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New York Yankees Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Mariano Rivera2.123
Rudy May2.763
Spud Chandler2.816
Sam McDowell2.987
Art Ditmar3.042
Steve Hamilton3.215
Marius Russo3.235
Sparky Lyle3.250
Whitey Ford3.290
Tom Sturdivant3.299
Whitey Ford202
Mel Stottlemyre159
Ron Guidry152
Andy Pettitte133
Red Ruffing133
Spud Chandler106
Allie Reynolds104
Fritz Peterson95
Lefty Gomez87
Mike Mussina87
Whitey Ford149
Mel Stottlemyre138
Ron Guidry123
Fritz Peterson88
Red Ruffing84
Al Downing82
Melido Perez79
Stan Bahnsen77
Hank Borowy77
Allie Reynolds76
Winning Percentage
Rudy May.7719
Steve Hamilton.7414
Art Ditmar.6842
Danny Jackson.6786
Marv Breuer.6727
Spud Chandler.6625
Tommy Byrne.6562
Andy Pettitte.6552
Don Larsen.6471
Mike Mussina.6304
Games Pitched
Mariano Rivera547
Sparky Lyle477
Whitey Ford476
Joe Page421
Mel Stottlemyre376
Mike Stanton368
Steve Hamilton347
Stan Bahnsen341
Ron Guidry335
Dave Righetti330
Games Started
Whitey Ford430
Mel Stottlemyre373
Ron Guidry325
Red Ruffing266
Andy Pettitte261
Fritz Peterson244
Allie Reynolds236
Hank Borowy208
Mike Mussina184
Spud Chandler183
Complete Games
Whitey Ford87
Mel Stottlemyre83
Ron Guidry82
Red Ruffing65
Melido Perez57
Andy Pettitte49
Tommy John48
Allie Reynolds45
Catfish Hunter36
Jimmy Key36
Games Finished
Mariano Rivera481
Sparky Lyle363
Joe Page318
Steve Hamilton176
Ryne Duren173
Dave Righetti171
Hal Reniff162
Bob Grim155
Mike Stanton149
Ramiro Mendoza119
Mariano Rivera332
Sparky Lyle189
Joe Page145
Dave Righetti108
Ryne Duren79
Bob Grim71
Marius Russo55
Ken Tatum55
Hal Reniff52
Steve Farr46
Whitey Ford23
Mel Stottlemyre23
Ron Guidry21
Lefty Gomez14
Hank Borowy11
Andy Pettitte11
Allie Reynolds11
Spud Chandler10
Melido Perez10
Fritz Peterson10
Innings Pitched
Whitey Ford3159.3
Mel Stottlemyre2686.0
Ron Guidry2387.7
Red Ruffing1915.7
Andy Pettitte1795.0
Fritz Peterson1697.0
Allie Reynolds1696.0
Spud Chandler1492.3
Hank Borowy1428.7
Melido Perez1356.0
Hits Allowed
Whitey Ford2868
Mel Stottlemyre2628
Ron Guidry2331
Andy Pettitte1958
Red Ruffing1852
Fritz Peterson1792
Allie Reynolds1513
Hank Borowy1432
Stan Bahnsen1345
Spud Chandler1334
Home Runs Allowed
Whitey Ford274
Ron Guidry260
Mel Stottlemyre232
Mike Mussina191
Stan Bahnsen174
Andy Pettitte173
Red Ruffing171
Melido Perez157
Ralph Terry157
Fritz Peterson154
Walks Allowed
Whitey Ford1014
Mel Stottlemyre840
Allie Reynolds761
Ron Guidry673
Bob Turley651
Andy Pettitte602
Melido Perez590
Tommy Byrne589
Lefty Gomez576
Red Ruffing574
Pitchers Strikeouts
Whitey Ford2013
Ron Guidry1818
Andy Pettitte1288
Mel Stottlemyre1241
Melido Perez1128
Allie Reynolds1111
Mike Mussina1092
Al Downing1027
Sam McDowell953
Bob Turley937
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