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Florida Marlins Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Kevin Brown2.914
Alex Fernandez3.863
Brad Penny3.874
Wade Miller4.081
Mike Hampton4.243
A.J. Burnett4.307
Al Leiter4.435
Ryan Dempster5.464
Mike Hampton60
Kevin Brown52
A.J. Burnett48
Wade Miller43
Brad Penny40
Al Leiter38
Alex Fernandez37
Josh Beckett29
Mark Redman26
Carl Pavano24
Mike Hampton53
Ryan Dempster50
Al Leiter41
Wade Miller38
Alex Fernandez36
A.J. Burnett33
Brad Penny33
Charlie Hough28
Mark Redman27
Jesus Sanchez26
Winning Percentage
Kevin Brown.7222
A.J. Burnett.5926
Brad Penny.5479
Josh Beckett.5370
Mike Hampton.5310
Wade Miller.5309
Alex Fernandez.5068
Mark Redman.4906
Al Leiter.4810
Ryan Dempster.3151
Games Pitched
Robb Nen262
Antonio Alfonseca251
Vic Darensbourg236
Todd Worrell212
Byung-Hyun Kim195
Chad Bradford194
Mike Hampton186
Ricardo Rincon171
Ben Weber169
Braden Looper162
Games Started
Mike Hampton145
A.J. Burnett119
Wade Miller115
Al Leiter106
Alex Fernandez105
Ryan Dempster103
Kevin Brown97
Brad Penny93
Josh Beckett79
Mark Redman67
Complete Games
Kevin Brown23
Mike Hampton14
Alex Fernandez11
Al Leiter11
Wade Miller10
Brad Penny9
Jack McDowell8
Livan Hernandez7
Charlie Hough7
Kevin Appier5
Games Finished
Robb Nen191
Antonio Alfonseca190
Todd Worrell128
Byung-Hyun Kim84
Eric Gagne47
Vic Darensbourg46
Matt Mantei46
Vladimir Nunez45
Ben Weber45
Chad Bradford43
Robb Nen107
Antonio Alfonseca101
Byung-Hyun Kim45
Todd Worrell43
Eric Gagne31
Matt Mantei26
Danny Kolb18
Armando Benitez14
Curt Leskanic13
Dennis Eckersley11
Kevin Brown6
Mike Hampton5
Alex Fernandez3
Al Leiter3
Jack McDowell3
Brad Penny3
Kevin Appier2
Wade Miller2
Gar Finnvold1
Mike Fyhrie1
Innings Pitched
Mike Hampton980.0
Wade Miller694.7
Al Leiter688.0
A.J. Burnett683.3
Kevin Brown682.7
Alex Fernandez671.0
Ryan Dempster566.7
Brad Penny548.3
Josh Beckett453.3
Carl Pavano408.7
Hits Allowed
Mike Hampton1088
Alex Fernandez678
Al Leiter660
Wade Miller643
Kevin Brown632
A.J. Burnett622
Ryan Dempster618
Brad Penny537
Carl Pavano437
Josh Beckett420
Home Runs Allowed
Mike Hampton95
Alex Fernandez85
A.J. Burnett84
Wade Miller84
Ryan Dempster77
Josh Beckett60
Brad Penny60
Jesus Sanchez50
Charlie Hough47
Al Leiter45
Walks Allowed
Al Leiter386
Mike Hampton360
A.J. Burnett324
Ryan Dempster288
Wade Miller253
Brad Penny191
Alex Fernandez187
Josh Beckett185
Jesus Sanchez180
Dontrelle Willis145
Pitchers Strikeouts
Mike Hampton633
A.J. Burnett614
Al Leiter613
Wade Miller581
Kevin Brown524
Alex Fernandez507
Josh Beckett479
Ryan Dempster436
Brad Penny415
Dontrelle Willis307
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