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Seattle Mariners Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Jeff Nelson3.000
Randy Johnson3.221
Gene Garber3.549
Elmer Dessens3.753
Jack McDowell3.784
Charlie Hough3.934
John Burkett4.150
Trevor Wilson4.205
Jeff Fassero4.212
Brian Holman4.343
Randy Johnson246
Jamie Moyer122
Jack McDowell110
Charlie Hough93
John Burkett73
Gene Garber55
Mike Moore51
Jim Beattie47
Freddy Garcia46
Glenn Abbott39
Randy Johnson113
Charlie Hough92
Jamie Moyer77
Jim Beattie67
Jack McDowell66
Mike Moore63
Glenn Abbott62
Mark Langston52
Freddy Garcia50
Gene Garber49
Winning Percentage
Dennis Eckersley.6981
Randy Johnson.6852
Jeff Nelson.6724
John Burkett.6518
Jeff Fassero.6393
Jack McDowell.6250
Jamie Moyer.6131
Elmer Dessens.5574
Gene Garber.5288
Trevor Wilson.5088
Games Pitched
Gene Garber475
Randy Johnson460
Jeff Nelson402
Dennis Eckersley357
Jamie Moyer268
Charlie Hough248
Jim Beattie230
Jack McDowell207
Bryan Harvey203
Arthur Rhodes199
Games Started
Randy Johnson425
Jamie Moyer257
Charlie Hough221
Jack McDowell206
John Burkett157
Mike Moore156
Glenn Abbott139
Jim Beattie131
Mark Langston127
Freddy Garcia123
Complete Games
Randy Johnson113
Charlie Hough49
Jamie Moyer49
Jack McDowell46
John Burkett31
Mike Moore29
Freddy Garcia26
Jeff Fassero20
Mark Langston20
Floyd Bannister16
Games Finished
Gene Garber372
Dennis Eckersley284
Jeff Nelson198
Arthur Rhodes109
Mike Timlin109
Mike Jackson107
Bryan Harvey102
Kazuhiro Sasaki98
Shane Rawley77
Edwin Nunez76
Gene Garber196
Dennis Eckersley193
Jeff Nelson65
Kazuhiro Sasaki58
Mike Timlin53
Bryan Harvey32
Arthur Rhodes31
Mike Jackson29
Edwin Nunez26
Bill Risley22
Randy Johnson26
John Burkett12
Jamie Moyer9
Charlie Hough8
Jack McDowell8
Jim Beattie5
Joel Pineiro5
Brian Holman4
Don Sutton4
Jeff Fassero3
Innings Pitched
Randy Johnson3068.3
Jamie Moyer1737.7
Charlie Hough1642.7
Jack McDowell1405.7
John Burkett1071.3
Jim Beattie1026.0
Mike Moore1019.3
Glenn Abbott877.0
Mark Langston840.7
Freddy Garcia818.3
Hits Allowed
Randy Johnson2343
Jamie Moyer1884
Charlie Hough1509
Jack McDowell1313
John Burkett1254
Jim Beattie1167
Mike Moore1165
Glenn Abbott1038
Freddy Garcia873
Mark Langston857
Home Runs Allowed
Randy Johnson331
Jamie Moyer224
Charlie Hough191
Freddy Garcia141
Jack McDowell132
Glenn Abbott121
Mike Moore116
Jim Beattie104
Floyd Bannister94
Mark Langston88
Walks Allowed
Randy Johnson1308
Charlie Hough695
Jack McDowell486
Jamie Moyer468
Mark Langston457
Jim Beattie421
Mike Moore393
Freddy Garcia332
Jeff Nelson307
Brian Holman284
Pitchers Strikeouts
Randy Johnson3701
Charlie Hough1052
Jamie Moyer988
Jack McDowell971
Mark Langston825
Jeff Nelson657
Jim Beattie647
John Burkett621
Mike Moore598
Freddy Garcia593
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