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Pittsburgh Pirates Career Leaderboard in Pre-Smiley (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Active players are shown in bold.

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Earned Run Average
Kirby Higbe2.499
Preacher Roe2.921
Bob Veale3.083
Fritz Ostermueller3.288
Nick Strincevich3.341
Al McBean3.410
Roy Face3.488
Tommie Sisk3.530
Max Butcher3.602
Rip Sewell3.630
Vern Law135
Rip Sewell90
Bob Veale81
Roy Face71
Bobby Shantz69
Murry Dickson63
Max Butcher55
Al McBean50
Joe Hatten48
Lon Warneke48
Vern Law147
Rip Sewell113
Roy Face76
Bobby Shantz73
Murry Dickson70
Lon Warneke66
Bob Muncrief64
Joe Hatten58
Max Butcher55
Fritz Ostermueller55
Winning Percentage
Preacher Roe.6812
Bob Veale.6480
Tommie Sisk.5636
Al McBean.5495
Nick Strincevich.5143
Mike Fornieles.5091
Kirby Higbe.5055
Max Butcher.5000
Bobby Shantz.4859
Earl Wilson.4835
Games Pitched
Roy Face663
Clem Labine524
Vern Law503
Rip Sewell423
Al McBean358
Bobby Shantz286
Johnny Lanning248
Bob Veale217
Juan Pizarro216
Max Butcher211
Games Started
Vern Law387
Rip Sewell207
Murry Dickson169
Bob Veale163
Lon Warneke144
Bobby Shantz137
Max Butcher134
Bob Muncrief134
Joe Hatten126
Jack Harshman122
Complete Games
Rip Sewell54
Vern Law35
Fritz Ostermueller35
Lon Warneke35
Kirby Higbe33
Murry Dickson30
Bob Veale30
Bucky Walters30
Bobby Shantz27
Bob Muncrief25
Games Finished
Roy Face400
Clem Labine247
Al McBean164
Rip Sewell133
Johnny Lanning128
George Caster123
Steve Ridzik107
Bobby Shantz89
Mike Fornieles70
Juan Pizarro67
Roy Face158
Clem Labine62
Al McBean58
George Caster44
Rip Sewell40
Johnny Lanning33
Steve Ridzik28
Bobby Shantz22
Tiny Bonham21
Junior Walsh21
Rip Sewell15
Bob Veale11
Lon Warneke11
Fritz Ostermueller10
Kirby Higbe8
Vern Law6
Nick Strincevich6
Murry Dickson5
Bob Muncrief5
Max Butcher4
Innings Pitched
Vern Law2583.0
Rip Sewell1834.7
Bob Veale1208.7
Murry Dickson1201.3
Bobby Shantz1156.0
Max Butcher1097.0
Bob Muncrief1038.3
Lon Warneke1037.3
Roy Face1032.0
Joe Hatten878.0
Hits Allowed
Vern Law2827
Rip Sewell1910
Murry Dickson1376
Bobby Shantz1238
Max Butcher1191
Bob Muncrief1119
Lon Warneke1113
Bob Veale1073
Roy Face1063
Joe Hatten947
Home Runs Allowed
Vern Law272
Murry Dickson135
Bobby Shantz124
Roy Face107
Rip Sewell100
Lon Warneke100
Earl Wilson88
Jack Harshman70
Clem Labine69
Bob Muncrief60
Walks Allowed
Rip Sewell692
Vern Law685
Bob Veale599
Murry Dickson415
Bobby Shantz415
Joe Hatten374
Max Butcher368
Don Schwall365
Jack Harshman360
Kirby Higbe351
Pitchers Strikeouts
Bob Veale1070
Vern Law1037
Rip Sewell686
Roy Face653
Bobby Shantz620
Jack Harshman535
Murry Dickson500
Kirby Higbe494
Earl Wilson490
Clem Labine485
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