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New York Mets Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Sam McDowell2.691
Jesse Orosco2.698
Jerry Koosman3.025
Jon Matlack3.040
David Cone3.041
Bob Ojeda3.043
Tom Seaver3.046
Sid Fernandez3.200
Tug McGraw3.230
Dwight Gooden3.236
Steve Carlton166
Dwight Gooden144
Mike Scott122
Jerry Koosman99
Jon Matlack85
David Cone84
Sam McDowell82
Bobby Jones73
Al Leiter69
Ron Darling67
Steve Carlton109
Dwight Gooden103
Mike Scott101
Al Jackson82
Jon Matlack75
Jack Fisher68
Steve Trachsel65
Bobby Jones64
Jerry Koosman64
Milt Pappas63
Winning Percentage
Wayne Simpson.6923
Ron Darling.6907
Sam McDowell.6721
David Cone.6562
Bob Ojeda.6341
Frank Viola.6105
Jim McAndrew.6102
Jerry Koosman.6074
Steve Carlton.6036
Tom Seaver.5833
Games Pitched
John Franco656
Tug McGraw427
Jesse Orosco419
Steve Carlton363
Dwight Gooden343
Mike Scott323
Neil Allen321
Roger McDowell290
Al Jackson266
Bob Wickman251
Games Started
Steve Carlton361
Dwight Gooden329
Mike Scott305
Jerry Koosman229
Jon Matlack190
Bobby Jones188
Craig Swan176
David Cone170
Al Leiter168
Pat Zachry167
Complete Games
Steve Carlton71
Dwight Gooden61
Sam McDowell36
David Cone35
Jon Matlack32
Mike Scott32
Jerry Koosman28
Frank Viola23
Al Leiter22
Bobby Jones21
Games Finished
John Franco444
Tug McGraw256
Jesse Orosco234
Roger McDowell189
Neil Allen185
Armando Benitez167
Bob Wickman141
Bob Apodaca136
Doug Sisk123
Skip Lockwood121
John Franco283
Jesse Orosco112
Tug McGraw108
Armando Benitez95
Roger McDowell90
Bob Wickman67
Neil Allen66
Don Stanhouse57
Braden Looper51
Bob Apodaca46
Dwight Gooden23
Steve Carlton21
David Cone18
Sam McDowell18
Jon Matlack15
Mike Scott15
Bobby Jones11
Frank Viola10
Al Leiter9
Jerry Koosman8
Innings Pitched
Steve Carlton2613.0
Dwight Gooden2336.3
Mike Scott2048.7
Jerry Koosman1588.7
Jon Matlack1385.3
Bobby Jones1238.0
David Cone1231.0
Craig Swan1171.7
Sam McDowell1150.3
Al Leiter1106.0
Hits Allowed
Steve Carlton2363
Dwight Gooden2027
Mike Scott1857
Jerry Koosman1444
Jon Matlack1253
Bobby Jones1218
Craig Swan1104
Al Jackson1076
Pat Zachry1046
Al Leiter1007
Home Runs Allowed
Steve Carlton245
Mike Scott208
Dwight Gooden186
Bobby Jones141
Jerry Koosman129
Steve Trachsel122
Craig Swan111
Al Jackson110
Milt Pappas108
Jack Fisher104
Walks Allowed
Steve Carlton799
Dwight Gooden706
Mike Scott591
Sam McDowell500
David Cone446
Pat Zachry439
Jerry Koosman429
Jon Matlack407
Al Leiter406
Ron Darling399
Pitchers Strikeouts
Steve Carlton2269
Dwight Gooden2026
Mike Scott1434
David Cone1175
Sam McDowell1130
Jerry Koosman1089
Al Leiter962
Jon Matlack948
Frank Viola693
Bobby Jones688
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