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Washington Senators / Minnesota Twins Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Al Benton2.699
Dean Chance2.705
Sid Fernandez2.775
Steve Gromek2.993
Walt Masterson3.200
Jim Merritt3.319
Connie Marrero3.335
Dutch Leonard3.342
Harry Perkowski3.343
Sid Hudson3.519
Jim Perry143
Jim Kaat104
Brad Radke101
Steve Gromek89
Dutch Leonard81
Kevin Tapani81
Bert Blyleven79
Frank Viola78
Bob Porterfield72
Fred Norman71
Jim Perry142
Jim Kaat104
Brad Radke97
Dutch Leonard94
Gary Bell90
Frank Viola86
Fred Norman84
Bob Porterfield80
Kevin Tapani80
Mickey Haefner79
Winning Percentage
Rick Aguilera.6800
Sid Fernandez.6182
Ron Darling.6000
Dean Chance.5974
Al Benton.5859
Jim Merritt.5775
Steve Gromek.5742
Ken Holtzman.5692
Ken Johnson.5581
Rick Sutcliffe.5556
Games Pitched
Jim Perry541
Steve Gromek506
Al Worthington467
Eddie Guardado456
Gary Bell346
Chuck Stobbs334
Jim Kaat328
Walt Masterson310
Rick Aguilera305
Dutch Leonard291
Games Started
Jim Perry326
Jim Kaat266
Brad Radke254
Dutch Leonard233
Kevin Tapani219
Fred Norman207
Frank Viola195
Bert Blyleven187
Bob Porterfield177
Gary Bell175
Complete Games
Fergie Jenkins56
Bert Blyleven53
Frank Viola50
Jim Kaat46
Jim Perry44
Rick Sutcliffe35
Dutch Leonard28
Bob Porterfield28
Fred Norman27
Mike Smithson26
Games Finished
Al Worthington287
Steve Gromek268
Rick Aguilera266
Ron Davis254
Eddie Guardado183
Danny Graves152
Bill Campbell139
Walt Masterson135
Jeff Reardon132
Alex Carrasquel128
Rick Aguilera186
Al Worthington129
Ron Davis122
Steve Gromek103
Jeff Reardon96
Ron Perranoski71
Ricky Bottalico64
Danny Graves62
Eddie Guardado57
Bill Campbell55
Jim Perry15
Jim Kaat11
Rick Sutcliffe11
Fergie Jenkins9
Bob Porterfield9
Frank Viola9
Bert Blyleven8
Bill Hands8
Steve Gromek7
Dutch Leonard7
Innings Pitched
Jim Perry2495.3
Jim Kaat1928.3
Dutch Leonard1659.0
Brad Radke1594.7
Gary Bell1432.7
Fred Norman1403.3
Frank Viola1393.3
Bert Blyleven1377.3
Steve Gromek1338.3
Bob Porterfield1330.3
Hits Allowed
Jim Perry2418
Jim Kaat1937
Dutch Leonard1739
Brad Radke1734
Frank Viola1468
Kevin Tapani1449
Fred Norman1447
Bert Blyleven1394
Gary Bell1386
Bob Porterfield1297
Home Runs Allowed
Jim Perry281
Brad Radke234
Jim Kaat199
Frank Viola189
Gary Bell168
Bert Blyleven168
Fred Norman159
Kevin Tapani144
Eric Milton143
Chuck Stobbs126
Walks Allowed
Jim Perry810
Gary Bell648
Fred Norman618
Jim Kaat575
Bob Porterfield515
Mickey Haefner505
Steve Gromek488
Walt Masterson477
Frank Viola470
Ray Scarborough457
Pitchers Strikeouts
Jim Perry1286
Jim Kaat1178
Gary Bell1025
Brad Radke969
Frank Viola946
Sid Fernandez943
Fred Norman916
Bert Blyleven910
Fergie Jenkins812
Rick Sutcliffe802
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