jack Morris443
Mickey Lolich429
Hal Newhouser391
Dizzy Trout360
Virgil Trucks329
Jim Bunning296
Tommy Bridges269
Frank Tanana265
Frank Lary256
Complete Games
Hal Newhouser130
Jack Morris104
Tommy Bridges99
Mickey Lolich95
Dizzy Trout89
Bob Friend69
Denny McLain61
Virgil Trucks57
Jim Bunning56
Frank Lary50
Games Finished
Mike Henneman333
Johnny Murphy308
Ken Forsch252
Larry Sherry235
Todd Jones209
Eric Plunk187
Willie Hernandez158
Ray Narleski146
Hal Woodeshick118
Ron Kline113
Mike Henneman175
Johnny Murphy126
Todd Jones97
Ken Forsch79
Larry Sherry79
Willie Hernandez64
Andy Karl59
Ray Narleski58
Hal Woodeshick55
Eric Plunk47
Hal Newhouser35
Mickey Lolich22
Jack Morris19
Virgil Trucks19
Tommy Bridges17
Frank Lary16
Denny McLain16
Jim Bunning15
Bob Friend15
Dizzy Trout12
Innings Pitched
Bob Friend3218.7
Jack Morris3160.3
Hal Newhouser3019.3
Mickey Lolich2999.0
Dizzy Trout2624.3
Virgil Trucks2307.3
Ken Forsch2136.0
Jim Bunning2123.7
Tommy Bridges1958.7
Frank Lary1868.3
Hits Allowed
Bob Friend3423
Mickey Lolich2984
Jack Morris2964
Hal Newhouser2816
Dizzy Trout2706
Ken Forsch2248
Virgil Trucks2238
Jim Bunning2053
Tommy Bridges2002
Frank Lary1846
Home Runs Allowed
Jack Morris377
Mickey Lolich318
Bob Friend286
Jim Bunning285
Frank Tanana224
Frank Lary203
Ken Forsch201
Dizzy Trout197
Hal Newhouser195
Virgil Trucks193
Walks Allowed
Hal Newhouser1274
Jack Morris1146
Dizzy Trout1016
Mickey Lolich1013
Virgil Trucks931
Bob Friend893
Dan Petry713
Tommy Bridges707
Jim Bunning638
Ken Forsch621
Pitchers Strikeouts
Mickey Lolich2360
Hal Newhouser2144
Jack Morris1980
Jim Bunning1616
Bob Friend1594
Virgil Trucks1460
Tommy Bridges1405
Dizzy Trout1388
Denny McLain1037
Ken Forsch1014
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