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Pittsburgh Pirates Career Leaderboard in Smiley (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Greg Maddux2.208
Troy Percival3.093
Kent Tekulve3.192
Bob Veale3.291
John Smiley3.331
Steve Blass3.343
Dave Giusti3.373
John Candelaria3.377
Bert Blyleven3.401
Tom Candiotti3.410
John Candelaria102
Dock Ellis92
Rick Rhoden89
Bert Blyleven86
Bruce Kison85
Jim Rooker73
Steve Blass72
Bob Moose71
Don Robinson65
Jerry Reuss60
Rick Rhoden87
Jim Rooker80
Don Robinson77
John Candelaria76
Bruce Kison72
Bert Blyleven71
Dock Ellis67
Bob Moose67
Steve Blass55
Jerry Reuss54
Winning Percentage
Greg Maddux.6885
Dock Ellis.5786
John Candelaria.5730
Zane Smith.5686
Steve Blass.5669
Ken Brett.5588
Randy Tomlin.5536
Bert Blyleven.5478
Larry McWilliams.5476
Kip Wells.5432
Games Pitched
Kent Tekulve664
Troy Percival548
Dave Giusti395
Don Robinson318
Shigetoshi Hasegawa301
Bob Moose281
John Candelaria274
Bruce Kison274
Jim Rooker264
Ramon Hernandez234
Games Started
John Candelaria272
Rick Rhoden216
Dock Ellis206
Bert Blyleven200
Jim Rooker197
Bruce Kison179
Steve Blass168
Bob Moose160
Jerry Reuss160
Tom Candiotti151
Complete Games
Bert Blyleven35
Steve Blass33
Dock Ellis32
Rick Rhoden25
Bob Veale20
Bruce Kison19
Greg Maddux19
John Candelaria18
Tom Candiotti16
Larry McWilliams16
Games Finished
Kent Tekulve417
Troy Percival336
Dave Giusti304
Stan Belinda138
Grant Jackson118
Gene Garber116
Bill Landrum116
Ramon Hernandez112
Francisco Rodriguez112
Jeff Robinson106
Troy Percival200
Kent Tekulve200
Dave Giusti184
Stan Belinda75
Bill Landrum58
Francisco Rodriguez55
Dave Veres43
Jim Gott39
Gene Garber37
Jeff Robinson37
Steve Blass13
Dock Ellis12
Greg Maddux9
Bert Blyleven8
Bob Moose8
Larry McWilliams7
Rick Rhoden7
Bruce Kison6
Bob Veale6
Ken Brett5
Innings Pitched
John Candelaria1724.3
Dock Ellis1466.0
Rick Rhoden1458.3
Bert Blyleven1373.3
Jim Rooker1359.3
Bruce Kison1283.7
Bob Moose1231.0
Steve Blass1230.3
Don Robinson1173.3
Tom Candiotti1029.3
Hits Allowed
John Candelaria1588
Dock Ellis1432
Rick Rhoden1428
Jim Rooker1360
Bob Moose1264
Bert Blyleven1256
Don Robinson1217
Bruce Kison1215
Steve Blass1157
Jerry Reuss1043
Home Runs Allowed
John Candelaria157
Jim Rooker137
Rick Rhoden122
Bruce Kison116
Don Robinson113
Dock Ellis110
Bert Blyleven106
Francisco Cordova100
Bob Moose99
Jerry Reuss95
Walks Allowed
Bruce Kison488
Jim Rooker481
John Candelaria479
Bert Blyleven449
Rick Rhoden449
Don Robinson425
Dock Ellis406
Steve Blass390
Tom Candiotti373
Bob Moose354
Pitchers Strikeouts
Bert Blyleven1052
John Candelaria1030
Rick Rhoden877
Dock Ellis855
Bob Moose783
Don Robinson778
Bruce Kison732
Steve Blass724
Jim Rooker688
Troy Percival685
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