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St. Louis Cardinals Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Jim Bunning2.595
Ted Wilks2.989
Jose Deleon3.132
Max Lanier3.158
Harry Brecheen3.206
Bob Gibson3.272
Mort Cooper3.311
Steve Carlton3.451
Ray Washburn3.466
Roy Oswalt3.508
Bob Gibson239
Bob Forsch160
Curt Simmons128
Harry Brecheen117
Max Lanier103
Howie Pollet98
Larry Jackson93
Joaquin Andujar90
Mort Cooper89
Steve Carlton80
Bob Gibson198
Curt Simmons151
Bob Forsch134
Larry Jackson121
Joaquin Andujar106
Bill Monbouquette95
Howie Pollet90
Bob Tewksbury87
Ron Kline80
Ernie Broglio75
Winning Percentage
Jim Bunning.6951
Max Lanier.6913
Harry Brecheen.6223
Matt Morris.6202
Ted Wilks.6129
Roy Oswalt.6044
Lou Brissie.5857
Howie Krist.5849
Steve Carlton.5556
Pete Vuckovich.5529
Games Pitched
Bob Gibson661
Bob Forsch455
Curt Simmons422
Harry Brecheen416
Howie Pollet396
Joaquin Andujar376
Larry Jackson343
Red Munger303
Todd Worrell294
Clyde Shoun292
Games Started
Bob Gibson495
Bob Forsch392
Curt Simmons367
Larry Jackson284
Joaquin Andujar253
Bill Monbouquette218
Mort Cooper217
Bob Tewksbury217
Harry Brecheen205
Howie Pollet202
Complete Games
Bob Gibson158
Curt Simmons52
Steve Carlton50
Mort Cooper41
Harry Brecheen39
Bob Forsch35
Larry Jackson33
Mel Harder30
Max Lanier29
Howie Pollet28
Games Finished
Bruce Sutter216
Lee Smith215
Ted Wilks193
Todd Worrell170
Jason Isringhausen151
Syl Johnson140
John Wyatt138
Harry Brecheen137
Rollie Fingers135
Joe Hoerner134
Bruce Sutter125
Lee Smith118
Ted Wilks104
Jason Isringhausen83
Todd Worrell80
Joe Hoerner79
Rollie Fingers75
Al Hrabosky55
Rick Aguilera54
Bobby Shantz51
Bob Gibson47
Curt Simmons16
Max Lanier15
Mort Cooper11
Bob Forsch11
Jim Bunning10
Reggie Cleveland10
Howie Pollet10
Harry Brecheen9
Matt Morris9
Innings Pitched
Bob Gibson3983.3
Bob Forsch2611.0
Curt Simmons2539.3
Larry Jackson1910.7
Joaquin Andujar1798.3
Harry Brecheen1768.3
Howie Pollet1639.3
Mort Cooper1536.0
Bill Monbouquette1507.0
Max Lanier1396.7
Hits Allowed
Bob Gibson3461
Curt Simmons2645
Bob Forsch2616
Larry Jackson1942
Harry Brecheen1688
Bill Monbouquette1680
Joaquin Andujar1642
Howie Pollet1618
Bob Tewksbury1591
Mort Cooper1531
Home Runs Allowed
Bob Gibson354
Curt Simmons247
Larry Jackson235
Bob Forsch215
Bill Monbouquette201
Ron Kline145
Gerry Staley143
Joaquin Andujar142
Donovan Osborne140
Matt Morris133
Walks Allowed
Bob Gibson1345
Curt Simmons835
Bob Forsch795
Joaquin Andujar612
Howie Pollet607
Mort Cooper583
Larry Jackson554
Max Lanier548
Harry Brecheen538
Ernie Broglio505
Pitchers Strikeouts
Bob Gibson3109
Curt Simmons1314
Bob Forsch1186
Harry Brecheen1036
Larry Jackson1034
Mort Cooper977
Steve Carlton961
Matt Morris936
Joaquin Andujar906
Bill Monbouquette904
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