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Kansas City Royals Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Dan Quisenberry2.686
Jeff Montgomery3.328
Al Fitzmorris3.442
Tug McGraw3.449
Rick Wise3.520
Doug Bird3.546
Kevin Appier3.670
Paul Splittorff3.775
Larry Gura3.798
Steve Busby3.854
Paul Splittorff201
Dennis Leonard126
Larry Gura102
Bret Saberhagen102
Mark Gubicza89
Kevin Appier87
Dick Drago65
C.C. Sabathia65
Al Fitzmorris64
Steve Busby60
Paul Splittorff118
Mark Gubicza113
Dennis Leonard112
Kevin Appier100
Bret Saberhagen87
Tom Gordon75
Charlie Leibrandt75
Larry Gura71
C.C. Sabathia71
Dick Drago68
Winning Percentage
Paul Splittorff.6301
Larry Gura.5896
Andy Hassler.5781
Doug Bird.5714
Al Fitzmorris.5664
Dan Quisenberry.5541
Rick Wise.5441
Bret Saberhagen.5397
Jim Slaton.5370
Steve Busby.5357
Games Pitched
Jeff Montgomery486
Paul Splittorff408
Tug McGraw395
Dan Quisenberry387
Al Fitzmorris351
Billy Wagner339
Doug Bird334
Dennis Leonard296
Mark Gubicza279
Mike Magnante275
Games Started
Paul Splittorff400
Dennis Leonard290
Mark Gubicza262
Kevin Appier242
Bret Saberhagen229
Larry Gura212
Charlie Leibrandt182
C.C. Sabathia181
Dick Drago179
Tom Gordon149
Complete Games
Bret Saberhagen80
Dennis Leonard78
Mark Gubicza70
Kevin Appier65
Charlie Leibrandt51
Paul Splittorff50
Larry Gura44
Steve Busby35
Bruce Ruffin32
Tom Gordon27
Games Finished
Dan Quisenberry302
Jeff Montgomery299
Billy Wagner263
Tug McGraw257
Doug Bird140
Mitch Williams126
Steve Mingori117
Mike Magnante111
B.J. Ryan104
Steve Howe97
Dan Quisenberry167
Billy Wagner164
Jeff Montgomery124
Tug McGraw113
Doug Bird68
Doyle Alexander56
Steve Mingori52
B.J. Ryan49
Dave LaRoche37
Steve Howe30
Paul Splittorff14
Larry Gura12
Bret Saberhagen11
Kevin Appier7
Mark Gubicza7
Charlie Leibrandt7
Dennis Leonard7
C.C. Sabathia7
Mark Fidrych6
Steve Busby5
Innings Pitched
Paul Splittorff2584.3
Dennis Leonard2120.0
Mark Gubicza1844.7
Kevin Appier1672.3
Bret Saberhagen1650.3
Larry Gura1538.0
Charlie Leibrandt1290.0
Dick Drago1170.0
C.C. Sabathia1135.7
Tom Gordon1086.3
Hits Allowed
Paul Splittorff2762
Dennis Leonard2187
Mark Gubicza2012
Bret Saberhagen1709
Kevin Appier1562
Larry Gura1507
Charlie Leibrandt1463
Dick Drago1198
C.C. Sabathia1143
Tom Gordon1038
Home Runs Allowed
Paul Splittorff239
Dennis Leonard215
Larry Gura176
C.C. Sabathia171
Bret Saberhagen154
Tim Belcher139
Mark Gubicza134
Charlie Leibrandt130
Kevin Appier124
Dick Drago121
Walks Allowed
Paul Splittorff788
Mark Gubicza700
Kevin Appier629
Dennis Leonard624
Tom Gordon592
C.C. Sabathia458
Charlie Leibrandt432
Larry Gura428
Bret Saberhagen362
Steve Busby361
Pitchers Strikeouts
Kevin Appier1398
Dennis Leonard1258
Mark Gubicza1179
Paul Splittorff1169
Bret Saberhagen1114
C.C. Sabathia971
Tom Gordon937
Jeff Montgomery673
Dick Drago632
Charlie Leibrandt620
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