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San Diego Padres Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Rich Gossage1.936
Trevor Hoffman1.939
Randy Jones3.038
Ed Whitson3.056
Gaylord Perry3.138
Andy Benes3.271
Bruce Hurst3.348
Dave Roberts3.386
Joey Hamilton3.415
Jake Peavy3.437
Randy Jones114
Eric Show97
Andy Ashby85
Andy Benes85
Ron Reed85
Joey Hamilton70
Andy Hawkins58
Atlee Hammaker53
Jake Peavy51
Bruce Hurst50
Randy Jones91
Ron Reed89
Eric Show76
Clay Kirby75
Andy Ashby56
Dave Freisleben55
Gaylord Perry55
Andy Hawkins53
Andy Benes52
Atlee Hammaker51
Winning Percentage
Greg W. Harris.7333
Andy Benes.6204
Joey Hamilton.6195
Rich Gossage.6143
Steve Mura.6111
Andy Ashby.6028
Tim Lollar.5867
Scott Sanders.5800
Eric Show.5607
Randy Jones.5561
Games Pitched
Trevor Hoffman715
Ron Reed587
Rich Gossage538
Craig Lefferts336
Eric Show272
Randy Jones264
Andy Ashby224
Lance McCullers200
Gary Lucas190
Andy Benes189
Games Started
Randy Jones262
Eric Show210
Andy Ashby201
Andy Benes188
Joey Hamilton149
Clay Kirby145
Andy Hawkins139
Brian Lawrence134
Jake Peavy130
Bruce Hurst129
Complete Games
Gaylord Perry56
Randy Jones46
Eric Show21
Ron Reed20
Milt Pappas16
Clay Kirby14
Steve Arlin12
Andy Benes12
Jim Merritt12
Andy Hawkins11
Games Finished
Trevor Hoffman603
Rich Gossage441
Ron Reed292
Craig Lefferts160
Tom House117
Don McMahon111
Lance McCullers100
Gary Lucas95
Wayne Gomes86
Mike Corkins77
Trevor Hoffman408
Rich Gossage272
Ron Reed96
Don McMahon51
Tom House50
Craig Lefferts43
Rob Murphy39
Luis Deleon30
John Habyan29
Mike Maddux24
Randy Jones10
Gaylord Perry8
Ron Reed5
Clay Kirby4
Eric Show4
Brian Lawrence3
Dave Roberts3
Ed Whitson3
Nelson Briles2
Andy Hawkins2
Innings Pitched
Randy Jones1872.0
Ron Reed1572.0
Eric Show1508.0
Andy Ashby1365.7
Andy Benes1279.3
Joey Hamilton996.3
Andy Hawkins968.7
Clay Kirby943.3
Gaylord Perry926.3
Brian Lawrence913.3
Hits Allowed
Randy Jones1729
Ron Reed1539
Eric Show1321
Andy Ashby1295
Andy Benes1124
Clay Kirby955
Joey Hamilton937
Andy Hawkins931
Brian Lawrence868
Atlee Hammaker823
Home Runs Allowed
Eric Show167
Andy Ashby162
Randy Jones162
Andy Benes140
Ron Reed134
Sterling Hitchcock119
Clay Kirby109
Adam Eaton107
Ed Whitson104
Atlee Hammaker99
Walks Allowed
Eric Show522
Andy Benes420
Clay Kirby410
Randy Jones403
Ron Reed392
Andy Hawkins337
Tim Lollar337
Andy Ashby333
Joey Hamilton331
Gaylord Perry280
Pitchers Strikeouts
Andy Benes1086
Eric Show952
Andy Ashby936
Ron Reed890
Trevor Hoffman860
Jake Peavy849
Randy Jones743
Gaylord Perry685
Joey Hamilton669
Clay Kirby642
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