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Montreal Expos Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Frank Tanana2.930
Steve Rogers2.941
Wilbur Wood2.992
Chris Nabholz3.089
Jeff Reardon3.131
Pedro Martinez3.140
Ken Hill3.143
Scott Sanderson3.251
Andy McGaffigan3.284
Bill Gullickson3.365
Steve Rogers199
Dennis Martinez116
Frank Tanana96
Larry Christenson83
Bryn Smith80
Bill Gullickson77
Pedro Martinez66
Scott Sanderson66
Steve Renko63
Woodie Fryman58
Dennis Martinez108
Steve Rogers102
Javier Vazquez81
Larry Christenson61
Steve Renko59
Bryn Smith59
Woodie Fryman56
Frank Tanana49
Andy Benes46
Bill Gullickson44
Winning Percentage
Ken Hill.7143
Chris Nabholz.6780
Frank Tanana.6621
Steve Rogers.6611
Scott Sanderson.6535
Bill Gullickson.6364
Wilbur Wood.6190
Pedro Martinez.6168
Miguel Batista.6078
Andy McGaffigan.5968
Games Pitched
Woodie Fryman444
Jeff Reardon403
Steve Rogers398
Mel Rojas373
Elias Sosa351
Dennis Martinez325
Mike Marshall292
Tim Burke270
Bryn Smith247
Larry Christenson245
Games Started
Steve Rogers395
Dennis Martinez307
Larry Christenson178
Bryn Smith176
Frank Tanana176
Bill Gullickson169
Javier Vazquez160
Steve Renko150
Scott Sanderson136
Pedro Martinez125
Complete Games
Steve Rogers79
Frank Tanana42
Dennis Martinez38
Bill Gullickson25
Pedro Martinez24
Steve Renko21
Javier Vazquez19
Bryn Smith16
Larry Christenson15
Woodie Fryman13
Games Finished
Jeff Reardon358
Mel Rojas250
Mike Marshall197
Elias Sosa186
Ugueth Urbina181
Tim Burke171
John Wetteland153
Woodie Fryman136
Dale Murray133
Jack Aker128
Jeff Reardon222
Mel Rojas132
Ugueth Urbina104
John Wetteland101
Mike Marshall84
Jack Aker82
Tim Burke80
Dale Murray71
Elias Sosa71
Woodie Fryman49
Steve Rogers25
Pedro Martinez16
Dennis Martinez14
Frank Tanana13
Bill Gullickson11
Bryn Smith10
Ken Hill7
Mark Langston7
Larry Christenson6
Pascual Perez5
Innings Pitched
Steve Rogers2833.3
Dennis Martinez2128.0
Frank Tanana1302.3
Larry Christenson1298.7
Bryn Smith1295.0
Bill Gullickson1182.3
Steve Renko1135.0
Javier Vazquez1073.0
Woodie Fryman1055.3
Pedro Martinez991.7
Hits Allowed
Steve Rogers2496
Dennis Martinez1993
Larry Christenson1320
Bryn Smith1217
Javier Vazquez1187
Frank Tanana1121
Bill Gullickson1111
Steve Renko1057
Woodie Fryman1055
Scott Sanderson828
Home Runs Allowed
Dennis Martinez198
Steve Rogers170
Javier Vazquez147
Steve Renko133
Bryn Smith118
Larry Christenson114
Pedro Martinez96
Frank Tanana95
Bill Gullickson94
Dustin Hermanson93
Walks Allowed
Steve Rogers871
Dennis Martinez563
Steve Renko476
Woodie Fryman389
Larry Christenson361
Frank Tanana337
Bryn Smith329
Javier Vazquez311
Andy Benes287
Pedro Martinez287
Pitchers Strikeouts
Steve Rogers1668
Dennis Martinez1266
Pedro Martinez1123
Frank Tanana1087
Javier Vazquez938
Bryn Smith792
Larry Christenson774
Bill Gullickson731
Steve Renko666
Woodie Fryman664
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