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Kansas City / Oakland A's Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Lew Krausse2.624
Dave Smith2.664
Jim Nash2.820
Rollie Fingers2.874
Vida Blue3.075
Andy Messersmith3.085
Tim Hudson3.454
Rick Wise3.475
Ken Holtzman3.482
Saul Rogovin3.491
Catfish Hunter155
Vida Blue122
Bill Lee111
Barry Zito100
Dave Stewart94
Tim Hudson92
Rick Langford83
Ned Garver78
Ken Holtzman77
Mike Moore70
Catfish Hunter120
Bill Lee103
Hal Brown82
Rick Langford82
Dave Stewart80
Bob Welch80
Ned Garver76
Vida Blue73
Phil Marchildon70
Dick Fowler69
Winning Percentage
Tim Hudson.6571
Dave Smith.6452
Barry Zito.6329
Paul Lindblad.6275
Vida Blue.6256
Andy Messersmith.6091
Cliff Chambers.6034
Don Sutton.6000
Gene Nelson.5932
Ken Holtzman.5878
Games Pitched
Dave Smith559
Rollie Fingers549
Catfish Hunter407
Aurelio Lopez403
Hal Brown367
Carl Scheib361
Diego Segui349
Gene Nelson293
Russ Christopher290
Tom Gorman287
Games Started
Catfish Hunter339
Bill Lee251
Vida Blue237
Dave Stewart231
Rick Langford216
Ned Garver213
Barry Zito203
Bob Welch196
Blue Moon Odom167
Tim Hudson163
Complete Games
Bill Lee88
Catfish Hunter84
Vida Blue74
Rick Langford61
Dutch Leonard41
Tim Hudson39
Dave Stewart39
Phil Marchildon38
Matt Keough36
Mark Mulder35
Games Finished
Rollie Fingers370
Dave Smith324
Aurelio Lopez233
Carl Scheib183
Diego Segui145
Jose Jimenez141
Gene Nelson132
Russ Christopher128
Billy Taylor126
Hal Brown112
Rollie Fingers168
Dave Smith134
Aurelio Lopez77
Jose Jimenez63
Diego Segui59
Billy Taylor57
Huston Street55
Bobby Ayala48
Bill Henry47
Russ Christopher46
Catfish Hunter18
Vida Blue12
Bill Lee12
Tim Hudson11
Rick Langford10
Steve McCatty9
Dave Stewart9
Ken Holtzman7
Phil Marchildon7
Dick Fowler6
Innings Pitched
Catfish Hunter2432.3
Bill Lee1923.7
Vida Blue1762.0
Dave Stewart1648.7
Rick Langford1602.0
Ned Garver1476.3
Barry Zito1343.0
Hal Brown1338.3
Bob Welch1289.3
Dick Fowler1179.7
Hits Allowed
Catfish Hunter2199
Bill Lee2075
Rick Langford1589
Ned Garver1524
Dave Stewart1515
Vida Blue1487
Bob Welch1379
Hal Brown1312
Dick Fowler1235
Glen Hobbie1195
Home Runs Allowed
Catfish Hunter315
Barry Zito187
Rick Langford176
Ned Garver162
Hal Brown152
Vida Blue140
Diego Segui136
Dave Stewart135
Glen Hobbie133
Bob Welch133
Walks Allowed
Catfish Hunter660
Bill Lee634
Dave Stewart627
Phil Marchildon586
Vida Blue566
Dick Fowler550
Barry Zito541
Blue Moon Odom521
Steve McCatty510
Mike Norris495
Pitchers Strikeouts
Catfish Hunter1495
Vida Blue1181
Dave Stewart1072
Barry Zito1041
Tim Hudson881
Bill Lee830
Rollie Fingers753
Andy Messersmith725
Rick Langford692
Mike Moore683
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